I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

25. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

The situation was pretty tricky. If the fact that the daughter of one of our country’s Duke, Irene-sama, was from another country got out… But I just can’t deny that this sight was just hilarious.

“So, where did you come from?”

Sara-chan just wouldn’t budge at all! There were no splitting hairs with her! It’s okay! At least look just look at me, Irene-sama! This looks like the loss of interest of an old evil dark Dragon after biting on what it thought was its prey, but then finding out that it wasn’t delicious!

“Ah, Irene-sama? Possibly, probably, at the moment, Sara-chan won’t publicize anything, I think?”

“T-that’s too much uncertainty! I don’t feel at ease at all!”

The chair Irene-sama used shook and rattled. Tsk! This is such a pain. If she doesn’t listen and spill, Sara-chan wouldn’t go home, which would mean I couldn’t go home, as well.


“I-I’m sorry! I came from another world!”

Due to Sara-chan’s re-intimidation, the pitiful Irene-sama spoke all too easily. Huh? What did she mean by another world? I feel like I heard someone say something similar to that before? As I wrapped my head around this, Sara-chan continued with the same attitude.

“Heh… How did you get here?”

“Fueee… Do you… believe me?”

We could barely see the top of your head, Irene-sama. Ah, sheesh, don’t yawn, Sara-chan.

“I don’t have any basis to believe you, but I also do not have the basis for denying that too.”


Ah… Sara-chan didn’t seem to believe even though she said she couldn’t deny it… and Irene-sama? Half of her face was poking out, glistening with some kind of expectation, but you’d better give up, you know? I don’t know what it was for, but Sara-chan will betray that expectation of yours, you know?

Let’s see. To sum up the contents of Irene-sama’s incoherent explanation, the situation was like this:

When she was a child, her memories of living in Japan from another world suddenly came back to her. There, she was addicted to playing this otome game on a game device, and she was stunned that the Lemaire Kingdom had the same world as the setting in that ‘otome game’.

…Well, she said a lot more, but there were many unfamiliar terms from Irene-sama’s story, so it was hard to understand… I couldn’t help but ask a question here and there.

“Sara-chan, what is an otome game?”

“According to her story, it’s a magical tool for amusement where it stores various choices, and by having the player manipulate the protagonist’s words and actions, the story and even the love story, outcomes can change. Meaning, it’s a game for one person only.”

“It seemed a little different from the games we were used to,” Sara-chan continued.

Ohoh… In other words, it’s a loner’s game. Irene-sama nodded in admiration at Sara-chan’s explanation.

Irene-sama, does that mean that the otome game came from a placed called Japan in another world? Is that what she meant?

“As for me, games are more interesting if you have real-life partners to play with, so I honestly find a concept like that hard to accept.”

It looked like Sara-chan was starting to not like this. She loved intellectual warfare between people, after all. I thought it was interesting, but I lost my interest the moment I heard that there were many endings, and it would be hard to see them all. Tee-hee.

A character that showed up in that otome game looked precisely like Irene-sama, and no matter what choice she picked, she died no matter what the outcome was. That was a sad story. Wait, was allowed just because she wasn’t the protagonist? Upon remembering that, she eagerly tried to escape death and the fear from the time she first realized it.

Uh, Irene-sama? That otome game is just fiction. Right?

But Irene-sama, who thought she was a character in that game, broke various flags so she wouldn’t antagonize someone that’ll cause her death… As I said, I don’t understand the terms!!

So, in short, she started helping people because of that?

Irene-sama also said that she couldn’t get along with her fiancé, who pronounced her death in the otome game because she was overcome by fear.

…Uhh, so that was the reason why she was cold to the former crowned prince. I pitied him, still. I wonder how he’s doing now? Oh, God, please give him happiness…

And the reason why the men were ambushing—err, waiting, were because Irene-sama helped them out? No, that was way too many, and it caused a huge problem, but are you really sure about all of this, Irene-sama?

There was also that Engagement Breakup Riot during the graduation party. There, she was supposed to be accused of causing harm to Maria-san (how nostalgic!), be put to jail, and die by various methods such as poisoning, debilitation, strangulation, and falling. But thanks to my testimony (seriously?!), she got away with it.

If what Irene-sama said was true, doesn’t that make me Irene-sama’s savior? …Well, at the very least, I didn’t think the Prince would ever approve of that, though.

“Heh…” Crackle, crackle.

“That sounds like” Crackle, crackle.

“A lot! This is delicious!” Crackle, crackle.

“I’m thankful about that time, Rururia-san! By the way, those are called potato chips, they’re fried thin potatoes!”

Oh, this is another food from Japan in another world, huh. The drawback is that it gives you oily fingers, but it was so slim and crispy that I kept eating it: crackle, crackle.

Due to its saltiness, eating it after some sweets made it even better!

As I was engrossed in the savory taste, Sara-san started asking more in-depth questions. Like the social structures and relations of other countries in another world with the institutions of Japan

After listening, Sara-san spoke out.

“I’m now convinced that you really do have memories of another world.”

“R-really!? You believe me!?”

Irene-sama, for the most part, had moved from hiding to sitting on the floor between the chair and the table. She was more comfortable sitting on the floor… What a weird person. From such a delicate position, Irene-sama rejoiced with eyes full of expectations.

“There isn’t any physical evidence, but I feel nothing out of place with your story, and it does contain several things that realistically exist.”

Sara-chan, I didn’t understand any of it at all. I looked at her with eyes saying to please explain it more plainly!

“…In short, it’s a complex world no sane woman would ever think about, that’s why I am convinced.”

Ohoh~ I see.

More than Irene-sama’s story, I was more distracted by the food in front of me. I couldn’t properly listen to the other explanations aside from the part about the otome game, so I didn’t know what part was complicated, but if Sara said so, I guess that was the case.

“But I’m still not convinced about the part where the you of this world has memories of you from another world. How did that happen?”

“I-I have no idea as well!!”

With a swoosh, Irene-sama put her hand on her forehead.

…Did my eyes suddenly go bad or did Irene-sama look like Sara-chan’s henchwoman?

Oh, I know! I remember now! I heard not the term another world, but other world!

“Ah, I might know that one.”

“…Could it possibly be from that Dragon?”

“Yes! That’s Sara-chan for you! That’s correct! Well, I don’t know whether it’s the answer we’re looking for, but it can at least serve as a lead, don’t you think?”

As I said that, Sara-chan’s demeanor from earlier had changed, like an evil dark Dragon ecstatically smiling in front of some exquisite wine.

(Of course, it was the Heavenly Eye Dragon’s fault that it was wine rather than meat.)

Ah, Irene-sama hid under the table.

“Ah, Ria, seriously… How many times are you gonna charm me until you get satisfied?”

“Don’t put say it like that! I have no memory of ever doing that!?”

Though I was offended, Sara-chan paid me no heed. Goodness, gracious!

“Umm, I heard the terms, but I didn’t understand them, so I’ll just say them as he did, okay?”

“The veins in the land moved faster than expected, and the area of their influence became wider as well.”

“Due to a certain incident, the timelines have been warped. There have been considerable effects that have shown to be great influences that have come from the other world.”

“…Is what he said.”

Sara-chan was lost in thought. Her expressions disappeared. But then, like an evil dark Dragon chewing up a barrel of exquisite wine, she sneered.

Whoa! She seemed to be having fun, but her face was scary! Irene-sama wouldn’t be able to come out of the table!

“I get it. So, that’s what it’s about.”

“Oh, you understood that?”

“Yes. That means, due to that veins of the lands, Irene-sama’s memories started drifting from another world.”

Heh… What does that mean? Eh? Are memories something that drifts? Sara-chan understood that?

“Mm-hmm… So due to the Dragon’s influence, some distortions have popped up in multidimensional worlds and have started to affect each other, is that right?”

You really don’t feel like coming out from under the table, don’t you, Irene-sama?

Seriously? You two understood what he said? I thought I wasn’t the only one who would be left behind… Huhu.

Both of them seemed convinced already, huh? Hmph!