I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

26. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Sara-chan didn’t try to give my confused self a more detailed explanation. She would’ve normally talked to me, saying it couldn’t be helped.

…Was this that bad of a topic? Seriously? Sara-sama?

“…Hey, Irene-sama? Sorry, but could you call Nameless Shadow?”


Irene-sama unconsciously showed her face from the table. Who was that? Nameless Shadow… That nickname was a little embarrassing.

…Ah… I couldn’t even laugh at those nicknames anymore…

“It’s okay. You just have to provide the permission.”

Sara-chan’s expression still hasn’t changed. She was still comparable to a sneering dark Dragon. Maybe that’s why Irene-sama was trembling; she was repeatedly nodding with great vigor.

“I-I allow it! I do!”

The moment Irene-sama said that a dark figure appeared behind Sara-chan and put a knife up against her neck!

W-watch out! Sara-chan! Behind you!

…Ah! …But we have kind of… been in a situation like this before…

“I should say nice to meet you, Nameless Shadow?”

I didn’t understand what was going on, but because of Sara’s incendiary words, the dark figure who had been nebulous as the fog began to spread out along with his raging killing intent.

…Sara-san, are you planning to start a war?

I wondered if Irene-sama was safe? She seemed to still be under the desk. So, I think she’ll be fine… or not.

“Fufu! After being stripped bare at the Duke’s house, how does it feel to be dragged in front of your precious, beloved master?”


The dark figure was upset. Sara-chan, I can tell you’re enjoying this, but don’t forget there’s a knife held up to your neck, okay?

As I signaled that, Sara-chan laughed at me.

…Yep, that’s the laugh of an old evil dark Dragon in front of prey that was biting back!

“It’s okay, Ria. There’s a chance I might get decapitated, but as long as he treasures Irene-sama, he won’t do such a thing.”

Sara-chan sneered and gestured, “See?”

Even so, umm, the killing intent of the dark figure behind Sara-chan jumped up a notch!

Well, Sara-chan was having fun too much fun, that was why…

“Hmm, that’s fine… I just wish you wouldn’t force yourself too much.”

As I said that, I placed a set of tea and snacks on top of the table and sat beside Irene-sama.

…I figured it was hard to breathe in this kind of atmosphere that could consume you.

“Irene-sama, it’s gonna be okay. Sara-chan will just be talking from here on out and won’t cause any harm. Here, drink up.”

I gave her the slightly lukewarm tea. Her face was still tense, but at least she was still able to drink the tea. There, there.

I drank my tea as I chewed on an extremely crunchy cookie. Ha, so relaxing!

Amidst what we were doing, the talk where killing intent flutters about between Sara and the dark figure… Continued.

“Well, enough of the pleasantries. I promise not to publicize these things about Irene-sama.”

The dark figure was silent. Paying no heed to the figure and the knife near her throat, Sara continued.

“In return, you have to swear that you will never utter every single word that Rururia said earlier.”

Ah, Sara-chan… Vows are bound by magic, so you’re given death if you break it, right?

Eh? Was it that important? The words the Heavenly Eye Dragon said?

Thank goodness! Thank goodness Sara-chan was here when I said it!

Hmm, but you can’t get the brunt of that. Right, Sara-chan? That’s impossible. It’s impossible, Sara-chan.

“You understand it too, don’t you? The importance and the dangers of what we’re talking about.”

“Sara-chan, don’t.”

The conversation between Sara-chan and the dark figure was cut off.

…Well, the dark figure was not talking, though.

“The one who should vow is me, right? That’s why you can’t do it, Sara-chan.”

Phew, this tea is so good. As I blissfully drank my tea, Sara-chan glared at me along with a remarkable expression. That’s right; it was the face of an old evil dark Dragon glaring at the culprit that hurt its egg.

S-scary! That face is too scary! Irene-sama couldn’t even drink her tea anymore!

…But I won’t give up, you know?

“I’m the one who spoke so carelessly, so I should be the one to decide the outcome of this. Right?”

Sara-chan cleaning up my mess? Don’t even joke about it!

I looked at Sara-chan to show her my resolve. Sorry, but I won’t give in, okay?

“…My goodness, just let me protect you… you stubborn woman.”

All right! She gave up! I looked at Sara-chan’s face! Sorry, I’ll apologize, however many times you want! Just please turn your expression into a gentler one!

The dark figure who was listening in on our conversation slowly lowered his knife.

…Don’t tell anyone that I kind of forgot about him. I mean, without his killing intent, he didn’t have that much presence.

“We don’t need a vow. I swear by my master.”

“Then, I swear on Ria.”

As they exchanged those words, the dark figure disappeared.

…Eh? No need for vows? I even took out my knife and was about to prepare a blood seal, though?

“That was generous of you, Ria.”

“I didn’t mean… to do that, though.”

Sara-chan spoke in surprise. Hmm? Didn’t she just use her own life as a bargaining chip…

I stood up from the floor and approach Sara-chan.

To tease her, I tried to pinch Sara-chan using my fingers drenched in oil. She looked slightly disgusted. That’s right. Sara-chan usually had either a smile of a dark Dragon having fun or a bored look on her face, but her disgusted face isn’t often seen. They were that rare, you know?

Kukuku! I’m not the Ria-san you’ve known since we were children! I knew Sara-chan was a clean freak!

As my hand moved closer and closer, she tapped my forehead with her fan. Ouch.

“Friends… How nice…”

Irene-sama popped up from under the table. Oh, she was back.

I looked at her as she looked at us with envy.

No, no, no.

“Irene-sama, do something about the lords and ladies first…”

“That’s right. At this rate, even if a thousand years were to pass, you won’t be able to make any friends… Well, other than your followers.”

A thousand years… Irene-sama would be dead! Sara-chan, that was not exactly… Possible.

“Fwah!? Eh, no way! Eh? They’re just friends!”

Is she also referring to Solan-kun when she said ‘they’?

Poor Solan-kun. You’re just a friend huh… Ufufu. Poor you.

“I suppose you should start by being more aware.”

“Oh, the road is long.”

As Sara-chan doubled down, she started to whine.

…And so, Irene-sama collapsed on the table. What a disappointing sight.

On our way home, a lot may or may not have happened in the carriage.

We spent our time talking about silly stuff like usual.

…Haa, like usual, huh.

“Sara-chan, just say it.”

“Say what?”

Sara-chan bodaciously played dumb. You already know, right? It’ll be much easier if you say it, you know?

“Come on; you’re stalling. You must be hiding something that could put me in danger, aren’t you?”

When I told her so decidedly, Sara-chan let out a sigh.

I was blabbering about not letting me be silently protected, but yeah, she should just go ahead and say it.

“…Alright. But again, it’s still just a far-out theory… I wished I could just figure out the scope of that Dragon’s actions.”


“…Again, Ria?”

I got a suspicious look from Sara-chan. I give her a smile with a tee-hee. You’re exactly right, Sara-sama. But I’m innocent, okay?

“Well, in six months, I’ll get to read the latest information on the Dragons and the Wise King’s biography. The first edition.”


Sara silently pinched my cheek. Ack, it hurts!

“Ria is already so interesting, but with this added in…”

“It hurts, Sara-sama!”

With a My goodness!, Sara-chan let go of my cheeks. My cheek! She stretched it!

“Remember well, all right? If you don’t say things… word for word, I won’t be able to get the gist of it.”


I don’t know if I’ll be able to remember… I’m not sure… or so I thought…  Sara-chan’s face!

She looked as stern as an old evil dark Dragon scolding an inept child.

…Huh? Weren’t me and Sara the same age?

“So that I could get the gist of it!”

“Yes! I’ll try my best!”

…Huh? Doesn’t it seem like I’m like Sara-chan’s child! I couldn’t even laugh at Irene-sama!