I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

22. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

Hello, this is Rururia Talbot…

I’m in the middle of reaffirming whether to wake up or not from this slumber; it is the best feeling in the world.

Besides, being in our Talbot territory far away from the Royal Capital (Seeds of Disturbance) might be the most significant point of it all.

I was spotted (again) by some troublesome people brought forth to me by His Majesty last time, so I used that as a pretense to retreat to our territory.

When I told him that I was creeped out by His Majesty crying and clinging on to me, but I didn’t budge. This is absolute!!

And now, I have won.

Ah! My home sure is lovely; it makes me feel at ease—my castle being surrounded by things I like.

Well! Let’s go back to sleep, shall we?

—Rustle, rustle.

Hmm? What? It’s still dark with the morning mist outside the window.

Geez, what’s happening so early in the morning?

Well, whatever! There, there! It’s time for this grace to get her second chance at sleep!


There was a scream.

…What was that? …I have a bad feeling about this.

No helping it then. I guess I’ll wake up… Ah… My second sleep…

I moved my body that still wanted to go back to bed, and while wearing a robe over my nightgown, I opened the balcony door.


“What the hell is that!”

“Oh no, oh, no! It’s the end of the world!”

“Nooo!! I don’t wanna die!”

“Hey, it’s a harbor! I’ll escape via boat!”

…Phew!? Eh, that felt like a bigger mess than I imagined, but what exactly is going on?

I went out to the balcony and looked around.

The city is constructed surrounding our pavilion, so our house built atop a hill has a view of the entire city.

…There aren’t any fires, disasters, or anything the populace would make a ruckus of and run around…

If anything, it’s slightly dark even though the sun is up high…

“W-what the hell is that!?”

There is a giant Dragon flying right in front of me!

Eh!? Why! It’s so huge! Is that a full-grown Dragon!? Nobody has ever seen a full-grown Dragon before!

The Dragon slowly approached. Its wingspan is big enough to cover the whole city.

…Cover the whole city…?

“O-oh shit!”

I covered my head with my hands after an unpleasant fact dawned on me. Right then, the door to my room opened with a loud bang.

“Ria! Are you safe?”

“Brother! This isn’t good! At this rate, the city will be…!”

“…Oh, scaleless…Being…”

“What! Is that Dragon coming down!?”

My brother’s face turned pale as he stood beside me.

“We’re not going to evacuate in time!”

“…Hear me… Oh, scaleless being…”

Hmm? I’ve been hearing this voice for a while now, but who…? D-don’t tell me?

“Oh, scaleless being, where should I descend?”

!? I heard it again!

Eh? What, the Dragon is talking to me!?

No! That’s not the critical thing here! Well, it is quite essential, but not the most important!

I leaned over the balcony fence.

“!? Ria! What are you…?”

“Stop it! The city! You’re going to crush the city!”

“Hmm. Is that so…”

Ugh! So, the voice I’ve been hearing is from the Dragon! Then! If we can strike a conversation, then this one’s in the bag!

“Smaller! Could you please get smaller!”

“Oh, well, there is that option.”

The terrifying Dragon spread wide above the sky suddenly vanished.

“…Hey, Ria. Was it you again?”

“T-that’s a false accusation! I am innocent!”

To my brother, who looked at me with suspicion while grasping at his stomach, I tried my best to clear my name, but the doubts didn’t seem to have been cleared…

“Oh, scaleless one, where should I go?”

I looked down into the garden and saw a figure walking opposite the fleeing servants.

…So, that’s the Dragon from earlier. His intimidation was off the charts…

My brother and I watched in amazement from the balcony.

“…Huh? That’s the Dragon from earlier?”

“…It seems like it, brother.”

“…Huh? Is he coming here?”

“…That’s what he said, so I think you’re right about that, brother.”

After replying, my brother turned around with his face brimming with determination.

“With our father not around right now, I must protect our citizens!”

Yes, yes! That’s right! Woo-hoo! You’re so cool, brother!

“My underlings are leading the evacuation, so I’ll leave this house to you!”

…Hmm? Eh? What?

B-brother! P-protect your little sister, too!