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32.2 Thus, the one that Fell Onto the Ground…

“To be precise, the one who thought he had gained the upper hand after a single duel, and failed to realize it was part of the other’s plan all along—is you.

Angelica finally recalled it—

—the effect of Riol’s new amulet, which had been invented during summer break. Sharina had told her with great excitement.

It was an amulet which absorbed magical power from non-humans and strengthened magic. Its only problem was that the magic circle would move towards the source… Which meant, the close friend who emphasized such a thing wouldn’t be involved in said problem.

She recalled it, and understood everything.

“So… that magical instrument—the brooch of light—is the ‘source’?”

Riol knew everything—be it the possibility that Roland might set up a strategy that’d exploit the weaknesses of his other amulets, and even the fact that he wore that brooch of light for showing off.

Gabo! Don’t, be silly, you gobobobobo! This, is merely—gobobobobo! Once I’m free—are you listening!? Gobebe!!”

By the way, Tobias recited all of Roland’s lines with such expertise that even Angelica, a mere member of the audience, could feel Roland’s desperation as he cursed amidst drowning.

The figure of the knight, who continued to faithfully reproduce his lord’s misery with a straight face, was very surreal.

Gobeggohaha! W, wind! A figureless journey—bibibubu!”

It seemed that he had come up with a plan to escape using wind magic—but he kept getting interrupted amidst his chanting. Not only Leonardo, Roland was also capable of casting without chanting. However, to do that required a tremendous amount of concentration and mental calmness. It wasn’t something he was capable of during drowning.

Roland—the actual, pitiful, Pierrot—no longer had any chance of winning. The outcome of the battle had been settled.

“Riol! You’re awesome! You’re really cool, Riol!”

Before Angelica had noticed it, Sharina had stop repeating Riol’s lines, and instead stood up from her seat. At the last minute, she leaned out from the railing of the audience seats, and waved her hands.

That time around, Angelica regained herself. It was the last minute! Her role was to stop her best friend from running away!

“Riol! Riol! Please, look over here, Riol!”

“Stop it, Shari! You’re going to fall! That’s dangerous!”

She rushed towards her best friend, whom was about to jump, and grabbed her arm.

“Calm yourself down, and stop tiptoeing!”

If she looked at the stage, the figure of Riol, whom was wiping away his damp black hair, which clung to his forehead, could be seen. Before him, was Roland, whom was still trapped inside the water ball.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Riol!!! Your drenched-self is too good for this world!!!”

Sharina’s voice may had reached him. Riol returned her stare—his expression relaxed a little.

At the same time, Angelica also shout quickly. “Don’t jump down!”

“Buba buba! Damn, you! Gobo! Buberaba!

Behind her, Tobias was still reciting Roland’s line. It sounded like Roland couldn’t even curse anymore, and could only leak out strange noises.

“Ange! Ange, Ange! Did you see it!? Riol waved back!”

Gofu! …Gabu! H-help—gehogeho! Gabubu!”

“Wait a minute, shouldn’t we be focusing on His Highness!? Is he alright!?”

It sounded like the voice Tobias had faithfully reproduced turned from desperately trying to curse Riol into an actual desperate plea for help. It wasn’t like she was sympathizing with him, but he was truly in a dangerous situation.

Besides, rather than waving back, Riol appeared to have been trying to stop the nearly-jumping Sharina.

“Hey… how long can one hold their breath underwater?”

“Indeed! The sight of the drenched Riol is so cool that you can’t breathe!”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about…”

Angelica’s concerns seemed to also have been raised by the referee teacher in charge of Riol’s block.

He rushed into the block in a hurry, and slammed one hand in the direction of Riol, before raising it in overhead. It signaled that the winner had been decided, and that the match was over.

The conditions for victory were either for the opponent to surrender, for one to become incapacitated, or to accidentally leave the stage. However, there was no room for Roland to fight back. The teacher might have also decided that remaining submerged might be dangerous for him.

Upon confirming the signal, Riol quickly stepped in front of Roland and thrusted a hand towards the water ball entrapping him. Then, he tossed something shiny aside.

The next moment, the water ball moved to follow it. Like a monster who had had its fill, Roland was spat out on stage—besshan! Then, the water ball left him.

“What did… oh, he threw away that brooch, which is considered the ‘source’…”

Before she knew it, Tobias had also left his seat and came up next to Angelica and the others.

“He, he’s still alive, right? Ah, yes, he is…”

“What a relief. I thought it was getting dangerous, especially with the frequency of his breathing having decreased.”

It seemed that he was really concerned about his lord. Looking at Roland’s appearance, which seemed to have suffer nothing extreme, Tobias was relieved to the point of stroking his chest.

“I hope His Highness will reflect upon this day…”

After being treated with healing magic as a means for first aid, Roland was carried out on a stretcher. His condition wasn’t that serious, but it was for just in case. In a way, it was serious from the beginning.

“Noooo—! Your Highness—! Your Highness Roland—!”

“This is a lie! For His Highness to lose like that!”

Foul! This is nothing but a foul! That guy must’ve had used underhanded methods!”

The screams of Roland’s female supporters erupted. Most likely, the reason was because he lost in the very first round. Therefore, the girls couldn’t proceed with their plan to show how hard they were cheering for Roland in front of the Queen who would come to watch the competition on the final day.

Despite so…

“Umm… the battle, just now… what do you think?”

“I, I feel like I’ve lost faith in His Highness Roland…”

“At the beginning, he was very confident, but then he got instantly defeated like that…”

The whispers of doubt and disappointment from some girls echoed.

“Sure, his entrance was very cool, but, the outcome… it made him look like an utter fool.”

“L, let’s not be too frank with our opinions—let’s just say, he’s just like His Highness Leonardo.”

Other female students rushed to the one that had a slip of the tongue. Even so, there was nothing they could say against it.

Angelica bitterly laughed at herself, wondering if those girls had also awakened.

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