I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

20. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

After that, for some reason, the two of them continued debating through me. Well, is this the one where they can’t talk directly to one another?

I got through them all with a “Right”, “Yes”, or “I see”.

Can this wrap up already? I want to go home. I want to sleep. They only gave us drinks. Couldn’t they have given us some sweets or even more sweets?

As I daintily sipped the red tea, I began to think of nonsensical things.

What part of this room do the priests gather? I was led to this room, but I have no recollection of my way here. We were moving using transition camps after all.

…When I think about it, the priestess who guided me was amazing. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear “Huh?” or

“Oh shoot” from her.

Though I have completely lost interest in this meeting, I still appear to talk to them, so I can’t take a nap.

No, I wasn’t even interested from the start. Teehee.

Ah, this is bad… I’m feeling sleepy…I can’t right now… They’ll know…

If I say something… my drowsiness… should subside…

Ah! I know! There’s something I’m curious about.

Let’s try asking the two intelligent people here.

With this mood, I won’t be called to this meeting next time.

No, I’m not pretending! Don’t call me!!

Just as the conversation was winding down, not that I was keeping up, the two started drinking tea as if their throats were dry.

This is it! If I don’t say something, His Majesty will get nosy about it later! And I mean even more nosy than usual.

“Uh, I have a question.”


“What is it?”

You two are perfectly in sync. With the momentum from earlier on intact, the two of them looked at me.

With the way that they keep reacting, don’t you think they like having debates?

“Back when the dragons were here, I learned that the demons increased and became stronger, but did the dragons cause that?”

I asked light-heartedly, but the two unexpectedly fell silent. Eh? Wait, you don’t have to be this deep in thought… I was just light-heartedly asking…

“……There’s a lot to be said about the relationship between dragons and demons.”

“……Right. To begin with, dragons are still unexplainable beings.”

Oh?? They stopped the tedious conversation method of talking through me and started amicably discussing it?

So, you two are good friends, aren’t you?

No, no, no, I didn’t ask such a complex question.

Wait, High Priest… No… We don’t have to go back to the era of the Gods…

About the behavioral tendencies of dragons…? Isn’t that classified information…? Chief Magician??

“Hmm. It’s time to go.”

My head was about to explode with the implications of this difficult topic, but thankfully, His Majesty’s words brought me back to life.

That was dangerous! That almost became a disaster! This stupid brain of mine!

I asked the question, but ended up not understanding anything!!!

“Oh, it’s already this late… Next time, I’ll prepare the first edition of the Wise King’s biography, o Dragon Knight’s Bride.”

“Well, I’ll bring the latest from our group’s dragon observation documents, young lady.”

We didn’t come to any conclusions, yet the somewhat satisfied Chief Magician and High Priest nodded as they spoke.

Eh? No, I don’t need those!!!! Even if I look at them!!!

This is a problem. I don’t think I should be allowed to see those important kinds of stuff!!

Hmm? With the way this conversation’s going… No, no, no, that’s not it. That’s not it, right, Your Majesty?

“Well, see you next time, Dragon Knight’s Bride.”

I’m being pushed around by His Majesty… Well, eh, next time, now I’m a part of it too????

His Majesty looked at me with a look of “You’re screwed.”

………I’m screwed!!!!!

“You are screwed, Ria.”

Taking full advantage of the words “come over any time”, I intruded Solan-kun’s lab. That’s Solan-kun for you! Though we’re the same age, he has lots of rooms!

I was at the end of my rope, so I went to see Solan, who was in the sorcerer’s tower closest to the temple, hoping he would listen to me.

Solan looked a little surprised, but he’s now in a good mood and preparing tea. Mm, I want some delicious sweets!

He served me a somewhat suspicious purple tea, but I drank it all at once. Oh my, it was surprisingly delicious.

“Seriously, how did that happen…?”

“How, you say…? You didn’t know?”

As he dismissively said that, Solan-kun poured me a refill.

Oh, mini-pies! The chocolate is melty and delicious!

Eh? Don’t know what??

“By the looks of it, you don’t know… I thought it’s quite well-known.”

“Huh? What is it??”

I’ve been warned not to talk while my mouth is full. Teehee. But the sweets are so good!!!

“The Chief and the High Priest are not allowed to ask questions about dragons, you know?”

“What? Why?”

…I’m sorry. I’ll try to understand, so please tell me about it, Solan-kun.

According to Solan-kun, the Chief Magician and the High Priest don’t get along, but they’re both dragon fanatics.

A long time ago, there was one nobleman who tried to curry favor with them. Whenever he had a question about dragons, he would meet the two, and every time he got filled with too much info to the point that he became overly sensitive. Then he let his son succeed him and has never left their house since. How scary.

By the way, I heard that nobleman never rose in status. It’s a shame.

Eh, huh? I asked them a question about dragons…

…………I’m screwed!!!!!

Ah, I went and did it… No, no! If I don’t go to the royal palace, I’ll be less likely to meet the Chief Magician, and if I don’t go to the temple in the royal capital, I’ll be less likely to meet the High Priest! So, it’s going to be okay.

The next meeting is in half a year, so yeah, don’t think about it!!

Hmm? If so, isn’t that strange?

I’m the Dragon Knight’s—no!!  I can’t say that myself!! Though I’m called such, he’s staring at me so much!!

If you like dragons so much, wouldn’t you be the one asking a lot of questions? But I’m glad they didn’t.

When I asked Solan-kun, he just gave out a dry laugh.

“Oh, that. It’s jealously, jealousy. Though it’s an accident, you rode a dragon, after all. I think they’re both jealous!”

Are you talking about the Chief Magician and the High Priest?

You’re not talking about our nation’s mastermind of magic, the Chief Magician, are you?

You don’t mean the priest closest to god, the High Priest, do you?

“But they’re surely curious, so they’ll try to see you more often, and they’re probably happy right now, don’t you think?”

“Nooooo!! No moooore!!”

I don’t think… I’m going to be overly sensitive, but I still don’t want this!!!”

Solan-kun tapped on my shoulder. With those lukewarm eyes, could this be…??

“He set you up. His Majesty, that is.”

“I knew it!!!”

His Majesty called me there because he didn’t want to be alone in the middle of those two bickering with each other! I’ve had nothing but hardships lately!

I prayed so much, God!! Was it too late!!?? Was I too late to pray!??

“……Here. Let me know if it’s not enough.”

What he handed me was a bunch of colorful lucky charms (magic crystals).

……Thank you, Solan-kun.

More importantly, could you please switch with me!!! Solan-sama!!!