I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home! ZCompleted Translations

19. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

A magnificent statue of the goddess Vishnu loomed in front of me. This is Vishnu, the Goddess of the Sea, whom our country believes in.

Her eyes gently stare at the people who pray to her, and her hands are outstretched to embrace everything.

Aah! O merciful Vishnu!! Please look over me as I head into this ordeal!! Please save me if you can!!

Coming to you from inside the temple in the royal capital, I am Rururia. I am by no means an owner of embarrassing nicknames.

God does not discriminate between social status nor gender… nor nicknames. They are all children of Vishnu.

That is why this place of prayer I’m in right now is somewhere commoners and nobles alike can pray. …Well, not for high-ranking nobles though, due to security reasons.

But I guess I looked pretty horrid as I prayed. Because, though this place of prayer can be used by anyone, either side of me were empty.

I don’t bite, you know??? I’m a lady, okay??

“… Umm, might you be Rururia Talbot-jou?”

He called out to me from behind with a fearful tone.

Aah!! I don’t want to turn around!! If I do, something will start. That’s what I predict.

“Y-you’re not??? Oh no, I’m sorry!!”

The devil inside me whispered to let him misunderstand things and leave. ……The filth just doesn’t fall off me despite being in the temple.

……This wasn’t good! No matter how much I want to go home, I was stuck the moment His Majesty asked me to come here. I’ll just give it up this time.

Let it go, me! Aah, I can’t move!

“Or maybe I should call you the Dragon Knight’s Bride?”

I turned around and said my name without a pause.

“Hello, I’m Rururia. Don’t say that name in front of me. Never say it.”

As I complained with my eyes, the priestess’ face turned blue, and she covered her mouth with her hands. Eh? Well, you don’t have to be that shocked…

“Mgh, mugagammgamomuga!”

“……I have no idea what you’re saying, Priestess.”

When I looked at her, her face was blushing and she removed her hands in a flustered manner. Then, she hid her hands behind her back.

…Are you a chosen priestess????

I have heard that in order to become a priest, let alone a priestess serving in the royal capital temple, you needed to have very strict training and qualifications?

She’s like a restless little girl of a priestess.

“Well, since everyone is already here, Dragon Knight—hii! … R-Rururia-sama, please come too!”

“Thank you very much. Could you please show me the way?”

Though I felt slightly uneasy about the priestess in front of me, she’s the one who came to show me the way, so I can only rely on her.

Oh no, I’m the last one, huh. Everyone else waiting for me is of a higher rank.

……I’ll just make them overlook it by fervently praying.

“O-over here…”

And so, O Priestess, I’m not a wild beast, so could you please not walk that far away from me?

“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry, Chief Magician.”

Aah, I’ve been scolded after all. Teehee. But I came here to overcome my inner demons, so I hope they can tolerate me.

“Isn’t this good? I’ve heard that Rururia-sama has been fervently offering her prayers. Let us overlook this.”

“I humbly thank you for your kindness, High Priest.”

As expected of a servant of God, you have a big heart!!

Were the results of my prayers already showing!!?? When I get home, I’ll go to the prayer room and offer fruits to Vishnu!!!

“So, let’s get started.”

With the laid-back voice of His Majesty, a meeting I never wanted to attend has begun.

…Could this end any sooner?

“…Like I said! There’s no correlation between Gods and magic!”

…Ha! That surprised me!! Please don’t raise your voice, o Chief Magician.

Eh, ah, no, I’m not sleeping, okay?? Seriously, I’m not!!

“Then how do you explain holy magic? The magic only priests of faith can control.”

Well! Now that they’re talking about another trivial matter, I think I’ll take another nap.

“I’m still not convinced that a little girl like her is a ‘representative of the nobles.’”

The Chief Magician glares at me.

…… Good! They didn’t find out I was napping!!

Even I am not convinced at having such a prestigious title. Even if this was a prank, this is going too far, Your Majesty.

“I also want to ask about that. Why a fourth person is in this meeting of the council of three powers, that is.”

No, no, no, you two don’t have to be so intimidating. I don’t also know why, okay?

That’s right. The place I’ve been led to by His Majesty’s plan is the “Council of Three Powers”, where His Majesty, the Chief Magician and the High Priestess discuss many things.

After His Majesty ordered me to “attend the Council of Three Powers meeting”, I went home deflated and weak.

And then, Solan-kun, who had forced me to become his tea companion, was in my house.

He was just suddenly there, and with him, delicious sweets.

I shall gladly take them, thank you very much.

But you sure come here a lot, Solan-kun.

He heard somewhere that I’ve joined the meeting of the Council, and so he told me a lot about them.

You’re quick to get information, Solan-kun. …Reminds me of a certain someone.

The “Council of Three Powers” is said to be a semi-annual meeting of the three of the highest authorities in the royal family, the sorcerers and the priesthood. I didn’t know that.

Not necessarily a forum to discuss important issues, but it’s a meeting only to show the balance between the three. Apparently.

I think he said other stuff, but I honestly don’t remember. Sorry, Solan-kun.

Heh. …Now that I think about it again, why was I called there????

On my way back, to protect myself against the Chief Magician, Solan-kun gave me a ton of good luck charms (magic crystals). … Eh? Should I bring lucky charms with me every time we meet??? During the Dragon Dance Festival, the Chief Magician was all, “Come on, come on, die!”, and that’s because it’s a festival, right??

But still, Solan-kun was a nice guy. He talked about Irene-sama to the point that it became creepy, but that aside, he was a thoughtful and kind guy. He’s already my friend.

My best friend Sara also said, “Yes, he’s quite useful as a shield, isn’t he?” as she stamped her seal of approval. Yep, approved.

“Hey, are you listening, little girl?”

Yeah, I’m listening. I was listening, but I can’t tell you what I don’t know.

He glanced at His Majesty and cleared his throat with a cough. …Yes, that was intentional, wasn’t it?

“Folks, don’t tease her so much. I’m the one who called for Rururia-jou to be here.”

The other two turned their eyes towards His Majesty. Thank goodness, Your Majesty! Give them a proper reason!!

“She’s not into magic nor serving the Gods after all.”

Eh? Then it doesn’t have to be me, does it?? There are lots of people like that, you know?? Like your brother, your brother and your brother!!!

“Plus, no matter what you say, she’s the “Dragon Knight’s Bride”. She’s sure to provide some good insights beyond the bounds of common sense.”

Aaaaaaa! Your majestyyyy!!

That attack out of nowhere was unnerving. That’s not the point here!! There’s no way I can provide good insights!

In the first place, these two have been fighting about the “relationship between Gods and magic”!!!

I don’t care! Deep down, I do not give a damn!!!

……If I tell them that…They’ll be angry…

“Oh, so it is her.”

“Doesn’t look like it to me. Her magic circuitry is… normal.”

Aah…I want to get under the desk. No, I want to go home…

Since I’m normal, can I go home?

“Then shall we hear her thoughts on this?”

Ugh!! I can’t think of anything!!

Brotheeeer!!! Help meeeee!!!

My illusory brother forsook me, telling me to face the music… Sniffle…

“Weeell, let’s see…”

The Chief Magician believes that “Magic is constructed using pure magical elements and not related to the powers of the Gods”.

The Head Priest has the mindset of “Holy magic can only be used by priests, so all magic is mediated by the powers of the Gods”.

…Oh crap, they’re in parallels. Isn’t this in the domain of the academy?

I’ll just say random stuff. After all, one of them would just deny whatever I say.

“Holy magic is a form of blessing from the Goddess Vishnu, and other magic are activated by their respective magic elements, don’t you think?”

Ooh? Sounds good for a random statement, doesn’t it???

“Hmm, that’s something that an amateur would say. Even the phenomenon caused by Vishnu’s blessing is among the magic elements.”

“Anyone who can use holy magic can utilize all magical attributes, you see? Isn’t it short-sighted of you to assume they’re not related?”

Both of them were angry!!!

Eeeeh… Then what should I say, geez!!

“In the first place, ‘The Power of the Gods’ is something vague. It isn’t worth investigating, young lady.”

“Whatever is this non-believer saying. Isn’t it enough proof that only those who believe in God are bestowed holy magic, o Dragon Knight’s Bride?”

Eh? Eeeeh???

Though they’re talking to me, the Chief Magician and High Priest are glaring at each other.

What’s with these two? Are they friends? Or not? Either way, could you please stop interrupting me…

…Also, High Priest… I beg you, don’t call me by that name……