18. I Don’t Care, So Let Me Go Home!

“As expected, Rururia… has such talent.”

You’re almost saying that I’m interesting, aren’t you, Your Majesty?

Good day everyone, this is Rururia getting used to the Royal Palace.

That should have been an honor to put into words, but I feel like it’s a lie when I say it these days.

I spent today listening to complaints as the “King’s Official Venting Partner”, and I’m already beaten. It seems that he has taken a break, but everything’s too condensed, I don’t want to even remember.

“Haa…” I sighed.

A few days have gone by since that disappointing Dragon Dance Festival, but the fever has not subsided yet. Every time they looked at my face, someone sneakily whispered “the Dragon Knight’s Bride” behind my back, and my nerves were at my limit!!!

Such was the reason that our family was once again barraged with invitations. In order to catch a glimpse of the talk of the town, the “Dragon Knight’s Bride”, I was invited to evening parties and tea parties, and in the end, our family was even told to host a tea party at our house.

Like we have that kind of money!!!

Each time my father goes out for work, he gets asked about his daughter, and when they mentally corner him and ask him to have me adopted, he quickly refuses.

…Familial love!!!

Well, it’s not unusual for a family with an heir to adopt a daughter into the family, but that’s a no for me. Not. The reason is that if I asked to be adopted, I can imagine Irene-sama raising her hand at the adoption site. That’s why.

I don’t want that. I don’t want to be involved with her any further.

I wish everyone would forget about “The Dragon Knight’s Bride” as soon as possible.

“Well, you’ve been a great help. Thanks to you, they have been very busy.”


The King’s Brother was busy fielding inquiries from many countries about the alleged birth of the Dragon Knight. (In a good way)

The Second Prince of the neighboring country was busy confirming the authenticity of the threat that is ‘The Dragon Knight’.

The Headmaster was busy being asked his academic opinion on the recent movements of the Dragon.

The young margrave was busy fortifying the defense of his territory directly facing the Dragon’s lair, in preparation for the worst-case scenario.

The battle for Irene-sama has been put on a temporary truce.

……That’s good and all, but wasn’t this all because of the Knight Commander? It was not my achievement, but whatever.

His Majesty looked very refreshed. Was today’s venting out session done? I want to go home already.

“Umm, is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Don’t be so hasty, o Dragon Knight’s Bride.”

“Aaagh!! Your Majesty… you’re saying that knowing I hate it, don’t you???”

I know! I can just do something so surprising that it’ll make His Majesty immediately forget about me!

I have no idea what that might be though.

……Eh?? Hmm?? What?? Be careful what I wish for, is it? Yeah, that’s a good point.

You say some good things sometimes, illusionary brother!!

Yeah, let’s stop wishing for things I don’t comprehend. Let’s do that.

I relaxed my expression and drank the delicious royal red tea. Mm-hmm, such a nice aroma.

But let me talk about something unfortunate. My face looked disgustingly twisted. Looks like I still have a lot of training to do.

Upon seeing that, His Majesty laughed as he threw a cushion.

……Glad you’re having fun, Your Majesty!?!?

When His Majesty finally finished laughing, he slowly corrected his posture. He should’ve done that from the beginning instead of hugging that cushion.

“I had you come here today to ask you to run an errand for me. There’s somewhere I want you to go tomorrow.”


I quickly refused. But with what has happened so far, it’s obvious that I’ll be forced into it even though I’ve refused. However, I have matured too!! I’m gonna refuse no matter what!!

“Hmm. I see. There’s no helping it then.”


Huh? Did His Majesty just say “There’s no helping it then???” My golly! I don’t have to get involved????? I-it’s a miracle!! A miracle has occurred!!

“By the way, do you have any plans for tomorrow?”

“Eh… Uhh…”

I didn’t think about thaaaat!!! Tea party with Sara… wait, that’s not good. That can’t be prioritized against the King’s orders…

Aah…I can’t think of anything…Something that can be prioritized more than the King’s orders…

…Ah! That’s it!!

“I am very sorry to say this, but I’ve been having bad dreams lately, and my body feels heavy…”

“Oh. That must be a problem.”

I was a high-born lady in poor health and a fragile woman. I implied that and slowly bowed. Okay! Good, good! I was feeling weak! Then, I clasped my hands.

“And so, I was going to visit the temple. I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but I have to go…”

“Mm-hmm. That is bad. You have to take care of yourself.”

……Huh??? Was he worried for me??? Eh? Was this a trap?? In my confusion, His Majesty flashed a benevolent smile.

“I am impressed that you’re going to the temple. Going there is good for both your body and soul.”

Eh? Huh?? He seemed worried about me??? Whoa. Sure, I was going to the temple, but I feel bad for kinda tricking him…

“Also, this is good timing.”


I was taken aback. Eh?? Good… timing…?

“The place I wanted you to go to is a temple too.”

His Majesty grinned. Aaah!!! I was the one who got tricked!!!