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62. Let’s go Meet the Spirits Again

Ever since then.

In regards to the advanced potions, after Robert and Nigel had a discussion, it was decided they would be stockpiled for the knights with the remaining to be sent to a reliable merchant.

After said discussion, I had such an exchange with Nigel.

“Eliane, I have a request…”

“Yes, I understand. I will go to the magic research institute on a regular basis to help make potions.”

“That’s a relief, then! Eliane sure knows me well. If you don’t like it, be sure to tell me right away.”

“That’s not the case… I’m happy to be of help.”

“I see. But why the gloomy expression?”

Because it was far from the life I expected as a pharmacist!

As a pharmacist, everything should’ve flowed more naturally, more slowly…

…But I accidentally made an advanced potion, instead!

However, I was honestly happy to be useful to others. I shall do my best without being discouraged.

Therefore, I went to the institute and spent my days helping make advanced potions. Suddenly, I recalled something.

“Shall I go visit the spirit village and serve them food?”

One day, when I was feeding Ralph katsuobushi, we had such an exchange.

“Fumu, by the way, I heard you made a deal with the spirits. As usual, the saint loves to exceed expectation.”

“Yes, although I don’t think it’s such a big deal.”

“So the saint will cook food in exchange for getting supplies from the spirits… fumu, that sounds reasonable.”

Ralph said such with a serious face.

“I was busy making potions, but things have calmed down. I believe this is a good opportunity.”

After an accumulated effort, I had made enough.

I was sure Philip and others would like it.

However, it’d took three days by carriage to reach that forest last time. It would be a long trip again, therefore I had to ask both Douglas and Ralph to keep watch in my stead.

As I thought so…

“It seems that you’re talking about something interesting—include me too.”


I suddenly heard a voice from behind. Aas I reflexively screamed, I turned around.

“Douglas, please stop erasing your existence and talking to me out of the blue! It surprises me!”

“Ahaha, isn’t it fun? Eliane is easy to surprise as always.”

Douglas laughed cheerfully.

“I heard about it before, but it seems that you’ve become acquainted with the spirits. As a dragon, I’ve hardly ever met one, as such, I want to meet them.”

“Well… that should be alright…”

In the meantime, who should be responsible for protecting the kingdom?

Did he perhaps sense my concern?

“Don’t worry about anything. That Nigel isn’t merely all-talk. He’ll protect the kingdom well while we’re away. Besides, this kingdom was originally relatively peaceful even without us. It seems that the only threat is that other kingdom. But such isn’t the case anymore. We should be at ease.”

He placed his hands on his waist as he said so.

“Could it be, you have been intending to go to the spirit forest since the beginning?”

“Don’t mind that too much.”

Douglas’ face was full of confidence.

But there was a logic to his words.

Keeping Douglas locked away in the kingdom for defensive measures was too pitiful.

That was basically the same thing my former kingdom had done to me.

Just because I would be stepping out of the kingdom didn’t mean that my barrier would disappear. As such, I should not overthink it.

“I understand. This time around, I’ll bring Douglas.”

“Then it’s decided.”

“Mufu, then this Ralph shall be keeping watch once again?”

Ralph’s tail hung down sadly.

“Does Ralph want to come with us?”

“No, it’s no problem. Besides, if the dragon and Ralph, a divine beast, were to visit together, the spirits would be overwhelmed. They’re timid by nature. Ralph also won’t be lonely without Eliane.”

It seemed like he was insisting that he wasn’t lonely.

Well, if Ralph were to speak such, I had no choice but to leave it to him.

I had Douglas use storage magic to bring some things.

I did not believe there was going to be a need to use such an amazing magic because everything would fit in a slightly larger bag… but let’s not care about the details.

“Let’s go.”

“Leave it to me.”

When I was about to have a carriage prepared, Douglas suddenly bridal carried me.

“What are you doing!?”

“It’ll be faster to run with you like before. I could transform into a dragon just fine, but that’d throw the city into a fuss.”

‘A dragon has appeared!’

If news regarding the sighting were to leak, everyone’d panic.

But, that was not the problem as of the present!

“Let’s use the carriage! We are not in a rush!”

“Why are you hesitating? There’s no problem in arriving faster. We’ll be there soon, in the meantime, sleep.”

Without hearing my objection, Douglas started running.

H, how fast!

As I was held by Douglas, my heart started pounding faster.

I knew that would happen, that was why I was reluctant towards inviting Douglas!

As Douglas had said, it took less than half a day for us to reach the village even with a break along the way.

…But, as if I could fall asleep like that.

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