The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

36.1 The Young Girls who Follow the King Come Up with Impartial Titles

[I see…… So, Shou, Shouma-san has the same kind of power as my 『True King』!]

……I wasn’t, exposed.
Even though my appearance is that of the 『Dragon King of Organic Farming 《Organic Dragon King》』 who has taken on his years, I wasn’t.

Yukino holds her pajama-clad chest and just nods as if she is convinced.

[I understood upon seeing Shouma-san’s appearance and power back then. By having people like us in this place, 『vibrations』 will be created in the frontier. That will thus create a stage suitable for my 『True King』 to appear. That is the flow that governs the turbulent times of this world, and that which will bring forth my 『True King’s Reforms 《True Innovation》』. Got it. I, got it veeーry well.]

Yukino, kururi, turns around with those words.

[Th, that’s why, I’m going to fight by Shouma-san’s side from now on. By having similar powers overlap, my abilities might also evolve, too. From the next battle onwards, you don’t have to treat me as a guest. I humbly request you treat me the way as you treat Lizette-san and Haruka-san!]

Bun bun bunn.

I try to speak to her, but all Yukino does is shake her head. By any chance, was she shocked that my appearance was identical to her 『True King』’s? Well, that’s a given…… as someone who was originally a junior high schooler, of course she’d hate it. A man in his thirties was cosplaying as a chuunibyou. Furthermore, I also went so far as to use 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute, Seal, Slash』.

In terms of damage, what I received from having that seen is larger, though. 

[A, ano ano,Haruka-san!!]
Yukino, with her back still towards me, shouts out.

[I, I’m sorry for being selfish. But since my purpose, to watch the battle, has been fulfilled, would you please let me head back first?]
[Fine with me…… wait, uwah!! Yukino-chan, your face is all red, you know?! It’s awfully hot!! This is terrible!!]

Haruka’s eyes go wide upon peering into Yukino’s face. She places her hand against Yukino’s little forehead before then catching her body as she, furari, collapses.

[Sorry, Haruka. I’ll leave Yukino to you. You harpies, too, I’m sorry but please take these 2 to the village. I’ll be sure to thank you later.]
[Affirmativeー] [We were all about to go back anyway, so there’s no problemー] [Since we got to see King-sama being cool] [The joy of being able to share that story is plenty enough of a rewardー] 

Rurui, Rorori, and the other harpies reply with glee.
Though, don’t tell others of that appearance I had. 

[Ano, Shouma-nii-sama.]
I then notice that Lizette is looking straight at me.

[If it’s alright with Nii-sama, Lizette wishes to take Yukino-san home in Haruka’s stead.]
[I don’t mind, but why?]
[From here onward, Nii-sama is planning to discuss the treatment of the captured 『cultists』 with this village and 『Hazama Village』, correct?]

I nod.
The Oni tribesmen and the villagers are cooperating in tying up the 『cultists』. Nearby, the Oni tribesmanGarunga-san and the village’s elder are having a discussion. They want to bind this village and 『Hazama Village』 into a pact──, regarding the provision of information and mutual aid──  and other things. They’re doing this while glancing my way.

[Certainly, this does look like it will become a discussion between villages.]
[Yes. Therefore, Lizette believes that the presence of Haruka, the village chief, would be better than Lizette’s.]
[I get that, but…… is Haruka well-versed in negotiations like these?]
[Haruka is utterly terrible at them.]

She makes a firm declaration. As expected from the substitute elder sister, she knows Haruka’s aptitude very well.

[However, Haruka’s decision would be the official stance of the village. Therefore, as expected, Lizette believes Haruka remaining her would be better.]

I nod.
Besides, entrusting Yukino’s escort back to Lizette feels like it would be better. While Haruka is a considerate person, she does have some reckless qualities to her. She did bring Yukino, who’s still recuperating, to a battlefield after all.

[That’s how it is. I’m counting on you, harpies.]
[Haruka will remain here and attend the meeting as the representative of the village.]
[Eh? So Nii-sama will take me home instead? Alriーght!!]

Haruka throws up both of her hands with a beaming smile.
Isn’t that a problem?

[Yukino is still recuperating. I don’t believe her coming to a battlefield should have been allowed?]
[……I’m sorry.]

Yukino, while still leaning against Haruka, looks at me from over Haruka’s shoulder and then nods.

[I wanted to see a battle of this world. These are turbulent times, so wondered how I should go about fighting the enemy’s forces. That’s why.]
[I get it, but that should have been after you’ve recovered. Be careful next time.]
[Yes, I’m sorry…]
[……No, it’s not that I’m angry at you. Look at me.]

Furu furu, furu.
Yukino’s aqua-colored hair swings as she shakes her head.

……As I thought, not using 『Demon-kin Awakening』 in front of Yukino is for the best. Yukino might be shocked from having seen my adult self with the same appearance as my chuunibyou self. 

She revers the me of that time as her 『True King』. That encounter has come to be an important memory for her. That isn’t something the adult me should carelessly touch.

Even I, who has gone past his chuunibyou and became an adult, understand at least that much.

[Then, I’ll leave Yukino to you, Lizette.]
[Yes, please leave her to me, Shouma-nii-sama.]

We then see off Lizette, Yukino, and the harpies as they return to the village

Haruka and I, having remained, discuss the trading our timber and what to do with the captured cultist along with everyone from the Oni tribesmen.

 ──Lizette’s POV──

Some tens of minutes later, Lizette and Yukino return to the village.

[Lizette-sama! Yukino-sama! You’re safe!]
[What happened to everyone from the village!? What the heck happened in the neighboring village!?]
[Since Shouma-sama is with them, we believe they’re alright, but we’re… worried.]

[Everyone, please calm down. Everything has already been settled. None of the Oni tribesmen nor those of the neighboring village have been injured. Everyone…… is safe thanks to Shouma-nii-sama.]

Lizette quickly begins explaining to the villagers who had gathered. She explains how the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』 had attacked the neighboring village. How the Oni tribesmen and the villagers united to face the cult. And finally, how Shouma, who had rushed there, had wiped out the cult’s higher ups and their 『insect』 familiars.

[Nii-sama and Haruka remained behind in the neighboring village with the others. Lizette believes they shall return tomorrow. Also, everyone from the neighboring village…… wishes to enter a pact with this village, a pact of information exchange and mutual aid.]

Cheers erupts.

While they are neighbors, there has been almost no interaction between the neighboring village and 『Hazama Village』. Humans are wary of the ajin. The ajin, having been driven to the frontier by humans, can’t come to trust them. They would trade goods, but the two would never associate closely with each other.

Shouma broke the wall that divided the two villages in one go. Even now, the 『Overlord Call』 of the villagers still rings within Lizette’s ears. She is smiling without even realizing it. That, after all, served as proof that her nii-sama had established a connection between 『Hazama Village』 with the neighboring village.

[……As I thought, Shouma-nii-sama is a wonderful person.]

In his normal state, Shouma is a human. However, when he uses his ability, he can change his appearance into those of a dragonkin, an oni kin, or a winged-kin. To him, there are no particular differences between those appearances. 

If people were to personally witness the 『Aberrant Overlord』 using that power to rescue them── as did the people in the neighboring village, they might come to disregard the differences between humans and ajin.

[Perhaps Shouma-nii-sama may be the one who will unite all races together……]

Suddenly, Yukino, who’s standing next to Lizette, sneezes. She must be feeling cold from flying up in the sky. Her small arms are trembling as she holds the sleeves of her sleepwear.

[Excuse me, everyone. Let us end this conversation here. We shall continue once Shouma-nii-sama and Haruka return.]

With those words, Lizette lends her shoulder to Yukino and starts walking. Yukino’s body, upon coming into contact with it, is a bit warm, as she expected. Her bare skin and her face are bright red.


[….. Fufu.]

Lizette casually asks. 

[You have always been laughing since a while ago, why?]

Yukino covers her face in a panic. [Di, dididid I appear like I was laughing!?]
[Your cheeks are relaxed, and your lips are taking the form of joy. You have been lightly exhaling, 『fuffuun』, for some time now. Were you not aware of this?]
[Yo, you’re imagining things! I’m neither laughing nor am I getting carried away!]
[I see. Then Lizette is imagining things?]
[You’re imagining things.]
[……Is that so.]
[……That is so.]
[By the way, Yukino-san.]
[── Lizette, and Haruka are sworn siblings.]
[── Ye, yes. I’m aware of that.]
[──’s real name is Kiryuu Shouma]
[──I know that! He’s someone from my world, right!?
[── and Lizette are sworn siblings, but we can still marry.]

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