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60. The Magic Research Institute

Afterwards, Nigel and I left the spirit village and returned to Lynchgiham.

“It has only been a short while, but it already feels like a long time has passed.”

The clear air of the spirit village was refreshing, but I also loved the capital—after all, it was filled with both life and people.

“I heard a report from the gatekeeper—apparently, there were no major incidents.”

Nigel said with a reassuring face.

“Is it because Douglas and Ralph did their duties properly?”


“Would you like to return to the royal castle? I want to lie down in my bed for the first time in a while…”

“I’ll return home after visiting the magic research institute.”

“Some kind of laboratory?”

Nigel held out a bottle and continued explaining.

“I want to analyze this water there. I do not believe it is just normal water—after all, it hails from the forest where the spirits live.”

“Certainly, I can feel that the water is brimming with magical power.”


“In that case, I hall accompany you. I too am curious.”

“Alright, let us go together.”

It seemed that our return to the royal castle would be postponed for a little longer.

Please be patient, Douglas, Ralph-chan!


We’ve arrived in front of the magic research institute.

The whitewashed building put me at ease.

“I was wondering what kind of building it would be. So, this is how a magic research institute looks like…”

“Indeed. Moreover, the director here is also very competent. Let’s head inside right away.”


We stepped inside the laboratory.

Inside, people in white coats were busy moving around.

When they noticed Nigel’s visit, they greeted him with graceful bows.

Nigel responded by raising his hand and proceeded to enter—so I followed him.

“Robert, it’s been a long time.”

After we had arrived at the innermost part of the laboratory.

A man was staring at a liquid container.

“Your Highness Nigel.”

Responding to Nigel, he turned towards us.

“I shall introduce you to him, Eliane. He’s Robert, the director of the magic research institute. He’s a very amiable person. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Robert. My name is Eliane.”

I lifted the edge of my skirt and lowered my head.

The director, Robert, said, “Hoo…”

“Such a beautiful woman. Is she perhaps the fiancée you’ve mentioned, Nigel?”


“My, I think she suits you well, Nigel. The two of you are the best couple.”

Robert extended his hand with a gentle smile, and we shook hands.

Even so…

This man is also very beautiful!

His skin was morbidly white. He wore glasses with thin edges. The atmosphere he exuded was magnificent.

By the way… only a few people knew that I was Nigel’s fiancée.

Until now, Nigel was stubborn and avoided having a fiancée.

“What’s with the sudden visit, Your Highness Nigel? Do you need something?”

“I need you to take a look at this.”

Nigel showed Robert the water he had procured from the spirit king, Philip.

Robert observed it with interest.

“This water has high degree of magical purity.”

“Can you tell?”

“Yes. Where on earth did you get this?”

“I won’t go into details right now, but I’ve made friends with the spirits. This is the water that once flowed through the spirit forest.”

“T, the spirits!?”

Robert raised his glasses.

“Speaking of spirits, there’s also a theory that their race is the origin of magic!? It’s a long-cherished wish of magic researchers to investigate their ecology. Until now, there’s been little to no information about them. But… who would’ve thought Your Highness Nigel would be able to bring back something like this!”

Robert looked excited.

It couldn’t be helped.

Robert was surprised that we were able to bring back such water when the spirits themselves were already difficult to spot.

“I want you to analyze this here, in the magic research institute. What benefits does this water have?”

“I understand! Thank you! I will sacrifice my sleep for this!”

“No, you still have to sleep.”

Nigel laughed amusedly.

But soon, his face turned serious.

“You may have been aware of this, but let me remind you—the spirits may be the subject of research for you, but never do anything reckless, such as trying to imitate this water. If you incite the wrath of the spirits, the consequences will be severe. I want you to research with moderation. Think of my reputation as you proceed.”

He advised.

Robert responded with a serious expression.

“I understand. Something as foolish as trying to create an imitation… I never planned to do so from the very beginning. Aside from the foolish magical researchers of that military-obsessed kingdom, rest assured that none of your own subordinates is thinking of doing such a thing.”

As Robert had said, the magic researchers of the kingdom of Verclaim were a little overkill.

Rumor had it that they were involved in rather perilous human experiments.

“I was a little worried when I heard the words ‘magic research institute’—but the place turned out to be fine.”

“Anyway, this water is really wonderful. For convenience, let’s refer to it as ‘spirit water’.”

Upon receiving the bottle of spirit water from Nigel, Robert examined it.

“I can’t say anything without a detailed analysis, but it’s safe to assume that we could easily make advanced potions by using this as a catalyst. Water with such a high magical purity is rare.”


I heard that and interrupted.

“Do you also make potions here!?”

“Is the young lady also interested in potions?”

“Yes! Very!”

I leaned forward involuntarily.

Back in my former kingdom, whenever I got bored, I would read some books in the royal castle.

There was a book about people called ‘pharmacists’.

They’d make potions leisurely and peacefully in a workplace.

The potions made by said pharmacists would help various people and enrich everyone’s lives.

For a while now, I had been longing for such a life.

…Because I wasn’t allowed to do that!

“Eliane, if you’re so interested, would you like to assist Robert?”

“I, is that alright?”

“Of course. Robert, as I’ve mentioned before, this woman is an excellent healer and mentor, I’m sure she’d be a great help to you.”

“I was about to ask the same, especially after I heard about you from Nigel!”

Robert looked at me and smiled.

“You’re exhausted today, so why not come to the lab tomorrow? Let’s make an advanced potion with this water.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

Even though I was but a helper, finally, my long-dreamed life of being a pharmacist!

…Well, actually, I was about to become a magic researcher, but I didn’t care about the details.

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