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59. The Order of the Archdemon

“A, an archdemon!?”

Claude roared.

“L, lies!”

Claude tried to deny the reality unfolding before him, but to no avail.

He recalled the knight’s report.

Above all, entering the royal castle wouldn’t be easy for a mere outsider.

The fact that the dubious man stood there could be proof that he was indeed an archdemon.

“S, stay away from His Highness Claudeeee—!”

The knight who stood beside him slashed at the archdemon, Baldur.


“How noisy. I’m currently talking to the prince. Can you not?”

Baldur pointed his index finger at the knight.

At that moment, the knight’s body gradually changed from his toes to stone.

“T, this is…!? I, can’t, move…”

In a blink of an eye, the knight was transformed into a statue. His sword remained in mid-swing.

“A man who can’t read the atmosphere won’t be popular, you know?”

Baldur gently pushed the statue and caused it to lay on the floor.

The knight no longer moved.


Claude was breathless.

As a result of rigorous training, the kingdom’s knights had the power to intimidate other kingdoms.

Despite so, one of his prided knights was reduced to a stone in an instant!

Trying to fight back is just foolish! I’ll listen to what he has to say!

Claude immediately decided so.

“Claude… Claude…”

Leticia, on the other hand, kept clutching her face as she groaned.

He wanted to cure Leticia right away, but there was something more pressing at the moment.

“First of all, where did the saint of this kingdom go? It seems that the barrier has ceased…”

“I, if it’s the saint, she’s right here!”

Claude pointed to Leticia.

“—Ha!” Baldur sarcastically scoffed.

“The saint? Her??? Come on, now, don’t be foolish. As if someone like her could conjure up a barrier able to envelop the whole kingdom! She may have been proficient at cursing, but as for barrier magic? Nope. Not even worth mentioning.”

Baldur spoke such while clutching his stomach.

Proficient… at cursing?

What was Baldur saying?

Baldur lifted the chin of the confused Claude with his fingers.

“Don’t lie? The next time you lie to me, I’ll rip out your tongue.”


Claude briefly screamed.

Baldur grinned.

However, from his words and the atmosphere, Claude could comprehend that his threat was real.

“T, the saint, I banished that fake saint a long time ago! It’s because she had deceiving the whole kingdom!”

“Huh? Banished?”

A stupid voice leaked from Baldur’s mouth. It was very out of tune.

“What an imbecile. Even though she’s competent. Isn’t she the strongest saint of all time? For you to expel such a saint, are you a masochist, perhaps?”

“What are you talking about…”

“Ah, I see, you don’t even know that.”

Baldur quickly let go of his emotions.

“Your face is beautiful, so I thought it’d be fun to tease you a little. But it’s actually boring. I hate buffoons, you see.”

Then, Baldur turned towards Leticia.

“Oi, the ugly woman over there, what’s wrong with you?”

“Claude… Claude…”

“You can’t even answer my question… I wonder if it’s because your curse had been deflected back at you. How foolish you are—but you’re also a lucky idiot. I kill all women who’re more beautiful than me—so your life shall be spared.”

Baldur laughed.

From a while ago, why did he keep mentioning curse!? It’s impossible for Leticia to have that kind of power…

However, he was grateful that Baldur had even bothered to chitchat.

Should he be able to buy enough time, other knights might come to save him.

There were also adventurers scattered around the city.

Therefore, he should be able to overcome the situation for the time being…

“Are you perhaps looking for help?”

Claude’s expectations were shattered to pieces after hearing the words spun by Baldur.

“Spoiler—no one’s going to save you. The royal capital has been seized by us demons.”

“What!? It’s been less than 30 minutes since demons invaded the royal capital!”

“Fifteen minutes were enough to conquer the royal capital. It would have been a different story if that annoying dragon had come, but that didn’t happen, either.”

Baldur smiled again and said to Claude.

“Okay, here’s my order—bring me to the king.”

“M, my father…?”

“Yes. Well, we can find him ourselves, but I don’t want to further defile the place. I also don’t want to get dirtied by human blood, so it’s more efficient to have you guide me.”

Baldur stared straight at Claude.

His true intentions couldn’t be read.

As expected of an archdemon. Baldur’s way of thinking was probably different from humans.

However, he was an archdemon still. He must be planning something wicked.

But, no matter what Baldur was planning, now that it had came to that, he had no choice but to bring him to the king.

If I go against him, it’s likely that I’ll be killed! I shall adhere for now…

Claude begrudgingly responded to Baldur’s order.

“I, I got it… just, don’t kill me, or Leticia—I can at least ask for that, right?”

“Hmm, who knows. Well, perhaps you guys still have some use. Looks like you can keep your lives for a while.”

Baldur stretched his back.

A kingdom that had been prospering for many years.

As of the present, it was about to collapse onto the ground.

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