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35.2 An Unexpected ad lib

The uproar continued to grow. So far, she didn’t hear any voices condemning Riol. Since his first victory was a fluke, they decided to overrule it. Everyone wasn’t convinced. It was even more so for Sharina who knew that his victory wasn’t a fluke in the first place.

“W, wait! This talk isn’t over, yet! Riol Glen!”

Amidst the turbulence, the teacher shouted in a hurry. It resulted in a loud voice that hurt the ears.

“During the first round, the magical instrument worn by His Highness Roland was sabotaged! The moment His Highness used magic, it ran amok!”

Riol, whom was approaching the exit of the venue, turned around.

“N-no way…! Is that true, teacher!?”

“T-that’s right!”

“Could it be, because His Highness Roland is the most promising candidate for this tournament, someone was trying to get rid of him!?”

“Th-that kind of person—hm?”

In an unusual manner, Riol screamed—his voice echoed throughout the venue.

Before she knew it, the audience grew silent once again. They halted in favor of the two, whom were conversing.

“Or! Is it perhaps the doing of someone who’s hostile towards His Highness?!”

“N, no! As if! The only one who would benefit from sabotaging His Highness’ magical instrument was his opponent during the first round—which is you!”

“Hold it, teacher! Riol just forfeited the match, didn’t he!? For him, there’s nothing to gain!”

When the teacher was yelling at Riol, Patrick interjected.

“W, well, he could’ve just been trying to avoid being suspected of foul play…”

“What about the evidence!? Is there any evidence that he did it!?”

“I, indeed… there’s proof pertaining to the sabotaged magical instrument, and the reason why Riol won the first round… you see, His Highness has forgotten that brooch several times in his classroom, therefore…”

When she saw the teacher pull something like a brooch out of his chest pocket, Sharina finally understood everything.

The teachers wanted to make a scapegoat out of Riol. They wanted Riol to attest that his victory during the first match was due to his own strength, so they could pull their trump card—

—which was Roland’s ‘sabotaged’ magical instrument.

“In addition, there was testimony from others that Riol Glen was in the courtyard every morning when no one else was there! There were plenty of opportunities for him to sneak into the third-year classroom!”

Perhaps their aim was to restore Roland’s honor. It was possible that Roland wouldn’t never show up due to having lost to a freshman—not to mention, someone from Written Magic Department.

“Riol is always with me before school, during lunch breaks, and after school! He didn’t have a single chance to sabotage and return His Highness’ magical instrument!”

That was the only thing Sharina could do.

The evidence of foul play, which was Riol sabotaging the magical instrument was difficult to break.

At the very least, she could stop Riol from being turned into a scapegoat…

“…Sharina Clydea. Please refrain from making spontaneous statements like that. As if there is credibility in the testimony of those who side with him…”

The teacher’s complain to Sharina, who had raised her voice, could clearly be heard due to the loudspeaker. It seemed that a lot of things didn’t go as planned, since the teacher seemed quite confused.

“I will also testify! Ever since last month until the first day of the magic tournament, accompanied Riol to his department every morning! He has never been alone during early morning!”


Sharina, with beaming eyes, looked back. Tobias stood there with his fist on his chest. His face was serious.


On the surface, it was a statement from a person on Roland’s side, who also happened to be his follower. It seemed that the teacher was very scared by that.


“…I’ll hear more about this at a later date, but I can’t allow this match to continue under the suspicion of life-threatening fraud. I’ll declare it again! It’s Patrick Wardington’s victory! That’s all!”

Only the worst, which was Riol ending up being the scapegoat, was avoided—but the crisis hadn’t been completely avoided.

“Wait! I don’t think he had cheated in the slightest! What’s wrong with this match—”

“That’s our decision! No further counterarguments are allowed!”

Patrick could still be heard interjecting the teacher. Despite so, the teacher kept repeating, “It’s been decided.”

Yes, such was their decision—

—to blame everything on Riol and subsequently dismiss him. To sacrifice Riol for a lie that would restore Roland’s prestige.

Riol left the arena while the teacher kept repeating his previous statement.

“What’s that… what do you mean!?”

“Are you serious!? It isn’t even funny!”

Tobias leaned forward to the point where he was about to fall over the railing.

Unable to stop the screaming Angelica, Sharina clasped her hands. Her vision distorted due to regret. She couldn’t breath well due to her anger.

However, at that moment, surely—

—Riol was the one who suffered the most.


“Shari, wait, where are you going!?”

Unable to stay, Sharina ran through the audience seats and jumped out of the arena.


*Prince Leonarcisshit and Chuunidiot stealing, power abusing, and straight up trying to kill someone under broad daylight*

///The academy’s higher-ups: Understandable, have a nice day. Be sure to succeed the throne, too.

*A hardworking student who actually climbed the ladder and achieved victory through his own effort*

///The academy’s higher-ups: UNACCEPTABLE. WE HAVE TO STOP HIM AT ALL COST.

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