The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

35.2 The Roaring [Twin-Headed Dragon] Burns its Appearance into the Eyes of the People

──Shouma’s POV──

[……As I thought, this guy wasn’t human, after all.]
[A, aaa, aa………]

The only area I cut was where Doushi Glia Piller was merged with the mamono. It was a precaution I took in case this guy was human, but apparently it wasn’t necessary.

As the body of Doushi Glia Piller falls to the ground, it turns into a black mist and disappears. It is just like how it happened with the Black Knight Mesetrat.

[Let me ask you something…… what would have happen if I had instead ignored the Twin-headed Dragon….?]
[You’d just be blown away by the 『Twin-headed Dragon』’s strike like normal, I suppose?]
[How…… How unfair………]

This, Doushi Glia Piller disappears. What remains is an 『Evil Crystal』 that’s even larger than from that one time with Black Knight Mesetrat.

[『Demon-kin Awakening』, release.]

I still have a surplus of mana.

The reason why the Twin-headed Dragon disappears in 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute, Seal, Slash』 is so that I can shorten its operating time and therefore reduce my mana consumption. It’s possible that enemy’s reinforcements will come, I have to fight as efficiently as possible.

……But there is no hint any reinforcements are coming. Also, having to maintain this appearance strains me mentally.

I decide to release my transformation and return to the default 『Kiryuuou Shouma』 state.

[That was amazing! Shouma-nii-sama!!]
Before I noticed it, Lizette’s eyes shine as she looks at me.

[Lizette has burned that image into these eyes! 『Twin-headed Dragon Absolute Seal Slash 《Absolute Sight》』!!]
[Alright. Now purge it right away.]
[Please at least wait until Lizette learns the same technique. As a fellow dragonkin, Lizette believes she can pull it off!]
[I think that’d be impossible, though.]
[Then how did Nii-sama learn that technique?]

Originally, it is based on a technique I thought about in order to escape from those supposedly “participate if you want” events at my school that were actually semi-compulsory (such as cheering practice for the sports day, or the club activities that all the first years should 『voluntarily』 join). To be specific, the idea was that I’d setup a kitchen timer bought from a 100-yen shop nearby in advance and then escape when the others were distracted by the 『pip-pip』 sound it would emit.

At that time, I named it 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute, Seal, Slash』 ‘cause it’s cool.

……Also, I only thought about it. I haven’t actually used it. In truth, the technique that I used to escape was another one.

At that time, I was too busy searching for the 『Evil of the World』 and therefore I couldn’t afford to take part in the 『participate if you want events that are actually semi-compulsory』. As such, I had to come up with a trick to escape.

……Although, I see now. So, at that time, this was how I imagined that that technique would go.

…………………Let’s never use it ever again.

[Anyway, I’m glad that there are no casualties.]
[Yes, this is also thanks to Shouma-nii-sama.]

Lizette’s silver hair shakes as she smiles and looks at me.

[All of the oni tribesmen and all of the villager-san are rejoicing? Look.]
[If they’re rejoicing without doing the 『Overlord Call』, then they’ll get no complaints from me.]

[[[All toge……]]]

……Just now, they were all about to say it, weren’t they?
The villager-san are lined up in a row with their arms stopped half-raised.

……Well, whatever. So long as they stopped, I’ll leave it at that.

Now, I plan to draw out information from the members of the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』, then I’ll dump them in 『Governor Kittle』’s town. But, well, let’s leave that to the oni tribesmen. In any case, they’re supposedly here to trade with the village. Together with the villagers, they can use this opportunity to hand the cult members over to the Governor and receive a reward for it. That way, surely the relation between this village and 『Hazama Village』 will be strengthened.

Life should be easier for the ajin and the humans now.

[Well then, let’s go home, Lizette.]
[Yes. Shouma-nii-sama.]
[Anyway…… I’m glad we resolved this matter rather quickly.]
[Indeed. We would have been in trouble had we taken too long and reinforcements came for the cult.]
[I meant, we were able to finish without having to involve Haruka and Yukino, right?]

Had Haruka been here, I feel like she’d have just rush into the flock of insects, no questions asked. After all, Haruka is strong, but simple-minded.

Yukino is still recovering. Her magic would have been helpful, but I don’t want her to fight at the moment.

……Besides, letting Yukino see the appearance of 『Demon-kin Awakening』 could lead to trouble. That outfit, it’s exactly what I wore when I was a chuunibyou, after all.

[That is true. Haruka was trusted with the task of protecting Yukino-san. The two of them quietly staying where they are was for the best, was it not?]
[Yeah. I suppose so.]
[I understand. After all, Lizette is Nii-sama’s sworn little sister, so Lizette gave Haruka a strict order to obediently stay there! That is why, she was able to endure watching alongside all the other oni tribesmenwithout moving when Shouma-nii-sama adopted that 『cool appearance』.]
[…………Come again?]

I turn around.

All of the oni tribesmen are behind the villager-san. Looking closely, within a gap, there’s a red-haired little girl looking my way. Her cheeks, Muuー, are inflated.

Furthermore, behind her, there are 4 harpies with their wings folded.

[Right after that cool 『Twin-headed Dragon』 appeared, 6 people arrived in this village. However, interfere with Nii-sama’s concentration would have been forbidden, correct? That is why Lizette requested them to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Recently, Lizette appears to have become able to understand what Shouma-nii-sama wants. Perhaps, it is because Lizette has grown as a sworn younger sister?]
[Is that soー]

I absentmindedly listened to what Lizette has to say.

Haruka is a natural airhead, and she has a simple personality, but she’s someone who’d keep her promises.

Therefore, she’d properly carry it out. Someone like her, who was entrusted with the mission of [take care of the guest], shouldn’t have come here.

That means……

[……. Shouma-san……….]

A little girl stands between Haruka and the harpies, Rurui and Roroi. She’s still a little pale, however, she stands firm as she stares at me.

[……That power…… Shouma-san…… could you………?]

The people around me were still a bit noisy, but──

The voice of the summoned girl, Yukino Cloudy Dragonchild, directly reaches me.

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