The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

105. Parallel Dimension Episode 3: When it’s hot, the World and its Settings are Buggy

“I just thought that if Rave were to teleport us to shore, he won’t have enough magic to transport us back to the imperial capital—as such, I swam back with His Majesty!”

“I… I don’t know where to even begin…”

“My head is filled with endless tsukkomi…

Her two subordinates, who heard the situation, sighed together at the resting place as they started to clean up. Hadith was lying down on the wooden floor while groaning. Small fish were scattered around him.

As Camila offer him a towel, she peered into his face.

“Your Majesty, are you alright? Did you swallow some water? Are you even conscious?”

“I… I’m more worried about Jill, somehow… she managed to carry me on her shoulders…”

“I’m alright, because I’ve trained. His Majesty also somehow managed to retain his consciousness and floated.”

“I, if it’s merely that… well, I’m glad we’re safe…”

Hadith predictably fainted.

“Well, it’s better to take a break and go home. Even if the Dragon God could take us home, it’d be better for His Majesty to physically recover, first.”

What Zeke had said was justifiable.

The shopkeeper, whom was in good mood because of the large profit earned by Hadith, cooked a leftover dish on top of the iron plate.

The grateful Jill chewed on it in an attempt to recover her strength. Afterwards, she rinsed her clothes with seawater and changed her attire.

“I want to see the sea dragon clearly…”

Hadith said that the sea dragon had only intended to have fun. She had realized that fact too late.

As she thought, lacking magical power was inconvenient. Despite so, Hadith still saved her. Hadith must’ve had forced himself to do so, for his magic was also less than its original amount.

It was better to return to the imperial capital and have a proper rest. Hadith should rest tomorrow, as well. She felt that Listeard’s supervision would only get tighter once he finds out they hadn’t returned by the appointed time.

The skies reflected by the sea was getting darker. The day was about to end.


A shadow was cast from diagonally above Jill whom was looking at the triangular chair.

“Jill, Camila and the others are about to go home, soon.”

“Your Majesty, are you alright?”

Hadith also sat down beside Jill who raised her face.

“First of all, I’m sorry for causing you trouble. Also, for us to return at this hour, surely, my brother Listeard will get angry…”

“I truly planned to return by evening…”

“Your Majesty, today, did you have fun? Well, aside from the fact that you almost drowned…”

Hadith laughed at Jill who seemed meek.

“I’ve never cooked food for a street stall, so I learned a lot. It was a lot of fun. I’m considering having an iron plate at hand.”

“R, really!? Doesn’t that mean I’ll be able to eat Your Majesty’s hot plate dishes every day…?”

“…How about you? Did you enjoy the sea?”

“It was fun! It’s not only beautiful, but I was also able to move around a lot! Moreover, I met a sea dragon! But…”

Hm? Hadith blinked.

A little tense, Jill lowered her gaze towards the beach.

“…I wanted to play in the sea with His Majesty.”

After a brief silence, Hadith held his chest and collapsed.

“Your Majesty!? Are you still unwell!?”

“I, I’m okay… I was just being care, less! Even though I don’t have much magical power, I’m still alright…!”

“Your Majesty is still sick, so please don’t overexert yourself—be it today, or tomorrow… It’s alright. In the first place, I’m already aware of it. Even if we go to the sea together, we won’t be able to swim around, dive, or catch fish and sea dragons with Your Majesty…”

“…Are you perhaps mistaking playing in the sea as living on an uninhabited island?”

“That sounds good! I’ll hunt, while Your Majesty cooks!”

Next to Jill, whose eyes were gleaming, Hadith got up and looked away.

“…For the image to naturally appear inside my head like that, I’m kind of scared.”

“It would be just like when we were living in that secluded area before—although at that time, it wasn’t for leisure.”

As she thought—she wanted to play together.

But the sun had already set. The clear blue sea was approaching the color of deep darkness which would swallow everything.

“…You want to play with me in the sea that much?”

“It’s alright. There’s still next year, and the year after that.”

She noticed after saying it.

I see, I want to make memories with His Majesty.

Summer memories that would be different from the ones she had with her previous fiancé—not that she had many to begin with.

That was why, even if it was only that much, she had to be grateful. In a splash, she had switched her mood and stood up.

“Besides, when I met the sea dragon and swam together with His Majesty, I had already acquired unforgettable memories!”

“Although those memories are the ones I specifically hated—!?”

“Let’s go home, otherwise, everyone’ll be worried.”

Hadith also stood up next to Jill. But, for some reason, he had begun to take off his shoes.

“Your Majesty?”

“…Being honest, I want to race with you on the beach. However, considering my lack of magical power, I’m afraid I’ll just make you worried.”

He walked to the sea. After scooping the waves, Hadith turned around and splashed it on Jill.

Unable to react, Jill was drenched by seawater.

“Even if you said that there’ll be next year, or the year after that—as of now, we’re the only ones here. If it’s only this much, we can do that, right?”

Hadith laughed softly—it lead to a gradual uplifting feeling swelling inside Jill’s slightly hollow chest. She begun to take off her shoes as well.

“Now you’ve done it, Your Majesty!”

“Eh, I’m still unwell, remember?”

“No can do! I won’t hold anything back! Take this!”

The waves she had kicked hit Hadith in a flashy manner. Thus, Hadith struck back—that time, it was mud.

Her entire body was dripping with water—that way, her body was already considered a weapon.


“Uwa, wawawa—!”

After Jill had shouted, she leaped towards Hadith. Hadith fell down and was swallowed by the approaching large waves.

The water level reached Jill’s chest. It prompted Hadith to stand up and reach for her.

“Aah, we’ve entered the sea with our clothes on. We’ll catch a cold like this.”

“I’ll nurse you back, then.”

“I’m not talking about me, and instead talking about you. Besides, you can’t peel a fruit, much less nurse someone back to health!”

The annoyed Jill tried to leap towards Hadith again—however, she got hugged instead.

“Jill, look towards the sky.”

The night sky was completely dark—there were no clouds, and the stars were beginning to gleam. They spread out across the horizon, causing the sea surface to glitter. It felt as if they were floating in the night sky.

“So pretty…”


“Can you see the constellations?”


“That’s the biggest star. However, there’s also a little star next to it, right?”

While looking at the direction pointed by Hadith, she asked for him to teach her constellations. Hadith, whom was raised by the Dragon God in seclusion, was familiar with nature.

“Your Majesty, you’re so knowledgeable about the constellations.”

“The night sky is a sky, still. It won’t look good if the Dragon Emperor isn’t familiar with the sky.”

As he smiled gently, Hadith’s golden eyes appeared like stars. They also reminded her of the Dragon God, who reigned over the sky and reason. His eyes bore the same color as the Dragon God’s scales.

“Wouldn’t it be perfect for our memories if a shooting star were to appear?”

Hearing him mutter such a heartfelt wish, Jill wrapped her arms around Hadith’s neck.

“…It’s already perfect as it is.”

“Isn’t it just a memory of splashing around the shore with me?”

“Yes. But at the same time, I got soaked along with His Majesty, watched the stars together, and was taught about the constellations.”

The memories were simply too wonderful.

With a rustling noise, Hadith returned to the shore. Camila and Zeke rushed towards them, probably coming to see the situation.

“What are you guys doing~!? Why are the two of you soaked~!?”

“There are no dry towels left. Not to mention, if we don’t return ASAP, something’s terrible gonna happen.”

“Then, let’s return immediately. I don’t want the wrath of my brother Listeard to be part of our memories.”

Jill giggled at Hadith who sported a troubled expression.

“Let’s also bring His Highness Listeard next year, and make more memories.”

“But that would lessen my time with you.”

“What are you talking about? I’ll do more things next year that I couldn’t do this year—therefore, we’ll have more time.”

Hadith, who embraced Jill back, called for Rave. Hadith laughed as he waited for Camila and Zeke to finish packing.

“That’s right. Next year, my magic will surely be fully replenished. We can do various more things safely.”

“Yes. Let’s be in good physical condition.”

“Haven’t you matured a bit?”

Jill replied with a meaningful whisper, both her fists clenched.

“Leave it to me! I’ll do my best to make sure we go to the beach! In fact, that will be next year’s first priority!”

“That’s definitely not the kind of memory I’m aiming for.”

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