The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

35.1 The Roaring [Twin-Headed Dragon] Burns its Appearance into the Eyes of the People

──『Cult of Awakening Contentment』’s Doushi POV──

[Impossible! Impossible! Impossible────!!?]
The Doushi of 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』, Glia Piller, screams.

Chasing him as he flees through the air is a jet black── mamono with an extremely long physique. No, perhaps calling it a demonic beast would be more appropriate.


A wriggling serpent with a large build resembling a massive tree chases straight after Glia Pillar who moves in a spiral motion.

From deep inside its wide open mouth are countless fangs. As for its pure black colored body, only its eyes are blood red. Its two horns are like large swords as they cut apart the 『insects』 released by Doushi Glia Piller one after another.

That tremendous destructive force is possessed by 2 heads. There’s no wonder the 『Cult of Awakening Contentment』’s Doushi is panicking.

[What── that man── what is that man!?]

Doushi Gila Piller continues to release various mamono from his mantle: locusts, stag beetles, bees, and also spiders.

All of them are torn, crushed, and annihilated the moment they make contact with the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』. The insects, of which even 1 of them can match several warriors, can’t even slow the dragon.

[Someone who can manipulate a familiar with this kind of destructive force…… shouldn’t…… exist.]
Doushi Glia Piller clenches his bony fist.

The remaining number of 『insects』 have already been cut down to less than 10.

Trees quiver at the approaching 『Twin-Headed Dragon’s』 roar.

It may seem to appear like shadow puppetry, but a closer looks will reveal scales and fins. Each of its talons shine as if they were made of obsidian.

[……You’re telling me a familiar like this, was created on the spot!? What is this!? What is that person──!?]

Doushi Glia Piller doesn’t create his 『insects』 on the spot. His summoning technique is a group magic.

All the Doushi teach black magic to people in the Cult of Awakening Contentment who possess the proper aptitude, and have them create 『insects』 with mana. They resemble real insects because those are easier to imagine due to actually existing. A certain amount of mana and imagination—– without them, creating familiars is impossible.

In addition, the Doushi use the mana of their disciples to create 『storage spaces』 within their mantles. The 『insects』 are stored there, and rush out into the real world at the direction of Doushi Glia Piller.

By doing so, it is possible to efficiently control the 『insects』 ── and by extension, the humans.

[Does that mean a technique we have to perform collectively, that person can use all by himself!? Just how much training and how much mana is needed to achieve such a thing!? Even if your power equals that of my lord, the 『Black Flame Emperor-sama』……]


The body of the stag beetle, which was released as the trump card, is crushed under the fangs of one of the dragon’s heads.

The other head approaches Doushi Glia Piller, and before his eyes, bites into a leg of the spider he is merged with. The dragon chews, and perhaps finding it unpalatable, spits it out. Then, it brushes away several insects with its giant talons. 

Doushi Glia Piller comes to a decision.

In terms of flight speed, the 『Twin-Headed Dragon』 is a bit faster than him. He won’t be able to get away at this rate.

Therefore…… He pours his mana into the remaining 『insects』 to temporarily enlarge them. He plans to use the weight of the insects as they fall in order to create a destructive force to take down the Twin-headed Dragon. If he can’t do that, he’ll be stopped. That’s all he’s got.

[『──In the name of the jet-black flame!!』]

Doushi Glia Piller’s mantle spreads out like wings.

The light of mana shines in both of his widely spread arms.

The Doushi inserts those arms into the back of his mantle and pours most of his remaining mana into the last surviving insects within it.

Simultaneously, he also supplies mana to the insects that are merged with him. Especially the bee on his back, which is an essential means of transportation for him. He has to supply ample mana for those wings as well. 


Then, Doushi Glia Piller releases the last of his 『insects』.

A 『Locust』 and a 『Spider』── each about as large as a cow. They both slam violently against the approaching heads of the 『Twin-headed Dragon』.


The 『insects』 and the 『Twin-headed Dragon』 collide in midair.

The first one to get crushed is the locust. Its head is smashed to bits as it collides with the dragon, then its wings are scattered about.

Continuing afterwards, the spider also suffers the same fate. Its eight legs are scattered all over and a hole is made in its body.

Since the remains of the insects are being strewn all around, Doushi Glia Piller is unable to see the dragon’s heads.

 ── The 『Twin-headed Dragon』 is──


Doushi Glia Piller’s eyes widen upon hearing that cry. The Twin-headed Dragon appeared to be── screaming in pain. The final blow from the insects succeeded, after all. The 『Twin-headed Dragon』 screams with a force that extinguishes all noise and presence around it as it makes a vortex with its long body.

[I did it! I did it, see! Haha. You see that, 『Aberrant Overlord』?!]

Up in the sky, Doushi Glia Piller is grinning from ear-to-ear. The 『Twin-headed Dragon』 that had made him experience such terror is disappearing. Light scatters about as it disappears, like fireworks. It’s an unbelievable sight, in flashiness.

He can’t look away from the sight of the spinning, perishing, Twin-headed Dragon. It’s as if it was being sealed away. The sight is so beautiful that one can’t help but to fix their eyes upon it.

[HAHAHAHAHAHA! What do you mean, 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute, Seal, Slash 《Absolute Sight》』? What nonsense! Ajin can only do this much, after all! 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute Seal, Destruction, Slash 《Absolute Sight》』, what’s that, really?! HAHAHA!!]
[──The meaning is not really that complicated.]

There is a voice.
It comes from behind Doushi Glia Piller while he’s fixated on the 『Twin-headed Dragon』.

[The target of this technique will be so fixated on the 『Twin-headed Dragon』’s 『sealing』 and 『destruction』 that they 『absolutely must look at it』. Then, I’ll use that opening to 『kill them』. That is 『Twin-headed Dragon, Absolute, Seal, Slash 《Absolute Sight》』]

Doushi Glia Piller turns around, there he sees──

The figure of the Aberrant King with wings sprouting from his back while brandishing a golden sword.

[『Naming Bless』──『Holy Sword』]

Then, the golden sword cuts the body of the mamono, Glia Piller, in half. 

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