Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

11. Start Moving

On the day of the birthday party, I wore the dress, shoes, and the accessories that Philip gave me. I then met him when he came to pick me up at the appointed time.

He saw me and said, “You’re very beautiful.”

For some reason, I replied. “Thank you.”

I had been picked up by him like that many times in the past, but that was the first time he had ever said something like that. I lost my momentum. There was also a strange feeling of embarrassment.

Eventually, when I arrived at the royal castle and entered the venue, I was met by piercing lines of sight—I felt uncomfortable.

There were many who inspected my body. It was likely because of the rumors mentioned by Cedric—that I had been injured by the accident.

“Viola, are you alright?””

Probably sensing my anxiety, Philip asked with a gentle voice. It reassured me a little.

“Yes, thank you.”

When I replied, I felt that he smiled faintly.

After greeting His Highness together, we managed to give the minimum amount of greetings. Mid way, Rex, whom was surrounded by a large number of women, joined us. The rubbish he spouted was something the world would be better without. Of course, I ignored him.

Even if I didn’t turn around, I’d immediately know the speaker.

“I heard you suffered an accident, but you seem well.”

Natalia, the daughter of Marquis Hackman, had been fond of Philip since she was a child. As such, she loved to taunt me.

She was also the one who told me I was unworthy of Philip.

I acted befuddled for a while, as per Rex’s guidance, which caused Natalia to be concerned.

“Say something. Are you perhaps feeling hurt somewhere?”

That was right, Natalia wasn’t a bad person.

“Forgive me, because of the accident, I can’t seem to remember…”

Haa? You’re lying, right?”

“It’s true. I don’t remember anything.”

After blinking her eyes, which were bordered by long eyelashes, several times, she sadly muttered—

“…I see. I see how it is.”


“You just want Lord Philip to take care of you!”

She uttered with extreme confidence.

Moreover, her voice was so loud that everyone turned towards me—

please stop.

“…Is, it really?”

“That’s not true.”

Umm, Lord Philip? Why are you the one getting provoked by Natalia instead of me?

I could hear Rex’s laughter from behind my back. “I can’t stand it anymore!”

“What a cunning woman you are! You truly don’t want to miss this opportunity, do you!?” Said Natalia.

“That’s a misunderstanding.”

“You? Suffering from amnesia? As if!”

“Natalia, enough.”

 The moment Philip said so, Natalia suddenly paled. She withdrew quickly, but not before claiming, “Someday, I’ll peel off your mask!” While flipping the hem of her frilled dress, she left.

—what on earth was she planning to do?

…Honestly, the reason why she doubted me was misguided, but it was a little scary for her to come to conclusion that I was completely lying—

it is a lie.

I reminded myself to always be aware of her movements from now on.

“She never changes, I love how amusing she is!” While listening to Rex’s voice, I couldn’t help but felt I wanted to go home as soon as possible.



After the storm, Natalia, had left, the number one unmarried man in social circle appeared within the venue. Waves of wild boar-like ladies swarmed Philip, separating me from him.

It’d be difficult to immediately find him within the large and crowded venue. At such times, I thought it better to stay in one place rather than look for a needle in a haystack. I quietly moved to the wall.

“Good evening.”

Suddenly, I heard a soft voice and lifted my face. The moment I saw the speaker’s face, I was so surprised I almost forgot to react.

“I heard that you’ve lost your memories, did you even forget about me?”

“Yes, I’m sorry…”

Hearing my answer, the person laughed as if troubled while narrowing his eyes.

“I’m Cyril Crane. We used to be classmate back in the academy, and we were on good terms.”

“Is that so?”

Cyril wasn’t lying.

Certainly, back when I was a student, there were many occasions when I was involved with him. We were on good terms… probably.

Finally, I remembered a certain conversation I had with him—

“—I no longer think of Viola as a mere friend.”

That was why I was terribly surprised by how nonchalant he greeted me.

Cyril was the son of a marquis. He had a little sister. The two siblings were renown in the social circle. Eye-catching, glossy, silver hair, and a pair of emerald eyes. They complemented his beautiful face even more.

“I’d like to assist you in regaining your memory. Moreover, just to be able to have a small talk with you like this, I’m already happy… is it alright with you?”

“Eh? Well, I’m alright with it, but…”


He showed a gentle smile of relief. At the corner of my eyes, I could see a lady blushing as she went pass him.

Of course, all my memories were intact. I had no idea what he was thinking and was desperately trying to hide my shock.

That day, a year ago, when I had my last conversation with Cyril.

“…I’m sorry. I love you.”

Indeed, back then, he had confessed to me.



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