The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

108.2 True History: False Emperor Mayhem (End)

By merely seeing Hadith, whom only blinked once, Listeard seemed to have had guessed his reply.

“Use it well. It’s fine with me. In the end, I couldn’t choose between Frida or you.”

Listeard closed his eyes—in resignation, with satisfaction.

“But treat Frida’s body with care. She was a wise child. I heard she died of poisoning. She tried not to weigh me down. She fulfilled her duty as a member of the Rave royal family well, which was dying without weighing down anyone.”

“…Is that a complaint?”

“It’s a request, obviously. As for my complaint—”

Although he, the rebel, was about to be executed, Listeard laughed fearlessly.

As if he had succeeded.

“Let me tell you this—I’m two months older than you.”

Is that a complaint?

Before Hadith could inquire, Listeard’s head had fallen and rolled. The guillotine fell without a signal.

Cries, he couldn’t tell if they were screams or cheers, finally reached Hadith’s ear.

Blood dripped as it reached the tips of his shoes.

As if it had seen everything, the red dragon spread its wings and went up to the sky.

However, Hadith stood in a daze. He didn’t understand the meaning—

—no, that wasn’t true.

He knew.

Was it for my sake?

But the answer could no longer be heard. Even the inside of his chest was silent.

Did you truly say that for my sake?

Even the Dragon God of Reason, who didn’t understood love, had no answer for that.


Elynsia, who screamed, ran and embraced her half-brother’s head. She didn’t mind getting soiled by blood. She crouched and cried.

For some reason, Hadith felt envious of her.

“Listeard, why, there should have been some time left, so why—!”


That was the only thing he could do.

“Older sister, prepare caskets… get ready for the funeral.”


“We shall prepare for the funerals of Listeard Theos Rave, and Frida Theos Rave.”

Reflected upon Elynsia’s eyes, which were wide open, he didn’t know how he looked. The soldiers approaching to deal with the corpse was also confused.

But, if he were to leave it to Elynsia, all should be well.

Hadith flipped his cloak, kicked the ground lightly, and returned to the balcony.

Vissel was there.

“Hadith, what are you talking about—”

“Prepare for the funerals, now.

“What? Why would you want to bury Listeard? He was a rebel, therefore he was executed…”

“Why did the guillotine fall before the appointed time, older brother?”

Vissel shut up. The bell hadn’t rung yet. Listeard should still be alive.

Hadith should’ve had time to hear the answer to his burning question.

“That was… probably a mistake, or due to a poor inspection of the equipment?”

“This can’t be considered an execution, then. He died in an accident. What are you dissatisfied about?”


“Bury my brother Listeard, along with his sister—this is an order.”

He looked straight at his older brother.

Hadith thought it was for revenge.

So, it turned out, Listeard risked his life to voice his complaints.

“If you think I don’t know anything, you’re sorely mistaken, older brother, Vissel.”

Why was Listeard’s little sister kidnapped? What for? Why did Listeard rebel?

Hadith knew. Hadith knew everything—

—with his little sister abducted, Listeard was ordered to betray Hadith. That was what he did. Trying to not weighing down her older brother’s, the little sister died of poison.

He knew everything.

Despite so, no matter the reason, betrayal was betrayal. There was no mistaking it. Even Rave wasn’t denying that. That was why, Hadith was alright with everything.

Betrayal—that was all that was there to it.

But what was Listeard complaining about?

“Stop whining or I’ll kill you.”

As Hadith leaned closer to the point their noses had almost touched, Vissel shut his mouth. Hadith glanced coldly as he walked pass Vissel.

He walked a little down the hallway to the high bridge tower.

A figure of a dragon could be seen flying far away amidst the wide blue sky. It was Listeard’s dragon. Rave appeared and muttered.

“It stayed by his side until the end.”

“That’s right.”

“The dragon left his Dragon Knights to come to his side, just like that.”

“Even though neither you nor I ordered for anything in particular.”

The dragons were the messengers of Dragon God Rave. Each had its own will, but if the Dragon God or the Dragon Emperor were to order it, it’d eventually obey. It took only a single command from Hadith for Listeard’s Dragon Knights to be destroyed.

The dragons would never obey those who lied to the Dragon God and the Dragon Emperor.

“How human-like—is all I can say about it. Otherwise, that dragon’s betrayal wouldn’t make any sense.”

“But I don’t believe it. I don’t believe in the words of a traitor.”

Be it the older brother who didn’t want him, or his dragon—Hadith didn’t believe in any of them.

“…Let’s find my wife quickly, Rave.”

Suddenly, such a feeling emerged.

Rave’s eyes widened as he smiled.

“I haven’t heard you say that in a long time.”

“Isn’t that so?”

“You’ve been sporting a haggard look all the time, lately. You barely even cook.”

“I was busy with my uncle’s case, I had forgotten.”

“Don’t forget, because it’s important.”

“That’s right, it’s important for me to find her soon—”

Soon, while he could still laugh, please—

Before he were to start crying, hurry up—

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