The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

109. The Harmony of Pork and Pineapple

“Forgive me!”

A fork was stabbed into a thick chestnut cream that somehow possessed an enticing color. After she had scooped up the crispy pie crust and took a bite, the world seemed to shine. Jill fluttered her legs from to the mild sweetness of chestnuts and the texture of the moist cream, which was beyond words.

“Delicious, isn’t it? Then, that’s a relief. It’s called, ‘montblanc’.”


She shall remember it!

Hadith narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t talk while eating.”

Jill nodded back.

Next to her, the knights of the Dragon Princess were enjoying tea poured by the Dragon Emperor. Considering their titles and etiquette, they felt that something was odd, but they decided to not fuss about it. The two made a bitter smile.

“It seems that captain really likes eating. It’s only during moment like this when she acts befitting of her age.”

“I’m relieved that Jill-chan still has a childlike side to herself~”

Hearing that, Jill’s fork stopped.

…Befitting… of my age?

Jill Saber was 11-years-old as of the present.

Despite so, she probably was 16-years-old, no, 17-years-old in actuality. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising for her to not behave childishly.

But, by that, did they mean that she was acting like an 11-year-old?

N, no way… could it be, because I’m inside this body, childishness rubbed in?!

“Jill, it comes with cream.”

Hadith carefully wiped the dazed Jill’s mouth.


When he looked into the drawing room to invite her for tea, Hadith saw a rare sight.

“Jill, why are you suddenly embroidering?”

“Because it’s adult-like, Your Majesty.”

Towards the stiff Jill, Hadith blinked. Rave, whom hadn’t been able to appear much yet, asked within his chest.

“What’s wrong with Little Miss? Didn’t she hate embroidery?”

“Perhaps it is not ordinary embroidery, Rave. She could be practicing magic.”

“Umm, certainly don’t ever say that to Little Miss. By the way, that’s probably a flower motif.”

“Eh? Not a cow?’

“…Cows usually don’t appear in embroidery. No, wait, Little Miss is a special case…”

It couldn’t be helped that he would secretly discuss the current situation with the Dragon God.

“Uh, …t, that’s right. What do you want for today’s snack?”

For the time being, he’d attempt to unravel Jill’s heart. Jill, who stopped doing her embroidery, suddenly turned towards him.

“Your Majesty, can you please stop?”


“For me to still have my snack prepared, it’s unbefitting of my age!”

To the raging Jill, Hadith went agape.

“In the first place, I think that Your Majesty’s snack is bad!”

“Ah, okay, I’m sorry…? But, why?”

“It’s too delicious! It makes me act childish!”

Hadith truly didn’t understand what Jill was spouting. However, she was also dead serious.

“That’s why! To regain my old self, I need to cut off His Majesty’s snacks!”

“Y, your old self? Did your old self not eat snacks?”

“Of course I did. I had snacks three times a day.”

“Then what’s the difference from now…?”


After Jill pondered with a straight face, she suddenly thrusted a notebook into Hadith’s side.

“T, to be a proper adult, I’ve written poetry! It’s homework from Lady Sufia! …Although I only remembered about it now…”

“H, how diligent of you, even though you used to run away from those assignments…”

“That kind of childish behavior, I’ve grown out of it! I’ve been taught a proper trick to it. Something about heartfelt, valuing harmony above all—that kind of stuff!”

“…Can you show me?”

He took the notebook from Jill and opened it. Jill stuck her chest out proudly.

“Yes. I’m very confident.”

‘The Harmony of Pork and Pineapple.’

In other words, it was last night’s dinner.


Rave, who could no longer remain collected, rolled out of Hadith’s body while closing his mouth.


“Why are you laughing!?”

“R, Rave, you’re being rude. This lyric—oh, right, it isn’t. Um, you’ve properly grasped how to convey the deliciousness…”

“Your Majesty, why are you getting teary eyed!?”

The notebook was taken from Hadith as Jill hid her face. That reaction of hers was also cute.

“…Becoming an adult is difficult…”

While releasing Rave, whom was rolling on the floor laughing, Hadith answered with a smile.

“An adult is but a child who got older.”

Jill stared at him for a moment. Her eyes showed a hint of distrust. She didn’t appear convinced.

“But, even as an adult, I want you to continue enjoying my cooking.”

Jill’s big eyes fluttered as she asked quietly.

“But, isn’t that childish?”

“Why? Isn’t it nice to have a woman who brightens the table?”

Jill blinked repeatedly while she pondered seriously. Meanwhile, Hadith lifted Jill up.

“Until then, stay a child. If you suddenly become an adult, my heart will stop.”

After seeing Hadith’s face, Jill blushed. She pouted her lips as her gaze wandered.

“…If Your Majesty says so.”

“Then, let’s have a snack. I baked cream puffs.”

“Can I have three!?”

“No, only two.”

Jill embraced Hadith’s neck with swollen cheeks.

“Your Majesty is stingy.”

“It’s because I made big ones.”

“Well then, it’s fine… I’ll stay a child for you, Your Majesty.”

“I’m fine with that. Also, that’s very mature of you.”

“What do you mean?”

No matter how long Jill stared at him with doubt, he didn’t answer.

Hadith whispered softly.

“I’ll tell you when you grow up.”

He kissed her on her cheek, which resembled a ripe apple, instead of her lips.

The Dragon God, whom was still not over the ‘The Harmony of Pork and Pineapple’, was left alone as Hadith brought his beloved wife to the table to prepare tea and sweets.

***T/N: Ugh… as expected of the Author, a casual, carefree, chapter right after a giant-ass truck of tragedy rammed through my kokoro. I, it’s as if the Author is trying to glue back my heart using a piece of gum.

“An adult is but a child who got older.”

and age is just a number, while prison is also just a room.

“I’ll tell you when you grow up.”

””’call me daddy hurdur ;)))))””’

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