I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 16]

Chapter Sixteen: The Otome Game Heroine and the City of Luardi (Part III)

“Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Ginger, Ginger George.”

“Ah, okay…”

That’s the name of the ‘Maiden of the Fairies’ heroine that’s famous in this city, right? I don’t want to tell her my name, but I don’t have an excuse now that she’s told me hers! Really, what am I supposed to do? Ahh, I need sweets at a time like this…but there’s no point in using desserts to escape from reality. 

“…Ginger, was it? I’m Mia.” I begged Cynthia, who was staring at me in astonishment, not to say anything inside my heart.

Please, Cynthia. Please don’t say anything.

I don’t know if the prayer reached her, but she doesn’t speak. You see, after removing some letters from ‘Euphemia’ we get ‘Mia.’ It’s a simple pseudonym, but Mia is a common name in this world, so I went with it.

“Really? Mia, is it? When I saw you, I wondered if you might be an aristocrat…”

“Well, yes, you’re right. I was born into a high-ranking house.”

If I added ‘Marquessate’ here, then it was only a matter of time before my true identity was revealed, but by simply saying a “high-ranking” house, I could be anything from a count’s daughter to a marquis daughter or even a duke’s daughter. Though the heroine technically comes from an aristocratic household, she isn’t familiar with anyone in that world, so this general way of speaking should keep me from getting caught…or so I hope.

“Is that so? I’m also an aristocrat, but only from a viscount family…” Ginger responds, lowering her eyebrows slightly in an attractive manner. As expected of an otome game heroine, one look at this smile, and the capture targets would fall in love instantly. Reginald-sama would surely fall in love as well.

No, as he has such a devious but caring personality, I’m sure that he’d become infatuated instead…

“Oh? Does it matter if you’re from a high-ranking or low-ranking house? They’re both important. After all, the most important is how much you’re loved by your subjects, no?” That said, I don’t think I’m particularly loved by my subjects. If we’re talking about my mother and father—as well as grandfather and grandmother—they’re adored, but I’m perceived as just an ‘eccentric young lady’ by most people.

Oh, but I’m quite close with the farmers, am I not? I take even bruised, unsellable vegetables for a bargain price! You wouldn’t even believe that I was the daughter of a noble household… 

“That’s true,” Ginger replies, “My father and mother always say the same as well. I wish to someday exude dignity and elegance like you Mia-sama. You must be a great lady, one who can support people in their times of need.”

“Oh, is that so…”

Please stop! Don’t see me as such a pure soul! Euphemia Aiden is not that type of kind-hearted person! I’m just lazy and uninterested in anything besides food! Plush, I often get cross with my handmaiden!

At Ginger’s remark, Cynthia shot me a stern look from behind. She must be able to tell from the atmosphere how startled I am. “B-by the way, Ginger-san,” I began, “You’re the daughter of Viscount George, correct? Does that mean you’re familiar with the city?”

“Yes. I believe that I know the place rather well. Why do you ask?” 

Should I ask? Should I? I think so…it’s probably best to just ask…

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with getting recommendations from locals. That was the same in my previous life, too, wasn’t it? There are famous hidden stores known only to the locals. Yes! This is the best way to gather information!

“I was wondering if you happened to know of any delicious cafes in this area? I’m a little hungry…but it’s not like I’m searching for sweets in particular. I just want to enjoy the delicacies that only this city has to offer.” I definitely just sounded like a tsundere. I looked away from the heroine as I thought this.

My question seemed to have her concerned because it took her three minutes to respond with a soft voice that said: “There’s a delicious café on the main street. They have the most wonderful fruit tarts there.”

Wow, fruit tarts! Could it be that, perhaps, an assortment of fruits?! I can just taste the custard cream and fruits harmonizing! What a delicacy! It was definitely going to be delicious.

“But it’s not usually the type of place that a woman of your stature would go…” She seemed reluctant to say this. Well, no matter where it is, it’s fine with me. I’m more interested in the food that this café offers than how fancy it might look. Taste comes first; if it tastes good, then even an izakaya suited me just fine.

Is there even an izakaya in this world? Hmm, or is the correct terminology here ‘bar’…

“No, it’s totally fine! Of course, I often enjoy luxurious meals, but humbler meals such as what you describe are delicious to me as well. Please show me to this café right away.” I said, laughing softly.

Yes, definitely—definitelylet me know! Perhaps I’ll be able to achieve Reginald-sama’s purpose as well as my own!

“Mia-sama, you are certainly a lovely person, aren’t you? Let me tell you how to get there—” The heroine directed us to the café before leaving. I only noticed it afterward, but she’s a really good person, no? But I realized it too late. It was too late to change my behavior; besides, now was the time for— 

“Delicious fruit tarts!”

It was time to eat fruit tarts! My ultimate priority! Because this current version of Euphemia Aiden is just a terrible woman who is always hungry!