Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [8]

Chapter Eight: The Prince Appoints an Exclusive Knight

“Alright, they are growing nicely.” The tomatoes that I grew on my field shone like jewels in the sunlight. If they ripened just a little bit more, they could be used to cook.

“Princess, the carrots seem ready to be harvested.”

“Ah, I am happy. Carrots, let’s make a Carrot cake.”

The crops grew more and more. Was there any better happiness than eating harvested crops? No, no.

The fields that were initially small now expanded steadily. I was left behind in this detached palace, but I was allowed to make effective use of my position as the Crown Princess. When I was in the mansion, I worked alone in a small kitchen garden, but now I asked a maid to procure excellent human resources. The hired farmers, who were disdainful at first, were now free to call me as “Princess” or “Your Highness” with respect in their eyes. It was a waste to say it myself, but I certainly didn’t have a personality outside that of a princess. I wondered if I could invite everyone next time and hold a small party. While I walked around thinking such things, I saw a maid running in a hurry from the palace.

“Her Highness, it is not good!”

I rationalized the situation. Did the Prince suddenly come again? No way!

“Princess, His Highness will be coming tomorrow for a visit…”

Thank goodness the Prince will be arriving tomorrow, not today or out of the blue!

I was so relieved that I sat down right where I stood.

“Your Highness, what happened? Are you alright?” the maid panicked towards me.

“Y-yes, I’m fine.”

It seemed that this time the Prince made sure to inform of his visit beforehand, probably because he was disappointed with my appearance that was so shabby compared to that of Royal standards.

Does this mean I would have to dress up and greet him? It was tiresome, but I couldn’t complain considering my position. But, why did the Prince come to the detached palace at this time?

While I was lost in thoughts, the maid who seemed overly excited for some reason spoke.

“If you decide so, let’s hurry!”

“Why are you so enthusiastic, and why the hurry?”

“We are going to prepare you for the Prince’s visit! Body massage, skin packs, hair esthetics… So much to do in little time, it’s going to be busy soon!”

“Maybe the Prince doesn’t expect so much…” Before I completed my sentence, I was whisked off by the overly excited maid.

“We were looking forward to your visit, Prince Francis.”

Unlike the last time he saw me dressed up orderly and properly greeting him, the Prince’s face turned gentler.

Hello? Even if a delicate woman dresses up a little, the delicate thing does not change. At this time, even a lie is a compliment.

The Prince talked reverently. He cleared his throat as if trying to influence the subtle air.

“Today, I will appoint your exclusive knight. The selection has already been done.” The Prince informed me.

“My exclusive knight?” I heard that each member of the royal family had an exclusive knight but my exclusive knight? Isn’t it a tad unnecessary? The territory around this detached palace is peaceful itself; a personal knight seems too much. Honestly, I felt sorry for him without being able to do anything for him, besides as soon as the prince found someone to stand by his side…

The Prince’s face turned awkward upon being reminded of the matter. He looked offended, so he kept mute.

“Well, Magdalena. You’re my… destined Princess; I would be devastated if something happened to you. Please would you accept an exclusive knight?”

Who is Magdalena? He is referring to his destined Princess. I am the Prince’s fake Princess while his destined Princess is alone currently. Or maybe, it’s me? If that’s so, he should speak the right name!

Perhaps, the people around me noticed the error the Prince made. However, the atmosphere changed, and it seemed like it was only the Prince that wasn’t aware of the sudden change.

This is not good, this is not good!

Everyone was more or less aware of the stiff atmosphere, but all of them chose to stay silent. It would certainly be embarrassing for the Prince if anyone pointed out the mistake. I also pretended not to notice anything and decided to proceed promptly.

“It is an honor for Your Highness to be so worried about me. I would like to meet the knight.”

“Well, Danforth! Come forward!”

Following the call of Prince Francis-who seemed to be in a good mood-as a result of my acceptance of an exclusive knight-a young man stepped forward.

Wow! He is a good-looking guy; it’s a waste to become my exclusive knight.

“I am Danforth! It is my honor to serve a noble and beautiful lady like her Royal Highness. Please allow me to be of service!” he said as he knelt in front of me reverently.

Well, at times like this…

“Allow, I shall!” I replied excitedly. I gently extended my hand. Sir Danforth took my hand and kissed it with respect, following my approval. I took a quick look around; everyone was smiling, and everything was alright.

The Prince also nodded in satisfaction. It seemed like he was about to leave.

I don’t think there was a chance for the prince to visit often. Well, that’s why I prepared a gift today!