Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [9]

Chapter Nine: The Prince is Served Food for Commoners

Prince Francis’ and my marriage was just an accident, an agreement to save the Prince’s reputation. There was only one thing that awaited us in the future, and that was a divorce. I had no intention of clinging to the position of The Prince’s princess. As soon as they found the candidate for the next princess, I stood ready to accept the divorce. Anyways, when we get divorced, would there be alimony? If possible, I would like to have a piece of land in the countryside. That way, I would spend the rest of my life in the great outdoors. I had to be a bit ambitious. To that end, I should mollify The Prince to an extent and make arrangements so that negotiations in the event of a divorce would be as favorable as possible. However, to proceed with successful divorce negotiations, it was necessary to establish a friendly relationship with The Prince. After many deliberations, I decided that one of the ways to increase The Prince’s liking towards me was by getting him a gift. From ancient times till now, gifts were considered to be the most preferred way of appeasing others.

This time, I presented a carrot cake using carrots harvested in the field.

“I was informed of Prince’s visit. I happened to have baked a cake; please enjoy it by all means!”

The cake was carefully cut and served while The Prince looked on, mulling over whether to eat it or not.

Maybe this kind of rustic dish was non-palatable in the Royal standards

I thought he wouldn’t eat it, but surprisingly he picked up the fork and unexpectedly ate part of the cake!

“It tastes unusual; what kind of cake is it?”

“It is a carrot cake!”

His countenance was of great surprise.

“Carrot? You mean this was made with a Carrot?”

The Prince suddenly stood up with such momentum that his chair fell over, and I practically jumped out of my skin. As I slumped over, the maidservant, who turned bright blue, softly whispered into my ear.

“Please forgive me, my Princess! I-I completely forgot to inform you that His Highness doesn’t like carrots very much.”

“Please tell me such critical information beforehand! What do I do with this fact now?”

The Prince quivered and turned bright red.

It was over! This confirmed my execution, I am gonna die, I am sure of it! Goodbye my short life. It was definitely a good life while it lasted. In my next life, I want to be born as the daughter of a wealthy farmer or something.

“You said this was a…Carrot Cake?” The Prince stuttered.

“Y-Yes, this is a C-Carrot Cake made up of the fresh carrots I grew up in the garden of the detached palace with the help of the farmers around.” In my desperation, I gave him a babbling explanation as if I were a full-fledged chef.

While I was expecting words like “Cut this woman’s head off!” The Prince said nothing of such. On the contrary, he said,

“Can carrots be used to make something so delicious?” The Prince asked with clear shock in his speech.

For some reason, hearing such a statement built up a bubble from my heart; it was as if the hope lost not too long ago was regained.

Could it be like his Royal Highness liked the taste of the commoner’s food? This carrot cake is a super-popular dish that I learned directly from my neighbor, Madam! It seemed an elite chef who worked at the Royal Court would not make such a rustic dish for noble cuisines, right? For those who eat only sophisticated and high-class dishes, this kind of commoner food may seem unusual.

Although I was surprised by his reaction, his eyes were gentler than I expected.

“You are a really peculiar girl, Carolina.” The Prince smiled happily as he said that. I might have been thrilled by his expression if only he got my name right.

Prince, I’m very sorry to say it is Adelina, not Carolina! I mentally screamed.