Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [24]

Chapter Twenty Four: The Princess Solidifies Her Determination

POV: Princess Adelina

The relationship between Prince Francis and Princess Priscilla progressed smoothly. If anything, my ears, which were normally withdrawn, seemed to dictate that they had a close relationship with each other.

“Today, they went to an inspection together!”

“I’ve always thought that Princess Priscilla was too attached to Prince Francis!”

“She tried to dance with The Prince first, leaving our princess behind. I can’t forgive her!”

The maidservants of the palace were angry at Princess Priscilla for that. They got mad for me, and that was not good. I was finally burned out, but I was inwardly relieved as I quieted the girls.

Even though Ella’s rejection deeply hurt The Prince, he was trying to move forward. The Prince, who had a dark shadow when he married me, recently regained his natural brilliance. It must be Princess Priscilla who healed the pain of Prince Francis’s broken heart. I was appreciative to her for helping to clean up my unworthy sister’s butt. As I basked in this sentiment, The Prince who was supposed to be flirting with Princess Priscilla came over.

“Ekaterina, any changes?”

As always, The Prince never said my name correctly. It’s you who’s changed, isn’t it? Today, I might be able to hear the report of the fulfillment of your love affair with Princess Priscilla.

When I thought so, I was thrilled, and I listened to The Prince’s story with nervous sweat in my hand. For some reason, The Prince spoke only about some small talk that had nothing to do with it.

“The sweets you make are delicious.”

“I hope it suits your taste.”

The Prince was in a good mood and was eating my baked tea-flavored honey muffin. This might be the last time to serve sweets to The Prince in this way.

I didn’t have the skills to be a chef of the court or a pastry chef, and no matter how white the divorce was, if the former Crown Princess wandered around The Princess, Princess Priscilla would be offended.

Therefore, only a few more chances were left to feed Prince like this.

“Your face is down; what happened? Is something troubling you?” The Prince was looking at me, anxiously.

The facial expression was repaired in a hurry, but it was suspicious.

“Is there a problem? Can you tell me?”

I can say there is no reason to; I was just the replacement princess to repair The Prince’s image.

The status of a crown princess and the Royal NEET life in this detached palace was too much for an ordinary person like me to have. I should never have said that I might be lonely to leave here. If The Prince overcame his broken heart and found someone he loved, I would have to smile and congratulate him.

That’s the only thing I can do.

With all these thoughts in my mind, I opened my mouth nervously. To make it easier for The Prince to talk, talk a little closer to the subject.

“His Highness, Princess Priscilla, who is currently staying here–“

When I said the name, The Prince, who tended to be reluctant, opened his eyes as if surprised. After all, the rumor was true.

“What’s the matter with her?”

“No, Princess Priscilla is a very cute person, and she is also close to Prince Francis.”

“She is The Princess of an allied nation. I can’t handle it without permission.”

Although I didn’t intend to bother you by getting angry or crying, The Prince won’t talk about Princess Priscilla. I wondered if I was not trusted.

“Did Princess Priscilla come here?”

“No, I have never met her other than at the welcome party.”

“Well, is that so?” The Prince had a reassuring expression that made me sick.

Was I suspected of harming Princess Priscilla? Even if I made a mistake, I wouldn’t do that.

In the end, The Prince didn’t talk about what I expected, and today’s tea party was over.

When I tried to see him off, as usual, The Prince took a step and then came back to me. He also held my hand tightly and told me.

“Angelina, let me know immediately if something changes.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

Before I knew it, The Prince turned on his heel and left.

What on earth was that all about? No matter how I thought about it, only one thought came to my mind. Was he practicing to propose to Princess Priscilla? Why would he tell me not to worry when there was nothing, in particular, to worry about?

“I’m glad, my Lady.”

“Yes, Prince Francis only needs our princess.”

“That’s right! You two were destined to meet!”

My conscience began to throb in my heart at the joyful maids’ squeals. After all, I’m not supposed to be here. I shouldn’t be here. I was just a substitute princess.

Prince Francis’s love, his gentle smile, and his worried words should be dedicated to Ella, and now to Princess Priscilla.

It will be over soon. The Prince and The Princess will be united by true love and have an undisputed happy ending. As a supporting character, I’m going to leave the stage in style.

Don’t worry about it… I’ll never let them hurt you.

Stop that. It’s almost as if I hoped that he would love me one day. I needed to be reasonable and step aside before I clung to him so pathetically. Biting my lip tightly, I decided to do so for sure.