Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [20]

Chapter Twenty: When You Wish Upon a Star

POV: Princess Adelina

I was thrilled to be introduced to his mistress; however, The Prince didn’t try to bring up the story anymore.

“This is delicious! What kind of food is it?”

“It’s called Ahijo. It was originally a local dish of the western maritime nation, and it seems that it is often served at public bars.”

“Well, Lilliana is knowledgeable.”

“I’m very happy that you praised me!”

It was a prided dish that I tried seasoning with the freshly picked mushrooms and the herbs I grew in the field of the detached palace. It was viva self-produced for local consumption! I wished the mistress was also invited. I believed I was not so immature that I would get angry at The Prince. The Prince also felt that he was listening to this situation somehow. It also seems that he was hesitating for some reason.

In this manner, the last day of our stay at the Summer Villa soon arrived without me being introduced to his mistress. However, I believe some progress was finally made on the last day. The Prince invited me to take a walk along the lakeside together. This must surely be the secret story!

I was walking along the lakeside with excitement, but The Prince showed no sign of broaching the subject any time soon. The lakeside at night was as quiet as it was during the day. While I continued the rambling story, The Prince headed for the pier protruding into the lake.

“There is a small boat. Let’s ride together.” Near the pier, there was a small wooden boat.

So that’s it! He was taking us to a place where no one could overhear? As expected of The Prince. He was a more cautious tactician than I can imagine. It’s okay, my heart was ready! When I stepped into the small boat with excitement, it shook more than I expected, and I almost lost my balance.


“Are you okay!?”

The Prince supported me for a while, and the situation of falling into the lake was avoided.

“The surface of the water is affected by the wind. You should be careful.”

“Oh, t-thank you, I-I am fine.” I was so surprised that my heart made a buzzing sound.

It was good that it was dark here. If it were bright, The Prince would have noticed that my face was beet-red from embarrassment.

With the help of The Prince, I managed to sit down in the small boat safely.

Then, slowly, we rowed into the lake. A cool breeze blew through, causing the sensation of swaying. The sound of water that you could hear every time you row a paddle was comfortable. We were at the center of the lake, and no one will be able to hear us.

I was waiting for The Prince to bring up his mistress, but for some reason, he said something completely unrelated.

“Look up.”

I wondered what in the world that was all about, but I looked up. I couldn’t help but squeal with delight at the sight that appeared there. The sky above me was filled with stars. Looking closely, countless stars reflected on the surface of the lake, making it the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

“It’s a rare occasion to see such a beautiful starry sky. I’m glad I got to see it with you.”

“It’s wonderful. Thank you, Prince, for showing me such beautiful scenery.”

When I honestly thanked him, The Prince laughed happily. Perhaps the reason he brought me here was not to introduce me to his mistress.

I decided to interpret it favorably; The Prince appeared to care about me too.

Fufufu, the gift strategy seemed to be working, wasn’t it?

While I laughed, the stars shone overhead.

Oh, a shooting star!

Maybe it was just that kind of time of the year; many shooting stars were flowing in the night sky. It was also the time of the meteor shower. I had read it in a book before…

“Did you know, Your Highness? It’s said if you make a wish three times before the shooting star disappears, your wish will come true.”

“If that’s the case, let’s hope so.”

My wish was a perfect divorce and plenty of compensation, of course! So I wished for Alimony, alimony, alimony!

Next to me, The Prince stared at the shooting star and seemed to wish for something desperately. Did The Prince, who appears to easily get everything, have a desire to wish on the shooting stars?

It might be Prince’s unrequited love on who might be a candidate for his mistress.