Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [16]

Chapter Sixteen: The Princess is Attacked by a Number of Invitations

As expected, the welcome party went off without a hitch. I had gotten so used to piercing gazes that I no longer paid attention to them.

“Well- done, Katrina. I heard The Goodwill Ambassador of the Southern Country was very pleased with you!” The Prince seemed very happy as he complimented me. I was still very shocked my head was on my neck. I hadn’t done anything praiseworthy. I was a plain-looking person compared to my sister and sister-in-law. I rarely went out to social gatherings, and my daily routine was to read books borrowed from the library. My sister made fun of me for reading miscellaneous and unimportant appearing books. They often said, “What a useless thing you are doing!” This time, reading the books turned out to be useful. The goodwill ambassador at the party appeared to share the same interests as me. I was so excited about the maniac ruins that I forgot the time and talked some more. It was embarrassing to think about now as I was very excited and spoke very fast.

The Prince looked happy, so I suppose all was well. Or was I just lucky? If the ambassador was someone like my sister, my evaluation would have fallen to the ground. It was a party where I was walking on a tight-rope, but there was a success. The Crown Prince was very popular.

The Ambassador told me that The Prince was very popular with royal and aristocratic women from the neighboring countries. Many women would wet their pillows with tears when they eventually heard about his wedding. He was really handsome like he came out of a book. The women who were saddened to hear that The Prince was married seemed to be upset when they saw me at the banquet hall. “Is it impossible to win against her?” they asked.

Although I was next to him, many other women approached him. I wasn’t depressed over something so small but it hurt my self-esteem a little because the women who approached The Prince were stunningly beautiful. Will a wind force The Prince to consider any one of them? Maybe one of them would be able to consider The Prince’s glasses?

At the welcome party, The Prince, who had an unfriendly attitude towards the women, may one day find someone who he truly loved. If that happens, I would not have to play The Prince’s princess. I could simply hand over the princess’s seat to a more suitable person and leave the front stage cleanly. I would also not forget to get my compensation.

But, following this welcome party my NEET life changed, and it was in the direction I didn’t want it to go.

“Look, my Princess. So many invitations! Everyone wants to have a friendship with a wise and famous princess!” The excitement with the Ambassador at the part was distorted considerably and spread to people all around. I was stuck in between the mountain of invitations to tea parties that arrived like a continuous river. Wow, please don’t send me invitations. I am not much of a social butterfly!

What’s more, a wise princess? A ridiculous rumor was spreading. I’m sure people would be disappointed when they saw the real thing. However, if I ignored all these invitations, I might inadvertently offend some important people. If that happened, my life would be hanging by a thread. The lights in front of my life would soon be turned off. His Imperial Highness, who seemed to have been a little happier these days, may change his attitude towards me and decide to finally take my head. I sure won’t like that. An amicable divorce would give me the country life I always wanted. But it’s of no use since I had no choice in the matter. I would go. At best, I would attend and embarrass myself.

People only invited me out of curiosity. When they got to meet me and eventually left disappointed, they won’t be inviting me again. I was also The Prince’s wife, so I believed I won’t be treated that badly.

“Can you sort the invitations in order of priority? I don’t think I’ll be able to attend all of them.”


Sigh. Prince, please hurry up and find a replacement for me, please.