Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [15]

Chapter Fifteen: The Prince Realizes The Princess’s True Value

The envoy of the southern country arrived at the palace. A welcome party was to be held in the large hall tonight. I was used to such parties, but I was worried about The Princess. The fateful princess didn’t love me; she chose the wizard over me and in my distraught and anger, I married her sister to save my face. I realized that I did something really wrong to her. I was the reason she got involved in this, just because my arrogance couldn’t stomach the fact that Ella chose the wizard over me. However, it couldn’t be undone now. When I get a new princess, I can free Katrina with a proper and respectful divorce. Until then, I had to have her act as my desired princess.

“Are you worried about Her Royal Highness, perhaps?” Conrad asked me.

“As far as I can tell, she doesn’t seem accustomed to these kinds of parties.”

“If so, please support her firmly, Prince.”

“I know.”

With Conrad’s advice in mind, I headed to the detached Palace to pick up The Princess. Was it about time for her to get ready? I asked while I awaited her arrival. There she was, dressed in a beautiful sea-blue dress. It was a modest outfit compared to the recent fashion women you saw at the ball were into. However, it suited her calm aura well; it had a beauty that gradually gave off an aesthetic presence.

“Thank you for waiting, Prince Francis.”

“No, it’s quite alright.”

“Have a beautiful evening, Your Highness.” All the maids offered their farewell greetings. After saying goodbye to the maids who saw us off, she sighed heavily when she could no longer see them.

“Oh, I am already feeling tired.”

“The event has not even begun.”

“I know, everyone recommends ornaments with beautiful jewels. If I wear such flashy ornaments, they will lose true value.”

While I looked at the indignant princess, my lips unconsciously spread into a wide grin.

“Oh, The Prince is laughing at me. I knew such flashy ornaments and jewels wouldn’t suit me,” she said after noticing my grin.

“No, that’s not the case. I just thought you were beautiful enough without the flashy jewels.”

“You are very good at flattery.” She mumbled as I sighted the blush on her cheeks upon hearing my praise. “It wasn’t flattery, though,” I answered lightly but it seemed The Princess didn’t hear me as she looked down and muttered more things to herself.

A dazzling flashing jewel won’t suit her. On the contrary, it seemed to drown her brilliance. Although not visible to many people, The Princess certainly had a mysterious beauty, which in itself was more beautiful than the ornaments on her. All I wanted was to keep her to myself as I didn’t want to show off her charm to many people.

The Princess hadn’t made any public appearance since our wedding. Therefore, she was somehow uncomfortable with the curious gazes piercing her from all directions.

“D-do I look strange somehow?” The Princess asked me in a nervous tone.

“Don’t worry, and don’t get nervous; you look marvelous. Being looked upon and gazed at by people around you is one of the many things that you have to go through as being part of the royal family. You’ll get used to it soon.” I answered to reassure her. She looked a bit surprised when I said that.

“The Prince is used to it, isn’t he?”

“It’s been like this since I was born. I don’t like it, but I don’t have a choice.”

“That means you’ve had your fair share of troubles, haven’t you? I respect you.”

I stared at Katrina in shock. I didn’t expect she would say that. She stiffened as a result of thinking she said something wrong and strange.

“D-did I say something weird?”

“No, Nothing.”

Because I was born as a prince, everyone took it for granted. Everyone envied me, but it was my first time of meeting someone like Katrina who did not take my position as a prince for granted and, for once, understood the troubles that came with it.

She was as eccentric as they came, and I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

“I believe this is the first time we have met. I am Princess Adelina, wife to His Royal Highness, Prince Francis.”

Her greetings were polite and elegant. The Countess was a worthy teacher for squeezing in the proper noble etiquettes within a short period. The ambassador of the Southern Country also seemed very fascinated by Katrina’s graceful appearance.

“Congratulations on your marriage, His Majesty the Crown Prince and Her Majesty The Crown Princess. His Majesty, the King of the Southern Country, has also sent in best wishes for the newly-weds.”

Katrina played the role of my princess without any problems. The talk with the ambassador was also very lively, especially when the topic shifted to the culture of the Southern country.

“Especially recently, the excavation of archaeological sites has been active. Yes, we found an ancient site that was believed to be a phantom city a while ago.”

“Well, is it a city created by a legendary magician who is said to have followed many spirits and genes?”

“Oh, are you aware of this supposed legendary wizard, Her Imperial Highness?”

“Well, when I calculated the distance between the major cities of the Silk Route, there were places where unnatural blanks inevitably appeared, so it is said that those were places where the Phantom City was sitting, don’t you think? Also, according to a theory, Sharwama, a traditional dish of your country, was originally devised in that city so that a busy magician could have a meal in one hand.”

“Wow! That’s true! It appears Her Royal Highness isn’t only both beautiful and elegant, but also a knowledgeable person.”

I was stunned by the appearance of Katrina and the ambassador as they indulged in a fun conversation. As a crown prince, I have basic information about countries in my head. However, I couldn’t have known such a detailed history and culture of other countries like these. I was sure this is the knowledge she absorbed herself as I doubted the education of the Countess covered that much. She was just not a small jewel–The Princess I brought to the detached palace instead of my destined partner might as well be a rough diamond in the making.