Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince ZCompleted Translations

Cinderella’s Older Sister Reluctantly Marries the Prince [10]

Chapter Ten: The Prince’s Shocking Visit to The Princess

POV: Prince Francis

For some mysterious reason, I am in good shape. For a while, I was distraught that my destined partner eloped with some wizard. I was devastated to the extent of losing my appetite; I felt that I lost everything. But now, my sadness was gradually healing. My duties as a crown prince are also going smoothly.

“Thank you for your hard work, Your Highness. Let’s take a break.” Conrad whispered, breaking into my thoughts. Recently, I forgot the passage of time, and I was, as usual, reminded by my secretary to take a break.

As I sat on the sofa in my office, I didn’t feel like eating any more of the cake the maid brought to me. It wasn’t that the cake wasn’t delicious or tasty. After all, it is a first-class dish made by a high-class pastry chef who worked at the Royal Palace. The taste, the shape, and decoration were all sophisticated and high-class, prepared solely for nobility It was a delicacy that many low-classes won’t get a single chance to have a taste of in their entire aristocratic life. However, the delicacy felt tasteless on my tongue.

I was informed of The Prince‘s visit, I happened to have baked a cake. Please enjoy it by all means.

My mind jolted back to past events. For some reason, the taste of The Princess’s handmade cake that I ate at the detached palace couldn’t leave my tongue. In terms of color and shape, what I had before me was better and of a higher class than the rustic cake could ever be. As for the taste, even though it was treated well, the cake still had a faint carrot taste, and I was certainly not good with carrots. Why then was I wishing to have another bite of that carrot cake, knowing full well that I didn’t like carrots?

“Is something the matter, Your Highness?” Conrad asked as he noticed I was lost in thoughts.

“No, I just remembered the cake I ate when I went to the detached palace “I answered his question with a little absentmindedness.

“Princess Adelina’s homemade cake!” My Knight, Gordon, cut in. When it came to the topic of The Princess’s cake, my knight wouldn’t just stop blabbing.

“Your Highness and Conrad ate The Princess’s cake. How I wish to have a taste of it too.” Gordon said with a faked, distraught look. It seemed like he was teasing me intently.

“It is your fault you took a holiday on the day we visited the detached palace.” I scolded him for his rudeness.

“That’s right, but Sir Danforth has been having the time of his life. Princess Adelina is both kind and good at cooking. Therefore his current workplace is simply heaven. Everything is often served with her homemade sweets during breaks. I am so jealous of him.” Gordon gave more detailed information.

“What?” I dropped my fork in astonishment. It was getting increasingly difficult to eat anything other than her homemade cake and Danforth got to have it almost every day. Even if he does, why did he have to brag about it? Anyways, it wasn’t strange; Danforth was Carolina’s exclusive knight. I arranged for that to happen. I was going to be with Carolina for a long time to enjoy her cooking. All though I knew all this in my head, I just didn’t like it.

Why was Danforth eating my princess’s home cooking while I was here busy with troublesome public affairs and duties? It was unreasonable and unequal. As such, it needed to be corrected.

“Prepare the transportation Conrad; I am going to visit Carolina!” I said those words with such fury that Conrad, who was drinking his tea gracefully, almost spat it out in shock.

“R-Right now, Your Highness?” Conrad asked disbelievingly.

“Yes, right now. Is there a problem? We should have finished with all the urgent work.” I stated as I didn’t want to hear no for an answer.

“T-That’s right. Surely, I will send a messenger to the detached palace beforehand to send the information about your visit, so please wait a moment, Your Highness.” Conrad hurriedly said and decided to start the preparation necessary.

“No, don’t!” if a messenger was sent in beforehand, I would be greeted with proper dressing, which was something I didn’t wish to happen. The dressed-up Carolina was like a different person, bringing out an indescribable beauty. I was so gobsmacked that I couldn’t even offer flatteries that usually quickly spewed out of my mouth. However, I wanted to see her like she was during my first visit to the palace, dressed in everyday clothes and riding an alpaca.

I don’t know why I felt like that, but I wanted to.

“His Highness, when next you come here, it would be helpful if you let me know beforehand.”

“Well, we will be careful next time.”

When I visited the detached palace, The Princess was kneading the dough in the kitchen. Danforth wore an apron and also kneaded the dough for bread. Did he forget the Knight’s part? Carolina wore an apron, as well, and smiled shyly. Seeing that figure, I felt uplifted. The dressed-up wife is beautiful without a doubt, but…

“I made Pumpkin Pudding this morning. Would you like to have it?” Carolina asked me with a sweet smile.

“Oh, let’s try it!” The real her calmed my heart.

Gordon often said: “Princess Adelina will surely make a good bride,” and I usually replied in my head that she was my wife even though I never said it out loud.

“His Highness, are you okay with Pumpkins?” Carolina asked again as if I was not going to have a pumpkin dish.

“Do you think I am a small child? I can eat most of the vegetables without any problems.” When Carolina heard that, she relaxed her expression to that of relief.

“My younger sister Ella wasn’t very good with vegetables in general, so I thought Prince Francis would be the same.”

“Unfortunately, I am not the same, thank you very much! By the way, did you start to devise methods to make vegetables more delicious to feed her?”

“Yes, the neighbors kindly helped me a lot—“ Carolina replied as she started explaining her time cooking for her younger sister Ella.

For some reason, this detached place made me feel calm. It seemed like time was slowly advancing, but in reality, the time to return came in the blink of an eye.

“His Highness, please let us know first when you come next time!” Carolina reminded me again.

After listening to my Princess’s plea, I left the palace in a refreshing mood. Princess of Destiny. It was that night I realized I wasn’t sick when I believed such a story. Maybe Carolina is The Princess of Destiny.