I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

81. Last Go! (Epilogue)

An Angel of Light was blowing a trumpet overhead. Ally furrowed her eyebrows before letting out a deep, long, sigh.

“Madiroll, you’re being noisy. The God has been switched, and Heaven is busy with reorganizing, right? Orlandia is also busy with concessions, therefore there’s no need for you to visit every day.”

“Eeh? You get to live close to the Crown Prince, so why the long face? Hurry up and get married, already. Who knows, soon, I might be transferred from this world, too?”

“Even if we lived in the mountains, it’s not that simple. For a mere baroness to become the princess, the hurdle is too high…”

Ally shrugged, to which Madiroll blew his trumpet in a flat way. Abel smiled as he raised an eyebrow.

“Well, Baroness Crunea doesn’t have the necessary wealth, or the beauty she used to possess back when she was the Duchess Alicia. At the same time, Ally was the one who decided to quit being the saint of darkness and also refused Duke Radphen’s offer of adoption—is there a need for such hardship?”

“Abel, stop, you’re confusing Master with your endless lines of words.”

“It’s alright, either way. I knew I’d end up with a tremendous amount of trouble, hence why, I decided so.”

Ally laughed drily. To be honest, it wasn’t excruciating because she was used to hardship.

“It’s alright, after all, I’ve discussed this with Maximillian. As for the saint of darkness, from the very beginning, I only intended for it to merely be a breakthrough. I do think it’s necessary to further my training in dark healing magic, but for the long run, I’ll have to create a kingdom that doesn’t depend on special talents.”

“Well, as the Apostle of Darkness, I’d also troubled. If Ally were to tell me she wanted to be the saint of darkness forever, I’m not sure I’d be open armed about that.”

“You, even though you babbled incessantly about the usefulness of dark healing magic in Heaven…”

Madiroll stared at Abel with a fed-up look.

Abel smiled. “That’s irrelevant.”

In Heaven, it seemed that a coup d’etat—or, a riot—basically, something revolutionary like that happened. It seemed that there were a certain number of angels who were rebelling against God’s way, and were steadily preparing all along.

It was said that the god who sent Saint Mia to that world lost his position because an inferior one like Ally (as according to the orders of the Heaven) managed to awaken the healing magic of darkness…

By the way, Saint Mia had her entire body wrapped up like a caterpillar before being sent back to her former world. It seemed that she’d reincarnate into a small life form—namely, an insect.

Even though Mia lacked something precious as a person, why did she decide to be a saint?

Many people were looking for salvation. The role of a saint was a very difficult job—if it were done seriously. Ally stared into the distance, wondering if Mia was merely having a childish dream—which was to be celebrated as a savior by everyone.

“Oh, the crown prince is back. Is a date going to happen?”

Madiroll raised his voice in excitement while looking out the window.

Maximilian had just returned from the central palace.

“Yes, we’re going to the mountains. The grandmas will be coming, too.”

Abel, Madiroll, and even Takkun, who was in brooch form, repeated.

“““Mountains, huh…”””

The same day she jumped into Maximilian’s embrace with dark healing magic all over her body, Ally and the others decided to go to the mountain.

She decided to uncover the lid suppressing the memories of her past lives—even though it might’ve been wise to just leave it untouched, covered with a stack of ten dumbbells.

To tell the truth, she had to choose her words carefully.

It seemed that going to the mountains was the best for that—

—to even reach that kind of conclusion, her brain must had been infected through and through.

“Alright, shall we tiptoe to the scene quietly?”

“Neither the Angel of Light nor the Apostle of Darkness are free right now, but there’s no harm in taking a break once in a while.”

Abel transformed into a black dot, while Madiroll transformed into a white dot. To not follow her to the mountain was out of the question.

“Ally, I’m home. It’s been officially decided that Stila will be adopted by uncle.”

“Really!? That’s great news! We must do our best to celebrate Stila’s new beginning!”

Ally felt her cheeks flushing. While the Heavens were experiencing an uproar, there was also a tremor in the Kingdom of Orlandia.

The king and his wife, who showed a shameless and odd appearance before the dark saint, Ally, were splurging to an impossible level just to entertain Saint Mia, as evidenced by the significant decline of the kingdom during that period of time. At the end of the day, it was decided they would be deposed.

They were sent to the palace where Stila once lived. On the surface, they were supposed to be resting—but in reality, it was close to imprisonment.

“Your Highness will be adopted by Duke Radphen as well?”

“Indeed, that way is better for the kingdom.”

Ally quickly went to the mountain with Maximilian whom was accustomed to teleportation. After the turmoil, she tried to return the magic stone of darkness to Abel, despite so, he gifted it to her as a wedding gift.

She refused to be considered Maximilian’s stepsister, and she also didn’t want to deny her birthright as a baron. For them, getting married was quite a delicate situation.

Still, Ally wanted to be happy with Maximilian. A lady who could endure his supremacy was quite rare—no love rival had appeared so far.

In the noble society, the surface might appear extremely gorgeous. However, underneath was extremely insidious and murky.

Maximilian would love and protect Ally with all his might, but without a considerable amount of effort, she still wouldn’t be able to become a princess.

“I’m truly happy that Ally is by my side.”

Maximilian sat on the ground and gently pulled Ally’s hand. Ally obediently let herself be drawn by him—she fit snugly in his tight embrace.

“I’m very happy to have you think so.”

Those strong muscles were where Ally belonged. That irreplaceable and comfortable place was also too masculine. The grandma spirits flying around gave lukewarm smiles.

After Ally made a big decision, which was to confide the memories of her past live to him, Maximilian listened attentively to her. He didn’t doubt or laugh at her. He cried while apologizing.

“In my dreams, I couldn’t save the heart and life of my loved one. If only I was smarter, stronger, if I did my damnedest, would I’ve been able to save that woman of my dreams…?”’

With that said, Ally held Maximilian in her arm as he cried like a child. Her arms were about to break due to his swelling muscles. At the same time, the resentment accumulated from her past lives, which filled her chest like pus, had completely disappeared.

Ally felt that her heart became rosy the moment he swore to protect her for the rest of her life while wailing.

“Let’s do our best in all kind of things. No matter what kind of natural disaster strikes, I’ll protect you without a fail.”

“Well, I’m sure Your Highness is undefeatable, but I don’t want any sort of catastrophe to happen anymore…”

Nowadays, she was no longer that powerless noble lady whose only quality was her beauty, which made her akin to a doll. Therefore, she might be able to deal with it.

As long as one was alive, unpleasant things would more or less happen. There was no choice but to overcome each of them, and then turn them into stepping stones so they could walk together for the rest of their lives.

“If something is to happen, we’ll just have to continue training in order to overcome it and move towards a better future. When Jean gets well, let’s train him, too.”

“Yes, but do exercise caution. Well, I love that part of you, too. Your Highness must also prepare to lead the kingdom, therefore, we can’t just stay in the mountains forever.”

Mu, the Overlord Muscle groaned. Then, with a bright red face, he whispered—

“—…I love you too.”

Ally burst into laughter.

Be it during hardship, sorrow, or trouble, muscle training was loved by the crown prince and his aides. Jean was also showing motivation, so he’d probably be fine.

Ally herself would continue to train in order to face hardships.

Muscles had proved to that world that humans were delicate, fragile, but also stubborn beings.

In front of them, there were still stairs to be climbed.

While holding Maximilian’s hand, Ally whispered in his ear, “Let’s train.”

The demon king, the angel, and even Takkun, the gentleman hawk, sighed loudly. The grandma spirits only shrugged. Seeing that, Ally and Maximilian burst in laughter.

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