Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

73.2 Where did Nymia go?

Oh, come on.
Just as soon as I got back, Priscilla-chan begins to lead me around.
It can’t be helped, so I start to chase her.

Fufufu, if it’s going to be like this, then I’ll drag someone else into it.

I pretend to chase Priscilla-chan around, but then in the next moment, I space jump into Mistral’s blind spot.

I shall pass the role of oni[1] to Mistral. If I’m not the oni, then Priscilla-chan might let me approach her.

That’s what I think, but my movements are read through.

“I won’t be caught that easily.”
Mistral escapes far away in a flash.

And I thought that was a good surprise attack.

With Priscilla-chan and Mistral completely ready to escape from me, catching either of them now is going to be hard. I somehow manage to pass the role of oni onto the spirit girl, but having exhausted myself, my ability to evade is down and I get made the oni again. Eventually, just before noon, Priscilla-chan is satisfied with playing tag.

Gununu, even though I meant to be home early today because it’s New Year’s Eve, time again has passed like always.

While I’m panting, “Haa haa,” I catch Priscilla-chan.

Nntto, was fun.”
Priscilla-chan looks at me with a satisfied smile.

“Priscilla was lonely when you were away.”
“Where you? Sorry for making you wait.”

I should have thought about the people waiting for me at the moss covered plaza. I could have returned to report my success and then spent half the day at Gild-san’s place and the second half at Old Sleigstar’s. I realize that now that it’s too late.

“Play again starting tomorrow?”

Mistral and I can only make wry smiles at Priscilla-chan’s request.

“You won’t be coming here starting tomorrow due to New Year’s events. Ernea and I will be busy with the beginning of the new year too.”

Seeing Priscilla-chan puff out her cheeks in protest, I caress her head.

“No worries. Once the new year settles down, we can play again for as much as you want.”
Nntto, promise?”
“Yeah, I promise.”

I cross my pinkie finger with Priscilla-chan’s as a promise.

“By the way, Priscilla-chan, there is something I want to ask you.”
“What names did Priscilla-chan give to her wind spirit-san and earth spirit-san?”

That’s right, I promised to give the spirit girl of the spirit tree a name. Knowing the names of Priscilla-chan’s spirit-san could serve as a reference.

Nntto, names?”

Priscilla-chan tilts her head. Somehow or another, Priscilla-chan doesn’t seem to have given names to her spirit-san either.

“Is not naming spirits normal?”
I ask Mistral.

“I haven’t heard of anything about that.”
Mistral doesn’t seem to know either.

Fumu, names for spirits?”
Old Sleigstar is who responds.

“Names are rarely given to spirits.”
“How come?”

Old Sleigstar answers my question.
“Spirit users contract with new spirits as their spiritual power rises and utilize them.”

Spirit users utilize insect shaped spirits upon starting out. Then, as they gain in strength, they will utilize stronger beast shaped spirits. In other words, they’re switching spirits?

“While spirits can change their appearances to match the abilities of their spirit user, contracting with a new stronger spirit is faster. However, should the spirit being utilized at the time be named, what does thou believe would happen?”

I realize it upon being asked such.
Right, if the spirit user gives a name, then the spirit user will become connected to the spirit. Spirit users wouldn’t be able to separate from weak spirits if they do that.

“Getting close to a spirit at the end of its evolution would not be foolish decision. However, thine’s personal growth would cease once the spirit reaches its limit.”

It might be coldhearted, but do spirit users have to contract with a powerful spirits for their own sakes? In other words, there are times when spirit users can’t separate from spirits because they gave them names.

Mumuu,” I groan out.

Then, will Priscilla-chan also have to one day part with her wind spirt-san and earth spirit-san? Will they have to separate even though they’re such good friends?

“The spirits of that lass art already of a superior rank. To rise any higher would be to seek the Spirit King. Without reaching the limits of strength, such a change will not happen.”

Really? But if it’s like that, why haven’t her spirits been given names?

Nntto, onii-chan is giving this girl a name? Then, Priscilla will give her spirits names.”
Eetto, is that okay?”

Troubled, I turn to Mistral and Old Sleigstar. Won’t Priscilla-chan giving names to her spirit-san lead to trouble in the future?

“There is no need for concern. To begin with, up until now, this lass merely did not possess the concept of giving names. As this one mentioned, her spirits are superior spirits. For her to change spirits in the future is almost nonexistent.”

Receiving Old Sleigstar’s approval, I think up names along with Priscilla-chan for all the spirit-san.

Ho hou, you will be giving us names?”
The wind spirit-san and earth spirit-san both appear very interested.

“Name, name.”
The spirit girl of the spirit tree also comes to me in high spirits.

Now then, what name should I give her?

While thinking that I only meant to consult with Priscilla-chan for a reference, I twist my thoughts around coming up with a name.

T/N: Keep trying, Ernea. Keep trying.

[1] In japan, the person who is “it” is called the oni.

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