Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

34. A Realist

[Last night, an incident in the Sapporo city central district occurred where a building collapsed…]
“Let’s change the channel.”
Umu, I agree.”

The night has passed since Kuro, Shiro, and Rin returned. We are now all having breakfast, omelets, miso soup, and salad. We are the same as always.

“…I want to confirm this one more time, but was what you said last night true?”
Mu? What was said last night?”
“That Kuro and the others chastised the special ability organization, that Shizuka-san and the others are special ability holders…”
Umu, that was true.”

Umu, that’s the truth?

Yesterday, since Kuro and the others returned after dark, I asked what they were up to… Seems like they beat the hell out of those guys from the special ability organization that was meddling in my life. Not only that, the building serving as the enemy stronghold also seems to have been destroyed.

“And then, you rescued Akari-san and the spiky haired delinquent?”
Umu, the girl called Shizuka was properly returned to her 2 companions.”

Shizuka-san was still asleep, but she seems to have safely been transported to the side of Akari-san and the spiky haired delinquent. What a relief, what a relief.

Speaking of which, did you reveal my identity to Akari-san and the spiky haired delinquent?”
U… umu, everything is fine.”

The heck was with that forced enunciation…? Well, I suppose that’s fine.

“By the way, why was I attacked? I don’t recall picking any fights with them whatsoever…”
“I inquired with them after the battle was over, it was due to right when they were on the cusp of capturing those 3, House Head hindered them. Or such is what I was told.”

According to what Kuro heard, Shizuka-san and the others seem to possess rare special abilities. That seems to be why they were being targeted. Except, I have no recollection of interfering with their capture… none at all. In the end, it must have been a misunderstanding or something.

Nevertheless, I am happy that I was able to help Shizuka-san and the others.

“I warned them, ‘Next time your lordships come and try anything, you will not be let go with just this much!’ Trouble my House Head once more and do not expect to get off so easy.”
“I- I see…”

A destroyed building… counts as only this much? If it were me, I wouldn’t want anything to do with them anymore.

“Although I’m not satisfied in hearing that something I was completely enveloped in was resolved without my knowing… if it means I’m not going to be attacked anymore, then I suppose that’s good for now.”

At the same time I finish speaking with Kuro, I also finish my preparations for school.

“Well then, I’m off.”
See you later.”
Umu, take care of yourself.”
“Safe trip—.”

While praying I don’t get attacked by special ability holders on my way, today I once more head to school while brimming with energy.

—Diamond wind—

Within a room of a certain temple, Mizukami Tatsumi receives a report from a subordinate.

“The capturing of the undercover agents has been completed.”
“Thank you for your hard work. You can rest now.”

Once his subordinate has left the room, Tatsumi leans back against his seat and speaks out in relief.
Fuu~. At any rate, what a surprise…”

On the previous night when Kuro, Shiro, and Rin attacked the temporary branch, he received an email.

[This, is information about dangerous people. Please capture them.]

The information included with the email provided details on infiltrators inside every institution within Hokkaido.

Tatsumi rushed to verify the validity of the information and discovered that the career histories of the all the listed personnel had been altered. Furthermore, it was uncovered that they were all members of the special ability organization that had infiltrated Hokkaido. From there, with the cooperation of trustworthy police officers and the power of techniques, he was able to apprehend all of the infiltrators at the end of a nightlong operation.

“Once more, I had to depend on Yuuki-kun.”

Tatsumi, due to investigating the sender of the email at the same time he was conducting the seizures, was able to learn that it had been sent from Kousuke’s smartphone. Because of that, he is under the impression Kousuke was who provided him the information. Tatsumi doesn’t know, but in truth, it was the result of Near’s efforts. After Kuro, Shiro, and Rin marched on the special ability organization, it tried to do what it could.

“Perhaps I should teach him the Mizukami Clan’s secret technique next time?”

While seriously considering such a thing, he compiles a report on that incident.

—Diamond water—

“Ishida, Takigawa, morning.”
“Morning, Kousuke! Did you see the morning news!?”
“The morning news?”

I get to school and Takigawa’s tension is strangely high. The news? Was there something on it?

“A building in the Chuuou-ku district collapsed out of nowhere! The debris was examined and apparently they discovered traces that it was bisected! A building was!?”
Heh, hee~. You don’t say…”

He meant that news. I know it, I know it, I know more about it than anyone.

“What gives? Kousuke doesn’t seem all that interested.”
“No, it’s outrageous.”

The cause… comes from the little ones of my house.

“When it collapsed, the debris just happened to have a smooth cross section. While the chances for something like that are low, for it to have been there can’t have been a coincidence

Ishida voices his calm opinion. As he said, that did not happen by coincidence.
Actually, a little one from my house cut it.

Che, a realist. You won’t be popular with women if you don’t dream mo- ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!”

Takigawa jabs a finger forward. Ishida then grabs that finger and bends it in the opposite direction.
What have these two been doing all morning…?

“Yuuki-san, you here?”
While that is happening, I hear a voice calling for me from the classroom entrance.  Who is it?
Ah, Yuuki-san!”

The spi- spiky haired delinquent! What’s he doing here!? No, wait, Yuuki-san?

“Excuse me for suddenly calling out to you in class, but… about last night, thank you very much!”

Last night… does he mean about being rescued from the special ability organization?

“That was all I wanted to say. Well then,”
Ah, hol-”

Before I can stop the spiky haired delinquent, he hurries out of the classroom.

“Kasai-kun bowing his head, that’s the first time I saw…”
“Yuuki, he’s seriously an incredible guy…”

The entire class breaks into an uproar at what just happened.
Uwa, this… it’s going to take forever to blow over.  No, before that— — —


— — —Didn’t he undeniably reveal my identity!?

T/N:  Wouldn’t Tatsumi teaching Yuuki that technique be another way of inviting him into the Mizukami Clan??

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