Translation When I Faked Amnesia to Break Off my Engagement, my Fiancé Casually Told me a Ridiculous Lie—“You were in Love with me Before you Lost Your Memory.”

6. As I Thought, I don’t Understand

While I was amazed by his unexpected revelations, which came out one after another, a knocking sound echoed in the quiet room.

“Philip, the lord is calling.”

“…I understand.”

…Saved by the bell.

“Forgive me, but give me a minute. You can do whatever you like, as long as you stay in this room.”

“I understand.”

With a dejected expression, Philip left the room. I had been left alone in the spacious room, therefore I decided to look around.

Although wide, the room was simple, only containing a few items—it matched Philip. As I walked while admiring the tasteful furniture and décor, I finally arrived in front of a large bookshelf.

There were a lot of thick books which seemed to be difficult to understand. I was sure I would never be able to understand them. Just looking at their titles hurt my head.

As I was searching for something I could read, I found a strange part at the end of the bottom row. It was covered by a mysterious cloth. My woman’s intuition clearly felt that he was hiding something.

…Could it be… the kind of book he wanted to conceal from other people?

It was possible. After all, Philip was still a man. Considering the fact that I couldn’t read his actions, I felt it was necessary to grasp his weaknesses.

I gave in to his previous words; “—You can do whatever you like.” And gently removed the cloth with excitement.

I was at a loss for words.


There were books such as ’10 Tips for Becoming a Loved one.’, ‘Best-selling Romance Novel’, ‘First Hypnosis’, ‘From now on, you’re a Smooth Talker!’—

—there was even evidence of them being read, such as a multitude of sticky notes.

I felt like I had seen and touched something that I shouldn’t have. I gently covered them back up with the cloth.

Although it was a line up I hadn’t expected from him, there was one particularly strange book in the mix.

With an indescribable feeling, I quietly sat back down on the sofa. Right after that, the door opened—Philip had returned.

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone. Everything’s alright, now.”

“O, okay…”

Without giving much thought, he sat next to me and re-brewed the tea himself.

While staring at the beautiful, sculpture-like, profile of his, I began to realize—

—I had been with him for 18 years, but I was beginning to feel like I didn’t understand him in the slightest.

Who would’ve thought that my fiancé, who seemed to be perfect and distant, would read such books—

—inadvertently, I smiled.

Then, Philip turned around and stared at me for some reason. He returned my smile.

“How cute.”

He said that. To me. That Lord Philip said such a thing to me.

When he first told me that I was cute, I doubted my ears. Even when I was dressed up elegantly on his birthday, in which everyone praised me for looking like a princess, he only stared at me for a while, without saying anything.

So why did he change?

I reminded myself to not let my guard down.

“Do you have any plans for next weekend?”

“No, not that I can recall…”

“Then, that’s good, would you like to go out together?”


“On the appointed day, I shall pick you up at the Wesley residence.”

In the end, instead of figuring out the reason why he had lied, the mystery only deepened. Moreover, he even promised to go out with me next weekend. That day, I steadily went home, utterly defeated.


On the promised day, the carriage containing Philip and I was rocking. As per his promise, he came to pick me up at my house.

When asked where we were going, he had a serious expression.

“I read in a book that an amnesiac would be able to remember the past by doing the same actions they did before they lost their memories.”


“Indeed. Therefore, we’re going to the river we once visited in the past so you can regain your memories, Viola.”


No, that wasn’t right.

Philip and I have never been to the river in the first place!

Rather, the river itself had only been seen from a distance.

As I thought, even today, he was going to lie without restrain. I had to stay on guard. Besides, why would Philip choose the river? At the very least, take me to the lake, or something…

In retrospect, I rarely went anywhere with him. Just once, we went to a trendy opera recommended by the duke.

“W, we’re really going to the river?”

“Yes, to go fish.”


As I thought, I couldn’t grasp Philip’s thought pattern at all. Not to mention the reason why he would invite me to go fishing in the river. One thing was certain—it wasn’t for the sake of regaining my memories.

The carriage mercilessly went straight for the nearby river.

When I told the maids that Philip had invited me to go out, they concluded it was a date and that he’d take me to a very fashionable place. As such, they put immense effort in dressing me up—

—well, who would’ve thought.

If the maids were to know the truth, they’d cry, for sure.

Then, the day of overkill began as we attempted to regain the memories that hadn’t been lost in the most ineffective way possible.

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