Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

42. I don’t Want to Burden Everyone


Nigel’s words made me doubt my ears.

“Why would he ask for me?”

“I also don’t understand. However, according to the report from Adolf, the man said, “I condemn that fake saint!” He was heard screaming, “Hand me the fake saint!””


When I heard the words, ‘fake saint’, my breath got caught in my throat.

I was the former saint of the Kingdom of Verclaim. Here in Lynchgiham, Nigel, His Majesty the King, Ralph-chan, and Douglas should have been the only ones who knew that.

Moreover, the other person purposefully called me, ‘fake saint’.

That was just…

“A kingdom official—or someone who’s quite close to the royal family. It’s only natural to come to that conclusion.”

When I said such, Nigel nodded.

“There’s no need for you to worry about anything, Eliane. You don’t have to pay any mind to his request. We will handle it.”

Nigel was protecting me.

Certainly, adhering to that man’s request was the equivalent of jumping into a frying pan.

Did he intend to bring me back…? That was certainly plausible. Despite so, I didn’t think the discussion would play out peacefully.

At worst, I might die on spot.


“Nigel, take me to that man.”

When I looked straight into Nigel’s eyes, he shouted. “N, no way!”

“There’s no need for you to do that! Eliane, if something dangerous were to happen to you, I wouldn’t know what to do. I beg of you, Eliane, stay here!”

He rushed to stop me.

Nigel was right.

Nevertheless—I was still the reason why that happened.

As long as I was in that kingdom, as much as possible, I didn’t want to be a bother.

Hence why.

“I’m not a shut-in princess. Nigel, let me ask you this—aren’t you struggling with both the ferocious monsters and that man? I’m sure my power as a saint will prove useful for you.”


I persuaded Nigel, but he never nodded.

That was bad.

It seemed that persuading Nigel would be harder than dealing with the mysterious man.

When I was wondering.

“I’ve heard about what happened.”

“Ralph, too.”

Suddenly, the door opened and a person entered from the corridor.

“Douglas, and even Ralph-chan!? What happened?”

Indeed, the ones who vigorously entered the room were none other than Ralph and Douglas.

Douglas grinned.

“It seems that something interesting has happened. I immediately followed Eliane.”

“Ralph is the same. But Ralph isn’t as curious as the dragon. I merely rushed here because I thought Eliane is in a pinch.”

They were eavesdropping… such frivolousness…

However, that wasn’t important at the moment.

“Did it seem like I was planning to do something?”

Umu. I can feel your concern—you don’t want to be a nuisance to this kingdom, right? Such a noble sentiment.”

Douglas said such and approached Nigel.

“Hey, Nigel, since Eliane is that determined, why don’t you send me with her?”

“What are you saying!? We mustn’t put her at risk!!”

“No matter how much you attempt to dissuade her, Eliane will surely abscond from the royal castle and head for the strange man by any means? If so, wouldn’t it be better to keep her under supervision?”

“W, well, that’s correct…”

Nigel faltered.

Me? Abscond from the royal castle? I wouldn’t be able to pull that off—not to mention, that’d also risk me being a nuisance.

“Douglas, you needn’t go that far—”

—however, when I gazed at Douglas, he winked at me.

For now, I had to match his story.

Thus, I added in.

“…Nigel, it’s exactly as Douglas has said. If you attempt to stop me, I’ll force my way out with the help of Douglas. Isn’t that right, Douglas?”

“Ha—! Exactly! Now, what are you going to do, Nigel? Let Eliane escape, or let me supervise her?”

When Douglas pressured him, Nigel raised his hands.

“…I understand. This is my loss, but Eliane, don’t leave me. That is one promise you have to keep.”

“Yes, of course I shall do that.”

Alright, finally, a starting point.

But how do I get to the man’s location?

According to Nigel, it seemed that there was a fair distance to the man’s place… but, should I head there in a carriage? That might endanger the horses and the coachman…

As if Douglas had read my mind—

“—What are you hesitating for?”


He suddenly lifted me up.

“W, what are you doing—?!”

“Don’t thrash around. I’ll take you to the place where that man and the monsters are—won’t it be faster this way?”

It was as Douglas had said.

He may be in human form, but he could run about ten—… no, hundreds of times faster than that of an ordinary human.

Of course, if he were to revert back to a dragon, he’d be much faster, but have more difficulty controlling himself.

He could get there in no time—heck, he might even inadvertently miss the place. Hence, it was better to stay as he was until we arrived at that place.

“Nigel can ride on my back!”

Ralph turned his back to Nigel.

“…? Ralph? Are you telling me to ride on your back?”

Nigel slowly straddled his back.

Of course, Nigel couldn’t hear Ralph’s voice. It was unavoidable for that kind of exchange to occur.

If a Fenrir were to be serious, he’d be many times faster than a horse. Nigel straddling the fluffy Fenrir was a very cute sight, though.

“Let’s go, Eliane, don’t thrash around, alright?” 

“O, of course I won’t.”

Although I might have been considered baggage by Douglas, it was also exciting to be held by such a handsome man…

…Of course, Douglas wouldn’t realize any of that, which irritated me a little.

“Douglas, I’ll be in your care.”

“I know.”

As he said so, Douglas kicked off the floor and started running.

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