The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

32.2 Reconnaissance-in-force by the King, and the Convalescent Little Girl’s Wish

[Fuwaa, ahre-. Where are Nii-sama and Liz-nee?]

Some time after that, Haruka comes to the village square. Her eyes widen as she sees the villagers bustling with commotion as they gather.

[Did something happen? Where are those two?]
[── We saw them fly towards the southwest─]

Suddenly, a voice is heard from above Haruka and the others.

[──Near 『Governor Kittle』’s territory, the neighboring village.]
[──The flames blazing up from there, are being investigated by King-sama─]

Haruka looks up and sees the two harpies, Rurui and Roroi, flying around above the village. 

[To King-sama’s sworn little sister-san, we’d never lieー]
[Rurui and Roroi, came here to watch King-sama’s sleeping faceー]
[Of course, only after obtaining his consentー]
[We’d like to replenish our King-sama componentー]
[[But then we saw him flying awayー]]

[……The failure of a lifetime. For me to oversleep at a time like this.]
Haruka releases a long sigh.

She overslept due to taking care of Yukino… it was because of that.

Although, after Shouma drove her nightmare away, Yukino’s condition thoroughly calmed down and she slept soundly until morning. Haruka, who slept deeply face down on the same bed, knows that well.

In the end, all Haruka did was replace the wet cloth on Yukino’s head. Her 『Aniue-sama』 would praise her nonetheless, though──

[Rurui-chan, Roroi-chan! Please, take me to where Aniue-sama is!]

[Haruka-sama was ordered to take care of Yukino-sama. She is to fulfill her needs and wants as much as possible as she’s still recuperating, were King-sama’s words.]
The watchman cries out from atop of the rampants. 

[King-sama said that he’d return as soon as he rescues Garunga-san and the others…… they’ll be alright, for sure.]
[That might be so, but still……]

I worry about Aniue-sama, too.

Haruka, pukuu, puffs her cheeks as she keeps those words to herself. 

[Still…… that’s right. Taking care of Yukino-chan is also an important job, isn’t it?]

Besides, I’ve just become friends with Yukino. I’ll make the best of this opportunity to get even closer to her. Then, she might tell me more stories about the world she’s from. Aniue-sama and Yukino-chan come from the same world, so if I’m able to learn Yukino’s tastes, I’ll be able to learn Aniue-sama’s tastes as well. 

Let’s think of something that can help Aniue-sama feel at ease for when he gets back from battle. Yeah.

Haruka, having convinced herself, turns for to the village chief’s residence, but then──

[Did the enemy come……?]
Yukino, in her sleepwear, stands at the door of the residence.

[Wah, that’s no good, Yukino-chan. You haven’t returned to your usual self yet, so you need to go back to sleep.]
[Isn’t there a battle happening? Somewhere near here.]

Yukino asks as she grabs the hem of Haruka’s clothes.

[Yes, but Aniue-sama and Liz-nee are heading there…. so, I believe it’ll be fine. After all, opponents who can beat the 2 of them? Nope, nope, there aren’t any.]
[Can you take, me there?]
[I can’t. There’s no way I can let someone who’s still recuperating fight, you know.]
[I have no intention, to fight.]

Yukino shakes her head at Haruka’s query.

[I still don’t have enough fighting experience, therefore I wish to observe battles of this world. I want to be useful to the people of this village, properly.]
[… Yukino-chan.]
[Also, if I were get to accumulate experience points by observing the battle, I’d be able to attain a 『True Awakening』 from 『Ice Witch』 to 『Frost Witch』. From there, I might even be able to become 『Cocytus Witch』.]
[………Mmmmm? Yukino-chan?]

Haruka tilts her head.

[Please! I wish to grow even more. To not lose, I have to become as strong as Shouma-san, Lizette-san, and Haruka-san. I was formally summoned here to bring an end to this turbulent era. I won’t attain my awakening if I don’t aim high──]

Yukino clenches her fists with tears in her eyes.
Haruka, with a troubled look, scratches her own red hair.

……What do I do? Aniue-sama did tell me to take care of Yukino-chan, after all. So, if Yukino-chan wishes to observe the battle, I suppose I have to fulfill that wish, then……

Haruka places her hand on Yukino’s forehead── her temperature is normal.
She takes Yukino’s pulse── it neither too fast nor too slow.
She slips her hand down Yukino’s collar. The young girl shrieks, “HYAUU!?” as Haruka measures the temperature under her arm── as expected, her temperature is normal.
Yukino’s condition has improved.

I suppose seeing the situation of village from afar should be fine…….

Haruka thinks about it, before then shaking her head.

[It’s impossible, after all. There are only 2 Harpy-san here and they can only carry 1 person. I can’t let Yukino-chan go alone….]
[We’ve come to playー] [Where’s King-samaー?]
[Heyー King-sama belongs to Rurui] [Roroi is who’ll receive his love.]
[── What the, their number increased!?]

At that time, 2 additional harpies come to play. There is a total of 4 harpies, enough to carry Haruka and Yukino.

[…… Be sure to tell me if you’re not feeling well, okay?]
Haruka dejectedly droops her shoulders.

[Thank you very much!]
Yukino’s entire face blooms with a smile before bowing deeply.

[I’ll get ready soon! Please hold on!!]

She then scrambles inside, apparently impatient to take off her sleepwear.

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