The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

33.2 The Overlord Attains His Fame in the Human Society

[In that case, we’ll crush you all here! After that, we’ll take only those who appear useful! Warriors, attack!]

At the robed man’s signal, the soldiers behind him started running. They hold halberds, long poles with either axes or spears on their tips. The soldiers scream at the villagers to intimidate them as they raise their weapons overhead.

Of the oni tribe, 5 move to the front to protect the villagers. They hold wooden konbou in their hands.

The soldiers sneer at the sight. They’re most likely thinking that something like konbou will easily break from a swing from their axe halberds.

[Know your place! You measly ajin!!]

The soldiers swing their halberds straight down on the oni tribesmen. The oni meet those attacks with their wooden konbou. They don’t raise their voices. They don’t even smile. They simply believe in their king, and with the superhuman strength of the oni, merely raise their weapons overhead.

Then the iron halberds clash against the wooden konbou──


The halberds of the soldiers… crumble.

[Well, that’s how it is.]
The oni tribesmen give disinterested snorts.

[……How long has it been since we left the barrier?]
[……It has been 6 hours, Garunga-san.]
[……King-sama’s 『enchant』 will last for another hour, then.]

They had confirmed how long the enhancements to their weapon’s would last when they were cultivating their village. Within the barrier, the mana required for 『enchant』 is drawn directly from the mana of the land. Perhaps, because of that, the 『enchant』 effect doesn’t unravel. Afterwards, even if they leave the barrier, the effect will endure for about a half day.

As such, when they left the village, their king placed an 『enchant』 on the konbou. At the moment, the konbou they’re carrying are still 『konbou[1]── they have the strength and tenacity of metal. That is to say, they’re light but absurdly solid.

[I, it can’t be helped. Doushi-sama! Lend us your power once again!!]
The robed man cries out towards the little man with the cane.

[Insects! Devour everything, then once their field is bare, their resistance will stop!!]
[『…………By the black flame.』]

The cloaked man strikes the ground with his cane. 


The buzzing sound of insect wings grows louder.

The locusts flap their wings, float up into the air, and then they fly towards the oni tribesmen.

[── GUH!?]

The oni tribesmen swing their konbou. However, their weapon fail hit the locusts fluttering in the air. The insects scratch the oni tribesmen with their hind legs and bite their arms.

The villagers shriek.

While the oni tribesmen are staggering about, countless locusts head for the village field. The wheat in the field, evident from the ears on the stems, is close to being ready for harvest. The human sized-locusts are eyeing the wheat, and they are about to swoop down on it

[This is what happens when you oppose our cult……….!]
The cult leader holds his throat and laughs.

[We shall consume the fields of the ajin as well. Regret your defiance against our cult as you starve, and spend the rest of your short lives──]

[Line of fire confirmed. Output adjustment completed. 『Dragonkin Awakening』──『Dragon Breath』!!]

A line of fire runs through the center of the village.
It’s a red── scorching flame that is as thick as a human arm.

It blows away all of the locusts trying to enter the field.

[You came!? Our king!]
Garunga, the oni tribesman, shouts.

His fellow oni around him, and the villagers, all raised their faces at the same time. Without anyone realizing, a black-haired man is standing near the field. His coat flutters about as he kneels on the ground.

The eyes of the villagers are wide open. Not a single one of them knows when that person appeared. Unless he flew through the sky, there is no way he would have been able to protect the field like that without anyone noticing.

Furthermore, that flame burned the insects.

It happened in a flash. When the word 『──Breath』 was spoken, a vast flame scorched the locusts.

They can’t believe it. The trump card insects of the cult, the cult which has been growing in influence due to the power of those insects.
There, against that person…… they can’t even be called opponents……

[Who…… who is that a person?]
To the villagers, the man looks to be clad in divine light.

[He’s our king! The Aberrant Overlord has come to save us!]
Garunga and the oni tribesmen shout out.

Hearing them, the villagers also begin to make a commotion.

[They said… the Aberrant Overlord!?]
[That person… he is the king who sees through the abyss of the world?!]
[The one declared as the bitter enemy of the goddess who sits in heaven!?]
[Aah, certainly, that figure that flutters as he descends from the sky, he is worthy of the name of the Overlord!]
[He brought a dragon girl with him! This person has been recognized by the draconic bloodline!]
[He hears our voices…… He’s trembling with each step. We’re not praising him enough!]
[We must not anger him. Praise him more────!]

Then, along with the oni──all of the villagers, regardless of age and sex, begin to clamor for the black-haired man.

[Overlord! Overlord! Overlord!]
[Overlord! Overlord! The Aberrant Overlord!]
[Overーlord! Overーlord! The Aberrant Overlord!]
[Overーlord! Overーlord! The Aberrant Overlord!]
[Overーlord! Overーlord! The Aberrant Overlord!]
[Overーlord! Overーlord! The Aberrant Overlord!]
[The bitter enemy of the goddess who sits in heaven, The Aberrant Overlord!]


[Aah, the Overlord is holding his head!]
[Because of his anger towards the cult, blood is rushing to his head!]
[Hey, cultー! For angering the Aberrant Overlord, that was quite reckless of you!!]


Shouma── having arrived to rescue everyone── writhes in agony from instantly being struck from behind with the 『Overlord Call』 combo──

The oni tribesmen and the villagers, encourage by the overlord’s arrival, charge the cult for an all-out resistance.

[1] The konbou within the『 』mark has the kanji 金 replacing the original kanji 棍. Implying the change of attribute from “club” to “gold (metal)

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