Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

31. Kaaaaa— — — —!

“Wh- what’s going on out there!?”

The spiky haired delinquent, Kasai Souji, with his right arm and left leg bound in casts, stares in shock at the unfathomable development that is the sliding ceiling. At the same time, he moves towards the side of the sleeping Akari’s in order to protect her at any given moment.

“The hell, what… huh!?”

That boy’s astonishment continues to build up on itself. Tearing through the door to enter the room is a large, golden, shishi. While the room they are confined in has a space of about 20 tatami, the overwhelming coercion given off by the shishi’s presence makes Souji feel as though the shishi is right in front of him.

“A beast… am I gonna die, without a clue to what’s going on?”

Souji resents his misfortune as he hides Akari behind his back. Despite that, his life is not ending yet.

“Are your venerable selves the captured students?”
Eh? Ye- yeah, but…”
Mu, there seem to be injuries on your body. That girl over there is unconscious. Is she alright?”
Eh, ye- yes. Sh- she’s fine.”

The golden shishi doesn’t seem to display any hostility towards them and speaks with good will. Not only that, he is even concerned about Souji and Akari.

E- etto…”
“Excuse me, I seem to have frightened you. However, be at ease. I have come to save your venerable selves.”
“Save… us?”

Souji’s confusion peaks at the golden shishi claiming he is there to save them. Such a situation is beyond what he can comprehend.

Etto, ano… wh- who are you?”

Souji, even in such a situation, desperately works his head. He asks a question of the golden shishi in order to understand what is happening.

Fumu… well, it cannot be helped with the situation as it is. If you can promise not to speak of this to anyone, I shall tell you the truth about ourselves.”
“…I understand. I will not tell anyone. I promise.”

The golden shishi reveals his true identity in order to give Souji peace of mind. The golden shishi speaks of his dearly beloved house head, who is someone Souji knows. Also, of the person who slashed through the building, who is a member of the same household. Then, of Souji’s childhood friend, Shizuka, who was rescued by the golden shishi’s house head, and that she is currently under his protection.

Souji, the instant he hears all of that, decides that day is going to be the most surprising day of his life.


All of the combatants on standby on the 1st floor mutter in disbelief as they look up at the sliding upper floors1.

“That’s… impossible?”
“The branch building… was sliced…”

As their eyes open wide in shock, they stare at the silver haired little girl who caused the situation. Had she sent her slash from just then across the 1st floor…

Everyone’s back freezes as they imagine the worst possible outcome.

“Th- those who can fly and climb, it is the case that you are to help evacuate the upper floors! It is the case that you are to remain vigilant of the golden shishi that flew here. It is the case that you hurry!”

In that situation, Toy, who had been entrusted with command of the 1st floor, gives directions to the combatants who are trembling with fear towards the little girl. The combatants, as they return to their senses, either raise their weapons or use their special abilities to scale the building in order to help those on the upper floors.

“Well then, Melt, it is the case that we too must get started.”
Eh—! That girl, she’s absolutely rank A! Impossible—, we won’t win—.”

Melt stops Toy who is stepping towards the little girl.

“However, it is the case that no one here can deal with her except for us. It is the case that you must resolve yourself.”

Melt gazes at the combatants on standby at Toy’s words. They all stand with their weapons ready but are indecisive. Their spirits were completely crushed upon experiencing the overwhelming power of the building being severed.

“It is the case that I truly desire your assistance. It is the case that I, alone, am by no means any match for her.”
“I- I get it already—…”

Melt, while giving a languid reply, takes off her jacket. The sight relieves Toy. Although from a side perspective her wearing a tank top looks like she is only playing, Toy knows that in truth Melt adopting such an appearance is her being serious.

“It is the case that for the time being, we must not enter the direction of her swings.”
“Obviously—, you’ll become two in an instant if you’re negligent… won’t cha?”

However, as the 2 of them move forward, a white crow lands before them. The way he looks at them seems to say, “Your opponent is me.”

“Somehow, this crow is dangerous too—.”
“It is the case that such appears to be the case. It is the case that if it’s like this, then it can’t be helped. It is the case that while we remain vigilant of the little girl, we must start by taking down this crow. [Toy]!”

Toy snaps his fingers at the same time he cries out. Then, the cars parked alongside the curb along with the trees and shrubs planted around all transform to create 11 puppets.

“It is the case of attack!”

Together with Toy’s signal, the plant based puppets press in on Shiro at a speed unimaginable for their large frames. Because they were created from wood, they are lighter than the puppets made from cars.

“Kaaaaa— — — —!”

However, the fist of the plant based puppet punching at Shiro is easily crushed by his roar. Shiro continues by flying overhead the remaining plant based puppets. At the same time, he emits shockwaves and, in the blink of an eye, 3 of them are crushed.

“I see, it seems to be the case of a special ability for emitting shockwaves. But it is the case of how will you respond to this?!”

Toy, having confirmed the crow’s technique, concludes that his plant based puppets are no match for him and has his car based mechanical puppets attack. Still, against Shiro who can not only fly in the skies but also avoid attacks at a speed that exceeds general expectations, they are unable to land a hit.

“However, it seems to be the case that my mechanical puppets cannot be defeated either.”

As Toy concluded, Shiro is unable to land a decisive strike against his mechanical puppets. As long as the puppets made from [Toy] retain their humanoid shape, they will be able to move no matter how many attacks landed on them. As such, these puppets have no problem against Shiro’s shockwaves that only have enough power to scrape off small bits from their bodies at a time.


While in the middle of such a situation, Shiro calmly stares at the mechanical puppets. Then, at the same time he sidesteps a large swing, he alights on that arm.

“It- it is the case of what are you doing!?”

Toy’s confusion compounds upon seeing the crow do something as strange as perch itself on its enemy’s arm. The answer immediately reveals itself.

“Th- the arm!”

In the following moment, the mechanical puppet’s arm crumbles free.

“Destruction by touch!? No, this seems to be the case of destruction by vibration. A special ability to manipulate oscillation?!”

Emitting shockwaves and destroying an object through touch, just those bits of information were enough for Toy to accurately see through the truth behind Shiro’s ability.

As Toy deduced, Shiro did destroy the mechanical puppet’s arm through oscillation.
“However, it seems to be the case that invoking destruction by touch can only be done after specifically coming to a stop on the arm.”

Due to the power of the technique dropping when air is used as an intermediary, it can only be invoked through direct contact. Toy, at the same time he uncovered the details of the technique, also saw through its weaknesses.

“It is the case that this will be annoying, but it is the case that this is not impossible!”

Shiro once more lands on the arm of a mechanical puppet, but only a few parts break off. His attack isn’t enough to destroy the entire arm.

Ka—, kaka!”

However, Shiro also immediately realizes why the destruction was prevented. Minute vibrations are being generated within the mechanical puppet’s body. They dampen the effects from his oscillations.

“It is the case that I cannot perfectly negate it, but it is the case that I can defend against it with this!”
Toy, with his proficiency, can easily manipulate his puppets into vibrating as he operates them.

Shiro quietly gazes at the mechanical puppet at having his technique sealed.

“Well then, with this… Wha-!?”

Shiro then releases a [Flying Slash] at the mechanical puppet.

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  1. The raw only says first floor, but from how this scene plays out, they seem to be outside the building instead of inside it.