The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

104. Parallel Dimension Episode 2: When it’s hot, the World and its Settings are Buggy

Although Jill was being optimistic, reality was harsh.

“Basically, sea dragons won’t appear in places where you can swim—it lives in a deeper place.”

Zeke taught Jill about sea dragons as he pulled on Jill’s floating ring.

“So, they live in the sea?”

“It seems that they will surface from time to time, but yes. Sea dragons are dragons that fly in the sea. In other words, they have amazing swimming ability. They can also cause whirlpools and tsunamis.”

“Why, that’s just amazing—!! So, how do I catch one—!?”

“In the first place, why would you catch them… listen, we’re in the ocean. An aerial fight is one thing, but how do you plan on fighting them in the ocean?”

“When I was eight-years-old, I defeated a shark!”

“For what reason did you—… anyway, the moment one sees you, it’ll most likely try to escape. It’s the rule of a thumb here. It may be useless for them to run, but as long as you don’t attack them, they also won’t attack you.”

It was unusual for the battle-loving Zeke to say that.

“How detailed. Have you meet one, Zeke?”

“Both Camila and I grew up in a seaside town. When the Dragon God was furious, he placed sea dragons there. Enraging one could have lead to the town being swallowed by the sea. It’s kind of like imprinting. I heard a story from the military port of Fairert—supposedly, an entire fleet was dragged into the sea during an attempt to catch a sea dragon.”

“Hmm… which basically means, no one has captured one before. Even though they sound like it could be captured…”

“Under what basis are you saying that?”

“Even if it’s a sea dragon, it’s still under the control of the Dragon God Rave, right?”

Zeke frowned at Jill, whom was imagining a certain creature which could be either a snake or a dragon.

“How does the Dragon God Rave look like?”

“He looks like a snake—one that would be delicious when skewered…”

“Stop, that’s the Dragon God Rave, you know? Anyway, swimming further from this point is prohibited.”

Zeke picked up a red string floating in the sea, far away from the beach. It seemed that the sea was separated by tying a string from the rocks on the left and right—designating which area was okay for swimming.

It also seemed to be the least popular spot. Although Zeke’s face could be seen, it was apparent that he was swimming while standing. The bottom, which was visible amidst the clear seawater, had become significantly deeper.

“In other words, the sea dragons are ahead!?”

“No, there are no sea dragons up ahead.”

“Then let me swim past the string.”

“No, do you want my neck to be cut off by the emperor?”

“Now that you say it, His Majesty is…”

With that said, Jill turned her gaze towards the beach.

She could see from the distance, a group of people lined up for a stall—needless to say, it was Hadith’s stall.

“People are making line…”

“That’s right…”

“His Majesty is currently having a lot of fun, I, on the other hand…”

It felt boring. A moment later, Jill realized…

is it because I can’t play with His Majesty…?

“Let’s have a swimming competition, starting from this beach.”

“Even though I’m using a floating ring?”

“That’s a good handicap for you, Captain. That way, you can only flutter.”

Well, that might be fun. Jill laughed and exclaimed on purpose.

“However, since both the Dragon God and the Dragon Emperor are here, isn’t it impolite for the sea dragons to not come and say hello!?”

“Shush. It would be unbefitting of the Dragon Princess to say that.”

“Eeh, isn’t it fine? Besides, Zeke has already seen it, right? Dragons usually listen to what the Dragon Princess has to say.”

The clear seabed suddenly blurred.

Noticing the same thing as Jill, Zeke shouted.



The floating ring slipped off of her body.

To be precise, her body had slipped out of the floating ring and was dragged into the sea.

It happened in no time. Before Zeke could grab her, her ankles were being pulled at a tremendous speed under the water. She realized it too late.

She tried to shake her legs with magical power, but it was drowned out by the momentum of being swallowed by a muddy stream.

My magic, isn’t enough—

Upon closing her mouth and narrowing her eyes, she was able to see an array of scales. There were also limbs which swelled outward like fish’s.

A supple movement, which swam at the bottom of the sea. It had no wings. Instead, its front legs were that of fins—not to mention, it was as transparent as water. It had a long tail, which reached into the water. She was unable to determine the color of the scales. Occasionally, the blue glow of its black shell made it look like it blue scales, a color that didn’t belong to any of Rave Empire’s dragons.

No wonder, she thought.

So that was a sea dragon.

A dragon which flew in the sea, instead of the sky.

However, that was the extent of her thoughts.

No longer able to hold her breath, the breath which she exhaled became white bubbles and disappeared.

My, breath…

She had to unleash all her magical power—otherwise, she’d drown.

The moment she clenched her fist, the seawater suddenly disappeared.


There was a hole in the sea, as if it had been hollowed out. It appeared that the reason she was able to breathe again was due to Hadith catching hold of her.

However, his line of sight wasn’t directed at Jill.

“It doesn’t matter how much the Dragon Princess called for you, you’re being too mischievous, Sea Dragon.”

In the wall of the sea, which flowed like a waterfall, something was moving. All she could see was two golden lights along with a pale, clear color that was somehow distinguishable from the blueness of the sea.

Is it an emerald green dragon with golden eyes?

A species of green dragon?

However, the color was too pale for that. Not to mention, the color of the scales appeared ready to blend in with the sea at any moment. Depending on the light’s intensity, it could be perceived as either white or blue.

“Isn’t she still a child? For the Dragon Princess to turn out to be a little girl… her magical power hasn’t fully recovered, yet.”


“Return quietly.”

At the command of Hadith, whose golden eyes seemed to glow, the creature spun around in the sea. It then disappeared within the bottom of the sea in no time.

Hadith emerged while holding the flapping Jill sideways. The sea had returned to its original level.

“Such an undisciplined dragon.”

“Don’t say that. That sea dragon happened to be swimming around here, and was going to play with Little Miss.”

Rave popped out on top of his shoulder. Hadith’s gaze turned cold.

“Ha? When Jill was about to be drowned by it? Jill, are you injured?”

“I’m fine… was that a sea dragon?”

“Yes, not to mention, a young one, at that. Jill, it’s scared.”

“Wow!! That sea dragon is still a child!? Your Majesty, I want it!!”

Towards Jill, who exclaimed such, Hadith gently turned around.

“I expected you to say that…”

“The same goes with me…”

“Its movements were really fast, like, byun—! Maybe, if I had the sea dragon’s blessing, I could breath underwater!? Wasn’t there a big pond in the imperial castle!? Why don’t we keep him there!?”

“This proposal also sounds novel… Hey, Rave, this is also because of your lack of discipline. What would you do if a sea dragon was really thrown into the imperial castle’s pond?”

“No, this is exactly the Little Miss’ personality, none of it is the dragon’s fault…”

The discussion between the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon God couldn’t be heard by Jill.

“It looks like a crocodile, but swims like a fish… truly, a mysterious creature! If it’s a green dragon, then, the rank shouldn’t be high, but that doesn’t say anything about our difference in strength—as I thought, I have to learn how to fight underwater!”

“Even though you almost drowned, you’re already planning that…?”

“Now that I think about it, doesn’t it look like a fish!? I wonder if the meat is white and lean!?”

“I’m curious about that, too.”

“…I shall immediately tell all the sea dragons in the vicinity to never show themselves before the Dragon Princess and the Dragon Emperor.”

“I don’t want that, please tell them to come out—!! Please withdraw that message, Rave—!! Your Majesty?”

Hadith, who was floating above the surface of the sea, suddenly paused. Jill raised her face due to an unpleasant premonition.

“Your Majesty…”

“Sorry, Jill… sun, dehydration, setting in, I used too much magical power…”

“Wait, what—!? Your Majesty—!?”

She shouted. They were amidst the sea.

At the end of the Dragon God’s sigh, Jill and Hadith fell into the sea.

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