Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

29. Destroy the Building

“I have returned home.”

Kuro is finally back!

“Did something happen?”
“Something you ask? Well, various thing…”

I tell him about the [Reinforcement] special ability holder who attacked me, while looking over Shizuka-san who is resting in the living room.

“I see… Then, this girl is fine?”
“Yeah, she seems to be fine. Near gave her an examination.”
“Such a function exists? Near, how incredible.”

That impression, déjà vu.

“More importantly, I was just talking with Shiro and Near about what to do. I think it’s about time to call the police and-”
“No, that will not be necessary. You can entrust the rest to us.”

Entrust the rest? Do they have a way to resolve this?

“To be honest, I just returned from speaking about this matter with Tatsumi. Tatsumi seems to be troubled by those who attacked House Head on your way home. He told me he would be utilizing various methods to solve this.”
Ehh, the class representative’s father is going to help resolve this, too?”
“That is correct. Or rather, from the start, this seems to have been a problem for Tatsumi to resolve.”
“So it’s like that?”

I can’t be given the details, but what I am told is that the class representative’s father is cooperating on this matter, too.

“Or rather, why was I even attacked in the first place?”
“About that, Tatsumi said he doesn’t know either. It may have been due to a misunderstanding or overlapping coincidences.”
“Because of a misunderstanding or overlapping coincidences…”

That’s… not impossible, either. Compared to being resurrected by kami-sama, it’s more likely.

“If possible, I shall also ask for the reason. For now, you should watch over this girl. I shall be going out for a bit again.”
“You’ll ask?  ……Ehh, are you going somewhere again?”
Umu, for a trifling bit of business. I shall also be borrowing Shiro.”

Shiro is going, too? Maybe some sort of animal gathering is being held?

“Well, take care.”
Umu, well, we are off.”

With those words, Kuro and Shiro leave. I wanted to discuss my being attacked and countermeasures in more detail, but I completely didn’t get a chance. For now, I suppose we’ll talk about it again once they return?


Speaking of which, Rin isn’t here. Could she have gone to Isa-san’s house to bother her again?

“It’s going to be dark soon.”

I’m worried. If Kuro and Shiro come back before Rin return’s home, I’ll go out and look for her.

—Diamonds becomes Diamond armor—

“All combat able rank C are to deploy onto the 1st floor! Those with strengthening and creation special abilities, you are to reinforce the branch as much as possible. We don’t know what our enemies will do, so maximize the strength of this building!”

Under Chie’s directions, the members of the organization rush about the 15 story, temporary branch, building. The reason is because she noticed a group leave Yuuki Kousuke’s house for the direction of the branch building.

“A golden shishi and a white crow. Along with, a girl with silver hair… To send 3 new faces, looks like their commander has a pretty interesting plan in mind.”

Chie mutters to herself as she perceives the figures of the group heading towards the branch building. Her words are laced with agitation due to the fact their enemy is confident enough to only send 3 to assault them.

Perhaps, these 3 are anything but normal. The golden shishi and white crow, could they be ayakashi like the black cat? If so, this is going to be rather tricky.

In truth, Chie does not know that the golden shishi and the black cat are the same being. By the time she had checked on the assault on Yuuki Kousuke’s house, Sefiku, Toy, and Melt, those 3 had been left on the JR tower roof. As for the 3 themselves, they were unable to clearly recall what happened after being defeated. For those reasons, she has concluded that the golden shishi is a new face.

While Chie is in the middle of such thoughts, a pair of subordinates arrive to report the situation.

“13 rank C special ability holders who specialize in attacking and defending along with 30 general combatants have finished being deployed across the 1st floor.”
“Rank C special ability holders capable of reinforcing the building and general combatants have finished being deployed onto each floor.”
“Understood. You both get to your stations, as well.”

Chie immediately has her subordinates return to their standby positions upon finishing their reports.

“Toy, Melt, the two of you are to head to the 1st floor. Command over the 1st floor will be left to Toy. Sefiku, you will be with me on the 8th floor.”
“It is the case of, roger that.”

With Dius having yet to return, the 3 most powerful combatants within the temporary branch building are also being assigned by Chie’s direct command.

“…Chie-san, for them to be challenging us with such swift timing must mean they are confident in their abilities. Will we truly be alright?”
Sefiku, while preparing for the attack, expresses his unease once Toy and Melt have left the room.

“That we will be alright… is something I can’t say.”
Turning towards Sefiku, Chie voices her candid impression. It is because she too carries the same anxiousness.

“At any rate, considering the personnel we’ve been provided, breaking through to the 8th floor of this building should be a challenge in of itself.”
“Certainly… that is the true.”

Sefiku, at Chie’s words, considers the capabilities of the personnel that has been deploy. While the special ability holders on the 1st floor are of rank C, they include combat specialists with special abilities oriented towards battle. Furthermore, even the noncombatants who do not possess special abilities are specially trained combat professionals.

“It’s not just that. We also have [Bestowal] and [Cold and Heat] as hostages. As long as they are here, I doubt they will be able to do something as flashy as destroy the building. Furthermore, should they try to come from the sky and invade us through the center of the building or the roof top, the reinforced intercepter unit will activate.”
“Certainly… as long as we aren’t attacked by several, combat oriented, rank A, special ability holders, we should be able to deal it.”

Sekifu’s concerns ease up a bit at Chie’s words.

“…That’s right. Even against something like, we could deal with it.”

Chie herself, having explained to Sefiku, also reaffirms the temporary branch building’s defenses. She hardens her resolve to face the attackers.

T/N: Things are getting fun.  I like how Kousuke isn’t being taken with them.  He really would have been out of his league there.

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