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28. He- Help me— — —!

Ka— ka, ka.”

Shiro, keeping guard on top of the roof, grows flustered upon hearing the report of a subordinate. According to what he heard, his master was attacked by a large man with superhuman strength and currently is most likely in the middle of a battle.

Ka—, kaka.”
Ka— ka!?”

Furthermore, 1 person who seems to be Kousuke’s friend was knocked unconscious, and 2 others have been captured by a mysterious group.

“Shiro, what is wrong?”

Kuro senses something is wrong with Shiro after he heard the report and approaches him.

Ka—, ka— ka.”
Fumu, that, truly is a poor development.”

Shiro explains the report he received from his subordinate.

“I dare say, that large man may be a companion of the silk hat whom attack House Head. I have no doubt considering the timing.”

Shiro, upon hearing Kuro’s conjuncture, turns to leave for the sake of aiding Kousuke.

“Well, just a moment. Our House Head is not so weak that he will be defeated by such a person. Not to mention, House Head has Near with him. Once the situation truly becomes dangerous, Near should notify us.”

Kousuke doesn’t know, but Kuro and the others made an arrangement with Near that should he judge a situation to be dangerous, he will call the house line. However, even up until then, the house line is silent.

“I understand your concern, but your lordship is our vital reconnaissance scout. Would you not agree that right now, the most appropriate action to take is to devote yourself to gathering information?”

Shiro gives an inarticulate reply to Kuro’s words.

Umu, let’s go over the small amount of information we do have. A few days ago, House Head swiped the tailcoat of his assailant. I checked it earlier and discovered its scent matches with the person who tried to enter this house.”

Hearing that, Shiro comes to the same conjuncture as Kuro.

“That is correct. The ones attacking this time may be from the same group or organization.”
Ka—, kaka!”

Shiro, upon confirming that his conjuncture is the same as Kuro’s, gives instructions to his subordinate crows. 1 is to keep watch over his master Kousuke’s movements. Meanwhile, another 1 is to locate the enemy organization’s stronghold.

The subordinate crows cry out their understanding and take off.

Umu, those instructions were correct. If we know where their base is located, we will also be able to take action from here. Well then, I too shall be heading out.”
“I am heading off to meet with Tatsumi. I believe it would be best to provide some notification before we rampage.”

Shiro picks up on Kuro’s mental state at his muttering the word, “rampage.” Not only did they try to invade their home, but they have also attacked their master, twice. He, too, is fuming with anger.

“Well then, I shall return.”

Shiro, while seeing Kuro off from the roof, awaits the reports from his subordinates.

—insert something about Diamonds here—

Kurae! [Melting Fist]!”
“So what you touch will melt, su? Except, it’s meaningless, su.”

I invoke [Melt] as I punch the large man, but it doesn’t do any serious damage. All it does is dissolve his clothes some.

“Thought as much, adjusting the power is hard…”

In order to use the ace up my sleeve, adjusting the power of the dissolving is essential. However, utilizing [Reinforcement] also strengthens my special ability [Melt], making it even harder to control than before.

“However, I don’t have any time to complain!”
“Nice, that was a pretty good punch there. Still!”

Did he conclude that [Melt] isn’t that big of a deal at my trying to throw him? To be honest, that works for me!

Uwo, is this a shoulder throw, su?! So, you’re familiar with judo, too, su.”

I grab the large man’s collar and shift him onto my back all at once. Due to having a smaller build than him, getting close to him is easy.

“Either way, that was a bad move, su.”

Except, my shoulder throw results in a failure as the large man’s clothes tear. Their durability seems to have dropped due to being half dissolved from [Melt].

Furthermore, this creates an opening and I get sent flying with a kick, oww.

“I’m not done yet!”
Uwoo! That’s a nice tackle su. You also wrestle!?”

I endure the pain and tackle him without a moment’s delay. I grab his belt with my hand and invoke melt without mercy, either!

“Hold… aren’t you dissolving my pants, su?! You might be melting my skin too, so I’ll let you have them, su!”
Gah, gofuu!”

In exchange for getting punched and kicked, I rip off his pants. However, I’ve achieved my goal…

“Could it be, that shoulder throw and tackle was the ace up your sleeve, su?”
“More or less, yeah.”

The large man blanks at my answer. He must have been expecting some great martial art technique or an incredibly flashy move.

“Well, to be precise, they were just a part of the ace up my sleeve.”
“A part… of the ace up your sleeve?”

That’s right. My shoulder throw and tackle were the setup for my incredibly flashy move.

“Well then, yoisho1.”

As the large man tilts his head off on the side, I collect my bag and Near. I then pick up Shizuka-san with my arms. Thinking about it, this is my first time doing a princess carry. It’s making me a bit nervous.

“Hold, what are you doing heading home, su? Our fight still isn’t over, su!?”
“No, we’re already done. You were defeated!”

With those words said, I take a deep breath. Now, for the finisher!

“He- Help me— — —! There’s a pervert chasing m—e! Help me, plea—se!!”

While crying out as loud as I can, I run off while carrying Shizuka-san. The large man picks up his discarded clothes and hides the lower half of his body in a fluster.

Fuhahahaha! My shoulder throw and tackle were the setup to leaving him in his underwear!

“Yo- you’ve no shame, su!”
“Shame has nothing to do with it! It’s strategy!”

If you want to chase after me, then chase me. You’d be exposing yourself to the public though!

While I run away at light speed, I hear the large man say, “You’re completely, shameless, su— —!” from behind.

—Something else about Diamonds—

“That idiot…”

Chie, having watched the battle from the beginning within the standby room, is left speechless at the disgraceful state Dius was left in. During the middle of that, the door is knocked.

“Excuse my interruption.”
“Sefiku? You can enter.”

Chie gets a hold of herself and listens the report of the special ability holder for [Capture], Sefiku.

“The inspections of Toy and Melt have finished. The 2 of them are well. Will they immediately be reinstated?”
“Yes, understood. Please have them remain on standby for now.”

Chie, upon handing out her instructions, begins devising a new plan. Having again failed to capture [Union], her role as commander is already over.

“Well then, excuse me.”

Sefiku, aware of Chie’s impatience, quietly leaves the room upon receiving his orders.

“At any rate……”
With Sefiku having left the room Chie mutters to herself,
“There sure are an awful lot of crows today.”

Not a single person feels a sense of crisis towards that strange phenomena.

T/N: So, I can totally see Dius heading to Yuuki’s house just for a rematch later.

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  1. “Yoshio,” is a sound people make when they exert themselves. Like a grunt when you try pushing something really heavy.