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29.2 The Clown Dances

“By the way, Riol also has a cat—Luce! How did you guys meet?”

“Coincidentally, it’s the same as your seal. Luce got lost in my garden on the night of a big storm five years ago—thus, I picked him up.”

“I envy you guys, I want a pet, too…”

Angelica, who had no pet, cried out in envy.

“Black cats are cute, too. Well, my white cat is the best, though!”

“But! Even though she might not be a cat, in term of cuteness, my Shiratama won’t lose!”

“My Luce also isn’t going to lose.”

“I want a big dog, one that looks cool and strong.”

After that, they enjoyed an exhilarating conversation centered around pets. The time passed joyfully.

“Well then, Shari, Riol, Tobias, let us meet at school again.”

“Yes, see you again at school, Ms. Kirklight.”

“See you tomorrow, Ange.”

“Thank you for today, Angelica.”

On the way home, after responding to Angelica’s farewell, Sharina and her friends left the Kirklight family villa.

“That’s right, Sharina, Riol.”

Because the three of them stayed in the dormitory, their destination was the same. As they walked along the garden of Kirklight residence, Tobias halted and talked to them.

“Just like Angelica, can you two be more relaxed when talking with me? There’s no need for formality.”

He had made such a request several times. Having said that, their difference in status remained. Thus, Sharina imitated Riol who was still formal to an extent.

“…I see, then I shall drop the formality all at once.”

“Alright then, I will no longer restrain myself, is that alright?”

In the past week, they had learned a lot about Tobias’ personality. They decided to no longer hesitate. Just like Angelica whom had managed to be won over by him on their very first meeting.

“Yes! From now on, I shall be in your care, Riol, Sharina!”

Tobias, whose face suddenly beamed, happily cried out to the two who nodded without hesitation. Then, in a peaceful atmosphere, the three boarded a carriage bound for the dormitory that was prepared by Angelica.

“They are such good people. I wonder why His Highness Roland just refuses to see that. …I will try to persuade him again today.”

Inside the swaying carriage, Tobias’ expression, which had been joyful until earlier, suddenly became cloudy. It felt as if the more his trust and friendship with Riol and Sharina grew, the less respect he had for his own lord.

“As I thought, should I just report directly to His Majesty the King. Aa good scolding would certainly—”

“Sure, if that actually works, then all is good. But what if he chalks us up as the enemy and attempts to eliminate us, instead?”

“I, I will never let it escalate to that!”

Tobias, whose trust in the royal family had wavered, sadly clutched his head.

Even though Riol and Sharina had ultimately proven Leonardo’s mistake during the uproar a few months ago, would the king just take their word for it? Especially when nothing had happened as of yet? The answer was a plain no.

The King and his wife were forced to return to the kingdom due to their son’s obituary (he wasn’t dead, though), their son who they once believed to be competent. In the end, they were forced to clean up the mess which included a lot of ass wiping. It seemed that the king had collapsed several times during his duties due to the increased burden.

“Don’t be discouraged. There are many things in the world that are simply beyond a human’s capability. Let’s talk about encouraging things, instead.”

“Sharina, you aren’t being encouraging in the slightest, but I agree with your latter half.”

“Uuh, thank you Sharina…”

Riol and Sharina, who sat next to each other, gently laughed at Tobias who wiped his tearful eyes.

“Alright, onto the next topic. Riol and Sharina seems to be intimate with each other—have you guys been engaged?”

“Huh!? That’s, uh, oh…”

“‘We seem to be intimate’—!? What makes you think that, Tobias—?! Are we giving off some kind of sign or something—!? Please explain to me in detail—!!”

“Well, for example, today, Riol—”

“—W, wait, stop right there!”

Tobias changed the topic by 180 degrees. Sharina seemed excited, while Riol upset. Suffice to say, the inside of the carriage was immediately filled with excitement.

The carriage carrying three people slowly climbed up the slope leading to the academy.


Meanwhile, around same time.


The top floor of the Fala Rubia Academy’s male senior dormitory. In a room exclusive for the royal family, prepared by the same academy which declared that status was irrelevant.

“It seems that he has returned—”

In the room where the sun was about to set, the ambience was dyed a pale red.

“—the traitor under the pretense of being a servant.”

There was a man standing by the window, smiling in amusement as if he was merely watching a comedy. However, his eyes weren’t laughing at all.

“Nothing is easier to handle than a traitor. In fact, it’s a much more useful pawn than an incompetent ally.”

Beyond the man’s eyes, there were two students who seemed to be having an enjoyable conversation with each other. One of the two students was the man’s servant—and also the traitor. Meanwhile, the other one was none other than that witch’s familiar.

The man naturally knew that today, his servant would visit the companion of the witch along with the witch herself, and also her familiar.

“…The wiser you are, the less you will realize that you’re being tricked.”

The man’s gaze shifted to the black-haired boy whom stood beside his servant. The witch’s familiar, who held a big book in his hand, was always behaving wisely—a cunning familiar.

The foolish and honest traitor should’ve testified to the familiar regarding his water spear magic by now. Of course, the stupid familiar would just take his words for it—

—without knowing it was all part of his plan.

From the time when that man declared war in the backyard, the familiar hadn’t realized that his plan was already underway.

Those pitiful puppets were completely unaware that everything was moving in accordance with the string the man was manipulating.

“An incompetent ally, and a fool under the guise of a wise man. Along with the witch, how silly will their dances be?”

In the room where the setting sun had fallen, the light had been lost.

The man—Roland Louis Ulyssia Elgacia smiled happily with one hand raised to chest.

It was as if he was watching invisible, funny, puppets dancing on the palm of his hand.

“Fufu, fufufufufufu…!”

Every moment, the hands of the clock which hung on the wall, advanced—

—the execution date of the fool was approaching.

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