Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

72.2 Returning to that Place

The air clears and the sight of the deep forest calms my heart.
I’ve returned. I take in the deeply moving ancient forest.

Yeah, nothing’s changed. Even though it’s winter, a lush green ceiling is being created by the various trees of the ancient forest. The cries and chirps of the animals and birds are the same as ever. Do they not hibernate?

While satisfying my nostalgia, I continue forward. It’s then my field of view spreads open.

A deep verdant carpet. The branches of the massive spirit tree spreading like an umbrella. And in the center of the moss-covered plaza, just like always, rests Old Sleigstar.

Nntto, welcome back!”

I catch Priscilla-chan in a fluster as she space jumps into my chest.
So, Priscilla-chan is here.

“I’m back.”
I greet Priscilla-chan who is happily clinging to me. Priscilla-chan is here.

“Welcome back.”
A bit of a distance away stands Mistral

“I- I’m back.”

It’s Mistral!

I haven’t been able to meet her all this time. I wanted and wanted to meet her, but it couldn’t be helped.

Tears reflectively come to my eyes as I rush up to her.
“It’s been so long!”

I’m already waving at Mistral with one hand as I hold Priscilla-chan with my other arm.

Mistral also happily raises her hand,

and swings it down.

Gya funn.”

Mistral’s iron fist strikes me straight in the head. It’s so painful, I’m crouched down holding my head with both hands. Priscilla-chan, worried, rubs my head.

“We finally get to meet after such a long time. What was that for?”

I, with a different sort of tears in my eyes, look up at Mistral.
Ah, she’s furious about something.

What happened to her smile just now? Her glare is sharp.

Is Mistral angry like this because of something I did?

“No, not eetto. Why didn’t you come back sooner?”
Mistral releases her anger at me with both her hands on her hips.

“What do you mean why…?”
“You inherited the Dragon’s Gem of Gild-sama’s long ago. Despite that, why didn’t you come back?”
Eeeh, how do you know about that?”

I’m shocked.
Mistral, with a, “Haa,” turns away from me.

Haa haa haa.”
The ancient forest sways as Old Sleigstar bursts with laughter.

“Thou didn’t notice Mistral, but she was worried about thee. Every few days, it seems she would head to Gild’s dwelling.”

Mistral’s face turns bright red, and she turns her body away from me.

Ha haan, it was like that?”
I stand up and stare at Mistral.

So, Mistral was earnestly worried about me. Despite what Ruiseine said, she actually went to Gild-san’s house just to see me. I never even noticed. Gild-san probably did, he just didn’t tell me for some reason.

“Thou was not there to be pampered.”
Old Sleigstar reads my mind. I really did miss everything.

“I- I was worried.”

Mistral, with a, “Funn, looks the other way and walks towards Old Sleigstar.

Ah, wait.”
I hurry after her in a fluster.

“So then, up to what point do you know?”
I get closer to Mistral with a grin on my face.

“I- I don’t know.”

Mistral, blushing bright red from embarrassment, is really cute.

“This one knows everything; reports of thou have been received. Still, this one would hear thine’s honest report from thine’s own mouth.”

I head up to Old Sleigstar and inform him that I safely competed my objective. Then, as he quietly listens to me, he narrows his eyes, giving me the impression that he is gazing inside of my body.

“Certainly, the power of the Dragon’s Gem can be sensed from inside of your body. Thou did well accomplishing this with thine’s own power.”
Old Sleigstar nods in satisfaction.

Mumumu, I didn’t accomplish this with my power alone. Maybe he doesn’t know about the spirit-san?

“A spirit?”
Old Sleigstar looks at me with great interest.

“Yes, that’s right.”
With those words, I call the spirit girl of the spirit tree. Countless grains of light appear and take form.

Then, as a blond haired little girl materializes, Priscilla-chan’s eyes go round with shock.

Mistral, who turned away from Old Sleigstar, also stares in amazement.

“Priscilla can occasionally see me. Nice to meet you, I am the spirit of the spirit tree.”
The young girl introduces herself as she rotates in the air.

Nntto, spirit-san.”
Priscilla-chan happily takes the girl’s hand and dances around.

She too dance jumps along with her. Looks like they immediately became good friends.

Hohoo, how surprising.”
Old Sleigstar, opens his rarely seen eyes as he stares at the little girl prancing with Priscilla-chan.

“Did Mistral not know either?”
“I only knew about what was happening on the surface. Gild-sama didn’t tell me about this either.”
Heee, you didn’t just watch when you came, but you also met with Gild-san?”

Mistral once more turns red and looks away at my quip.

T/N: So, I’m picture a scene were someone at Ernea’s school makes fun of his wooden sword and the spirit materialize to punch said offender.

~Gandire Alea

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