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29.1 The Clown Dances

“—Hence why, I will be participating in the magic tournament. Ms. Kirklight, please keep an eye on Sharina so she doesn’t do anything extreme while watching the game.”

“I, I also want to see Riol-kun’s game! Let me cheer for you!”

A few days after Roland’s assault. Sharina returned to the Kirklight family’s villa with Riol under the notion of returning the book he had borrowed, ‘The True Prince ~the True Love of Countess Rishana and the Poor Baron Lurio’.

Thus, the returned book was burned by Angelica’s magic as per the original promise. Her attribute was fire, just like that of her fiery hair and eyes.

“Keep an eye on Sharina? But why?”

“Because previously, she almost leaped from the audience seats… that was dangerous, I don’t want her to attempt that again.”

By the way, the table that was usually surrounded by three people now had an additional member—indeed, Tobias was also present.

“So that part about her jumping actually happened and was not a dramatization—!?”

“Yes, actually, that does sound like what Shari would do.”

When they talked about the circumstances of a few days ago, Angelica said she’d like to meet Tobias if he was truly an ally. Of course, Tobias was willing to accept, and decided to visit her today. He had just finished introducing himself.

To Tobias, who said that it was fine to refer to him without honorifics, Angelica’s answer was as simple as, “Is that so? I shall do that.”

“That’s why, someone needs to keep an eye on her so she won’t attempt that again.”

“It’s okay, Riol. Below the audience seats is grass instead of stones. If it’s only that high, I can grab the edge, kick the wall, and land with the parachute landing method.”

“…That would give rise to even weirder crises.”

When she was told off about her attempting to jumping out of the audience seats in the duel three months ago, Sharina answered pridefully.

“Never would I have thought that the day this training from Gabriella would prove useful would arrive this quickly.”

“Never would I have thought she was taught by that maid again.”

“Gabriella said something about if I, both a damsel and a countess, were to be kidnapped and locked in a high place such as a tower, I’d be able to escape.”

Gabriella was a maid who had served the Clydea family ever since Sharina was a child. From the maid, who shared a name with an angel, Sharina had learned a lot—be it the ecology of insects, how to dye dresses (DIY), and how to differentiate edible wild grasses and hunt wild birds.

“By the way, as I’ve said before, why was there a need to learn how to hunt wild birds?”

“Gabriella said something about if I, upon crossing a forest by carriage were to be attacked by monsters, and in the worst possible outcome, become the sole survivor, I’d be able to survive in the wilderness.”

“…It sounds like that maid of the Clydea family, who has great name, has the resolve to survive even the worst-case scenario…”

“She sounds like a great maid! …Actually, no, she sounds like a member of a special force rather than a maid.”

Gabriella also said something about being a girl was tough.

Sharina recalled that during childhood, she saw Gabriella tending to an armament while saying, “The prince doesn’t always come, you know.” In Sharina’s opinion, that maid of her’s looked very cool.

Moreover, the ‘armament’ Gabriella was tending to was a battle axe, one with enough power to even kill the prince.

“She also said that it’d be difficult if they were to come in flock, because she has never dealt with three or more medium-sized beasts.”

“Then, she is fine with two??? She’s basically saying she can handle two enemies just fine, right???”

“Even that’s already a very difficult thing to achieve. Fighting two enemies is tedious—each with its own separate movements—at the same time. Just once, I want to meet that maid.”

Sharina herself had never befallen the situations that the tad bit overly dramatic maid had envisioned. But somehow, all Gabriella’s teachings were useful in unexpected places.

“Wait, we’re steadily deviating from the main topic. If I were to keep an eye on Sharina, I won’t be able to watch Riol-kun’s match!”

“As long as you can promise me that Sharina won’t jump.”

“Alright… I won’t jump, I don’t want to be a nuisance to both Ange and Riol…”

A shame. It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to apply Gabriella’s teachings at that time.

It seemed that Riol disapproved of Sharina trying to jump last time.

“…I’m just worried that you’ll get hurt. If you want to give me a victory embrace, you can do it as many times as you like, later. So please stay quiet in the audience seat.”


The words of Riol, which he only muttered, was clearly heard by Sharina.

“Eh? These two aren’t dating, yet?”

“Unbelievable, right? They’ve been dragging it out ever since summer vacation…”

Suddenly, Angelica and Tobias, who sat diagonally opposite of each other, were supplementing each other’s comments. Even though it had been less than an hour ever since they met, they seemed to have become friends.

“Even so, isn’t Riol-kun really confident? Well, with Riol-kun’s amulets, the royal family is nothing! Even His Highness Leonardo was defeated!”

“Not really. I don’t know the details of this duel, so I can’t use the same tactic twice.”

“—Doesn’t that sound bad!?”

Angelica, who excitedly picked up a cookie from a plate, slammed it the next moment.

“How are you going to win, then!? Why are you so calm!? You don’t even know what to do!”

“Surely, at this rate, Riol will be at a disadvantage—eh, could it be, you’re planning something?”

Tobias, who was thinking with his arm crossed, suddenly raised his face.

“Provide me with insight regarding the other day.”

“Oh, right! About the water spear! That’s right, that’s the spell His Highness Roland is the most proficient with! By the way, about that time, I’m really sorry…!”

“It’s not Tobias’ fault, so don’t worry about it anymore.”

“But for him to also vanish using a magic tool… there’s a limit to cowardice!”

Tobias’ expression turned extremely sharp. The wrinkles caused by his facial muscles were intense.

“That brooch with the crest of the royal family is exclusive and not available on the market, correct? …His Highness must’ve either made it himself, or modified it.”

“Oh, I get what you mean. It seems that His Highness modified it after purchasing it from some merchant. I don’t know the details, though. Eh, how did you guess such?”

“Because no common magic instrument craftsmen would simply incorporate the crest of the royal family into their products.”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right… but, who would’ve thought something branded with the royal family crest would be used for devilry…”

It had been a few days since the assault, but Tobias seemed to recall everything vividly—he was truly concerned about it.

“Don’t be depressed, Tobias. Rather, I’m grateful that Tobias saved Riol. Thank you for that time.”


“By the way, what become of the white cat?”

“Oh, I’ve already become that cat’s idol—I named him ‘Shiro[1]’.”

Sharina casually diverted the topic. That white cat, which they found at school, had been taken home by Tobias who said he’d keep it at the Gardner house.

“I still don’t have a cat yet, but I do have a pet. She’s cute, her name is Shiratama.”

“Oh, could it be, a white, round, dog? My, that would be so cute!”

“No, actually, it’s a snow seal.”

“Seal—!? No, aren’t snow seals supposed to be monsters—!?”

“She got lost in the pond of my garden due to the great storm five years ago.”

It seemed that they had successfully distracted Tobias. He didn’t seem that depressed anymore.

[1] Shiro means white

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