I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! Translation

I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but My Fiancé (Main Hero) is Taking Care of Me?! [Chapter 3]

Chapter Three: The True Nature of My Fiancé

Huh? His hobby is taking care of people…that’s congruent with the game settings, right?

I’d thought about Reginald-sama’s revelation. If you think about it, though there are bugs in Euphemia’s character, isn’t it too strange that the main character’s route is also corrupted? When I thought that, it occurred to me that this strange direction might hinder the heroine from capturing him.

In the game, Reginald disliked Euphemia, but Reginald-sama right now is happily staring at me. Wait, doesn’t that mean the engagement cancellation or exile routes won’t happen?

“Well, uh, does Reginald-sama perhaps like troublesome women?”

The game’s heroine, Ginger, had been a relatively strong character. She was new to romance, but that’s common in royalty routes in otome games. I’d thought that it was good that she was a brave girl who was a beginner at romance.

“Well, there are many splendid young ladies in aristocratic societies…but there are extremely few who would have leftover candy on their lips like this.” As he said this, Reginald-sama reached out and touched my lips, taking something off to show me. It was candy residue. I was quite embarrassed and lowered my head.

“N-no, but it’s possible that I’m pretending to be childlike. It’s possible that I’m a little absentminded but only masquerading as an airhead…”

“No, in the first place, Euphemia-jyou has always been regarded as an ‘eccentric young lady’ in aristocratic circles. Certainly it is possible that you have been faking it until now, but Marquis Aiden wouldn’t take such a risky approach to making his daughter the Crown Princess.” Reginald-sama smiled at me happily.

Ah, that’s right. Euphemia Aiden has always been regarded as an ‘eccentric young lady’ in the social circles of this timeline. However, Marquis Aiden was brilliant. Such a man wouldn’t have risked the title of Crown Princess by feigning an act like that. Reginald-sama was exactly right.

“And, Euphemia-jyou’s eyes feel pure…I like you, whose personality is like this. It’s similar to a small animal.”

…I don’t think those are the correct words for one’s fiancée.

Thinking this, I give Reginald-sama a cold gaze, but the person in question only laughs, simply saying a “I’m sorry.” By the way, this is probably the first time I’ve seen him laugh. In the game he’d only given the heroine a sweet smile, but he’d never laughed like this.

“…Well, I’ll forgive you this time because of the delicious sweets.”

That’s not a tone one should take with their superiors, but Reginald smiled as if relieved and said: “That’s great.”

…I wonder what’s going on. Wouldn’t it be normal to get angry at a time like this?

I reached for another cookie and threw it in my mouth as I thought about this. It was fragrant and delicious.

“By the way, Euphemia-jyou, how about some delicious tea? I’ve procured a selection of sweets that will go well with them.”

“…I’ll have some.” Reginald-sama smiled and recommended a tea to me. I’d been taught a few brands but wasn’t familiar with black tea, therefore could only say: “As you recommend.”

The Prince’s valet quickly brewed the tea. If I remember correctly, his name was Roy. Though he was depicted simply as a mob character in the game, he was Reginald’s most trusted servant. “Here you are, Euphemia-sama.” The corners of Roy’s deep blue eyes crinkled as he offered me the cup of tea.

Steam rose and a nice scent tickled my nose. After enjoying the aroma, I slowly sipped the tea. It was delicious. It had an elegant taste that paired well with both baked and eastern deserts…

It’s a taste that didn’t exist in my previous life.

“How is it, Euphemia-jyou?” Reginald-sama asked, smiling at me, who was daydreaming. Perhaps this person likes feeding others. After all, he likened me to a small animal. But since the tea was sweet and delicious, I nodded gently.

“I’m so glad. It was worth arranging if Euphemia-jyou likes it,” Reginald-sama says.

…His words and expression make something inside my chest tighten. As expected of the hero of an otome game: his ridiculously lovely voice and handsome face cause lethal damage. Especially to someone like me with no experience.

“I’m so happy to be able to take care of you like this. And, I’m happy to be engaged to you. If it’s with you, I don’t think I’ll have trouble taking care of you for the rest of my life.”

However, I was surprised by Reginald-sama’s continuation. Am I being seen as a little sister instead of a fiancée? Or, perhaps, worst yet, as a pet? Realizing such a possibility, I could only stare at Reginald-sama’s face in a daze.