Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

21. The Special Ability of God

A certain problem fills my head while I’m receiving my public education.

“The family register and citizenship… right.”

I am troubled by Rin’s family register and citizenship. Rin is a shikigami, but she shows no signs of disappearing unlike normal shikigami. I asked the class representative’s otou-san about it through Kuro, but he doesn’t know how to erase her either due to there being no precedent for this. That means she will continue to live together with me. As such, a situation where she’ll require identification will absolutely occur.

“Just what can I do…? Aren’t there any techniques for manipulating memories…?”

I’ve watched a countless number of hypnotism videos, but I haven’t been able to learn anything. Apparently, establishing a suggestion beforehand is an important requirement. Also, from what I saw in those videos, I couldn’t get enough information to learn how.

I would like to ask the class representative’s otou-san some more about onmyou techniques, but I’ve already received too much assistance from him. To ask for more without revealing my identity isn’t something I can accept.

Well, there are no problems right now. I suppose I’ll just keep seeking and seeking.

“Kousuke, you still don’t understand that question? Uuwa—.”
“Shut it, I can understand this much!”

Takigawa misunderstands due to my worrying while staring at my sheet of homework.

“Calm down, the next class is about to start.”
“Classes are so bothersome—.”

“The next class… ah!”

I remember at Ishida’s warning. Takigawa doesn’t seem to have noticed, but in the following allotment of time—

“——Everyone-san, please take a— seat. I am going to explain the [recreation accommodation] coming next month.”

The class goes into an uproar at the class representative mentioning the phrase [recreation accommodation]. The [recreation accommodation], which will be next month, is a 3 days 2 nights accommodation lesson that is carried out one month after entering school. In this high school, 1st years have [recreation accommodation] and [maritime school] while 2nd years have [forest school] and an [excursion].

This school has many accommodation related events. It seems to be a stance for magnificent relaxation due to the intensity of our everyday lessons. These trips are why, out of the numerous high schools in this city, I specifically chose here as my number 1 choice.

“From the printouts that have been distributed, you can see that I wish to create our groups today. Please make groups of 5, and ensure there are 2 men and women in each group.”

The classroom creates an even bigger uproar.
Oh, looks team [riajuu1] is quickly springing to action.

“Let’s group up together.”
“Tomo-kun! Yeah—!”

With the riajuu leading, other groups begin forming one after the other.

“Kousuke, Nariyuki, we too have to hurry up at talk to some girls…”
“Takigawa, calm down.”
“Like Ishida said, calm down, calm down.”

If we are to assume the premise that the 3 of us are a group, then we need 2 girls. That said, I’m not worried. In our class, there are 20 boy and 20 girls for a total of 40 people. Eventually, the left over girls will have to talk to us.

“The cute girls will all be taken if we’re too slow!”
Fuu, what are you talking about now?”

Like Ishida said, just what is this guy saying?

In this class, the men have been divided into 4 large categories. It’s understood that there is an implicit caste system here. Out of all the groups, the one with the highest standing and the strongest influence is team [riajuu]. They range from frivolous guys to guys who like to play around along with all sorts of members in between. Next is team [sports club] which is organized with the baseball club at its core. As for anime and manga, that falls under team [ota] which is a gathering of people with various hobbies. Last is… us 3 who create team [riffraff2].

As such, nothing is going to change even if we do invite girls to join us.

“You brutes, why am I part of…”
“Those who leave won’t be missed.”

“Takigawa, stay healthy, alright.”

“I like being part of this group!”

Incidentally, being part of the bottom caste doesn’t mean bullying. I talk with the members of team riajuu and teamsports club all the time. All in all, we’re just a grouping of the leftovers.

“Mi-Mizukami-san, wo-won’t you join our group!?”

Ooh! Someone from team riajuu invited the class representative without yielding to the glares of the dark organization (fan club). Speaking of which, the dark organization consists of members from all the teams equally. As such, its scale is unknown.

“Thank you for this invitation, but there is someone I want to invite. Forgive me for it, alright?”

The entire class falls silent for an instant. Immediately after, everyone goes back to speaking as if nothing had happened, but all I hear are casual, “Nice weather we’re having, right?”, and “It really is.” Everyone is pretending to talk while actually paying close attention to the class representative.

“Mizukami-san… has someone she wants to invite?”
“Settle down. We are an organization that wishes for that person’s happiness. Regardless of who, our duty is to attentively watch over said person with open hearts.”

From all the talking voices, I hear a pretty cool line. Most likely, it seems to be from the dark organization.

I glance at the classroom from the side and see various expressions. They range from those with faces fully expecting they will be selected to those with troubled faces who can’t believe what was just said. This is a pretty interesting class.

“Ai-chan, sorry about this.”
“Others are fine. From the start, I intended to go along with Uruka’s decision. Well? Who do you plan to invite from the boys?”

Walking alongside the class representative is, Aihara Eika-san3, Ai-chan. With a height close to 170cm, a short cut hair style, and being versatile in sports, Aihara is tremendously popular as an ikemen4 girl. The cuteness gap she sometimes shows makes her quite popular among the boys, too. After the class representative, she places as second in this class.

Even then, when those two walk alongside each other… it’s incredible.

“The Ten Commandments… of Moses.”

Takigawa is saying something weird, but it’s exactly that. Those gathered break apart to create a road, allowing the 2 to walk unhindered. Then, after they pass by, the boys who weren’t chosen sag in shock one after another.


It seems likes the class representative is coming this way. Just like my other classmates, I too quietly step aside.

“Yu- Yuuki-kun.”
“Ye- Yesh?”

The class representative has come to stop before me and calls my name.


Aihara-san slaps the class representative in the back is if to say, “You can do it.”

Ano, would it, be alright to also, join Yuuki-kun’s group?”
Ehh…… We- We gratefully accept.”
“Thank you!”

Upon hearing my response, the class representative’s face blooms with a smile. I’m unable to take in the situation, but for now, cute.

“It- It’s frustrating, but nice, Kousuke!”
“With Aihara-san, that’s exactly 5 people. With this, it looks like our group is decided.”

Takigawa and Ishida also appear to be in agreement. Our group is settled with this. Or actually, the reactions happening around us is worrying, but it can’t be helped.

Kya—! Uruka-chan, so daring.”

The girls cry out, “Kya— kya—,” while the boys glare at me as they cry tears of blood. What is with this situation? I’m getting a feeling of déjà ve.

“Yuuki… is pretty cool.”
“I mean, he doesn’t really come off as a man.”

I seem to be hearing some rude impressions from team riajuu


Hm? The leader of team riajuu, Tomo-kun, Satou Tomoyuki5, talks to me.

“I acknowledge you, Yuuki. This class, I entrust it you.”

On this day, team [riffraff] shined at 1st place in the class caste.

—Diamond of Greed recalls the horrors he faced while Pride sat back enjoying himself—

“Touri, Touri, hey, hey, look, look.”
“What it is, Yui?”

At a certain place in a road station in western Japan, inside of a parked car that’s camping the night, a girl gets excited as she stares at a computer.

“Just now, just now, I started hacking into the organizations activity records.”
“You… shouldn’t there be an [electronic brain] special ability other there, too?”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. To those chicks who are rank B or lower, I won’t lose, I won’t lose. Well, I was only able to snatch the activity records at the last second though—.”

Touri sends a look of disapproval towards Yui who is casually acting in a way that could shake their current lifestyle.

“More importantly, this, this, look, look.”

The young man called Touri takes a quick glance at the screen.

“This is… everyone from the organization who’s coming to Japan!? Furthermore, to Sapporo.”
“Yeah… it’s where Shizuka-chan and the others are.”

Touri’s expression darkens.

“Let’s immediately go…”
“We can’t, we can’t. Look at this, 2 rank B and 3 rank A are already there!? Touri might be strong but taking on these 5 is impossible.”
“Still, those guys are going to be captured at this rate. If that happens, this world might fall into the organization’s grasp.”

Touri’s expression twists with frustration as he murmurs such.

“Before that, here, here, look, look.”

The girl called Yui once more holds the screen towards Touri.

“Apparently, a black cat-chan with a special ability defeated 2 rank B and a rank A. Moreover, instant defeat.”

Touri is shocked by the revelation. Although the report says, “attacked on an opening created by a moment of carelessness,” he knows something like that isn’t enough for 3 people to be instantly defeated.

“That’s not all. The black cat-chan seems to be the comrade of a high schooler-kun who defeated Dius-kun.”
“Dius was!?”

Rank A Dius, he usually has an easy going attitude, but boasts of having a top class special ability in regards to combat within the organization. Even for Touri himself, Dius isn’t someone he can defeat without resolving himself.

“Moreover, instead of saying he was defeated, it seems he was already in jail by the time he noticed it. The memories of the police-san who arrested him are also a bit vague towards the details. They can’t even remember why they arrested him… It’s almost as if, a consistent story was forcibly established.”
“That means…”
“Yeah, if that’s what happened, then it’s probably [event rewrite].”

Yui talks with a serious expression. Touri’s eyes widen upon hearing her words before crying out.

“Isn’t that [the special ability of god], the purpose of the organization!?”
“That might be the case, that might be the case. Which is why, this high schooler-kun, I think we should ask him~ in regards to Shizuka-chan and the others.”

“What are you saying!?” Is what the silent Touri screams out. This is because he knows Yui isn’t someone who puts any thought behind her words when it comes to important decisions.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, I’m properly thinking about this. Let me tell you about this high schooler-kun, about Yuuki-kun. When I examined his personal history, I discovered that he was normal. No matter where I looked, normal. He is just your average member of society.”
“…Couldn’t he be using [the special ability of god] to rewrite a false personal history for himself?”
“That’s possible, but I don’t think someone who’d go out of his way to live as an ordinary member of society is a bad person? While there might be some constraints or conditions, getting rich(!) or having a harem(!) seem like they should be simple desires to fulfill.”
“I see…”

If a dishonest person filled with malice or desire were to possess [the special ability of god], then that person playing the role of an average person would be unlikely. When Touri considers that, he agrees that Yui has a point.

“Well, it’s all just conjuncture though. For now, all that I do know is that Yuuki-kun has the power to help Shizuka-chan and the others, and that he is hostile to the organization. Furthermore, we don’t have the strength to help them. Or that’s what I think.”
“We don’t… seem to have any other choice…”

Touri, after hearing Yui’s explanation, agrees with proposal after thinking about it some.

“In that case, I shall request this person for assistance.”
“Understood, however, the moment something happens, it’s possible that I’ll be taking action too.”

Should the organization get their hands on [the special ability of god], their current life would certainly crumble away. Touri, who considers even that moment where he is talking with Yui as precious, thinks such and resolves himself.

“Everything will be fine, Touri. We, won’t have our freedom stolen away anymore. No matter who, it absolutely…”

Yui gently wraps her hands around Touri’s clenched fists.

T/N: If he wants a technique for manipulating memories, he should use Koba’s [Union] technique. Also, Dius might not be the villain we’ve all been making him out to be. Still, I’m surprised Kami-sama actually sent a person to jail >.>. I thought that was a fudged story he made to fit the situation.

<20. Urgent Family Mee—ting!
22. Tra0sformer>

  1. People who seem to be living the life: lots of friends, in relationships, out going, and are being cursed to explode by the majority of the population.
  2. It can also be read as mob, but riffraff sounds better.
  3. 相原 栄華
  4. A handsome/suave man
  5. 佐藤 知幸