The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

99.2 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (47)

Before the frowning Hadith, Listeard appeared.

“Uncle! Just stop, already! Hadith is trying to recognize us as the Rave royal family, wasting such benevolence is—”

“—Where’s the evidence!? The evidence that this guy wouldn’t betray us in the future—!!”

Listeard, whom was yelling, distorted his face.

“…But uncle, I believe in him—no, I have to believe in him.”

It was Elynsia who stood up.

“We were the selfish ones—we only thought about our own self-preservation and turned our backs on him. Hadith, who has forgiven us despite all that, will make a fine emperor. All we need is the strength to believe in him.”

“Such naivety…!! In actuality, what can you protect with such softness?!”

Georg screamed. His eyes moved, and he saw the fake sword he was still holding—

—his right arm began to swell with tremendous momentum.


The change happened in an instant. His right arm began to overflow from his thick armor. His eyes began to turn inside out as his shoulders, neck, and entire body continued to expand, bursting through his armor. His skin had darkened and increased in volume—his legs, hands, and head morphed into horrifying chunks of meat.

“If we… don’t kill the fake dragon emperor, we will—…”

Jill shouted as she got enveloped by Georg’s growing large shadow.

“Your Majesty, is this the curse of Rave?!”

“No, that fake heavenly sword is devouring my uncle.”

“Be it my daughter, brother, nephew—everyone who received the Dragon Emperor’s judgement…”

Listeard and Elynsia stared at their ever-changing uncle in shock.

“If, I don’t do it, I won’t be able to save—”

“Uncle, uncle! Everything will be fine, just throw that fake sword away!”

“—even if I am to be consumed…!”

The fake heavenly sword swallowed him. His limbs had regrown, and while he was on all fours, blue wings popped out from his back.

It was a dragon-like monster.

“I will protect, my family, protect, protect—kill, kill all the descendants of the Dragon God, with the power of the Goddess!”

His eyes were wide open, and his diagonally torn mouth made a strange voice which resembled a scream instead of words.

His scream was earsplitting. The black dragon spewed fire, but the monster which was formerly Georg flapped its wings and flew into the sky. Then, it flew straight towards the Imperial Capital at a tremendous speed.

The screams of the army, whom witnessed the sudden appearance of the monster, could be heard.

“Is he going to attack the Imperial Capital!? Rosa!”

“Brynhildr, come! I will stop uncle! Older sister, go gather the Imperial Army!”

Elynsia and Listeard summoned their dragons and rode immediately. Jill also shouted.

“Lawrence, Camila, Zeke, escort the residents of the Imperial Capital to safety! Your Majesty—Your Majesty?”

He suddenly leaned down, to the confusion of Jill. Then, he stroked her cheek with his big palm with a gentleness that was unsuitable for the tense situation.

“Go, Black Dragon, I entrust the Dragon Princess to you.”


“Rave, let’s go.”

“Right away.”

When she tried to beckon to him, Hadith had already kicked the ground.

Hadith flew with increasing momentum to catch up with the monster flying straight towards the Imperial Capital. Jill hurriedly chase after him with the black dragon.

Monster Georg destroyed the magical barriers and walls of the Imperial Capital using sound waves produced through its mouth. The sounds of buildings collapsing, screaming, and also a loud noise rose from the Imperial Capital. Was that reverberating alarm bell for signaling enemy attacks?

However, the emperor, who managed to overtake the monster, stood in the sky above the Imperial Capital.

“You tried to protect this empire and your family from me—from the Goddess.”

The silver sword in his hand, the possession of the Dragon Emperor, gleamed.

As if frustrated, the monster unleashed its magical power.

“This is my oath to you. Don’t worry, I will surely—”

Jill, whom was desperately trying to catch up to him, couldn’t hear what he had said. However, even though it was daytime, she smiled when she saw his magical power—

—silver in color, it shone like stardust.

When they saw such power, would they still doubt him?

He was the emperor who protected the empire.

He was also the Dragon Emperor who received the blessing of Dragon God.

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