The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

30.2 The Aberrant Overlord Listens to the Winged Ones, and Gets Pressured.

[….. King-sama.]
Roroi’s squishy cheeks redden as gazes my way. She then places her lips to the bowl’s spout and starts drinking.

[Wah, Rurui’s is about to spill too. King-sama, King-samaー]
[Alright, alright.]

Somehow, it feels like I’m looking after my troublesome little sister. Well, that’s a pretty old story, though.

[A, ano ano. King-sama?]
[What is it, Rurui?]
[To be honest, we harpies are night-blind. We can’t see well in dark places.]
[…..Is that so?]

It’s certainly pitch black outside.
But… these two came just earlier, right? Didn’t they fly here while it’s pitch black out?

[We did our best so that we could report to King-sama. We’re really bad at flying during the night.]
[That’s rightー]

Roroi follows up on Rurui’s lines. 

[Therefore, can’t we stay over King-sama’s house for the night?] [We’re afraid of the darkー]
[We’ll only stay until the morningー] [Only until thenー]

Pata-pata, Rurui and Roroi flutter their small wings. The two of them, who have the appearance of a grade schoolers, koko-koku, nod.

… Well, I guess it’s alright.
The two of them are like children anyway.

[Although, wouldn’t going to the village chief’s residence instead be better? That place has more space, and Lizette and Haruka are over there too.]
[That would be meaningless!] [If it isn’t here, it’s no good!]
[…….is that so?]
[Please grant us your benevolenceー] [Please grant us your compassionー]
[……Well, if you’re going that far,]

I did make them work this late into the night. Not to mention, I don’t really mind for one night.

[Very well, I unde──]
[Obviously, that is no good!!]

A shout echoes.

The two harpies and I look towards the door at the same time. Standing there is── Lizette with her shoulders squared.

[What are you two taking advantage of Lizette’s and everyone else’s absence to do to Shouma-nii-sama!?]
[We’d like to make offsprings──] [Children with those with powerful wings, they are precious──]
[…….. Come again?]

Rurui and Roroi stand on their chairs, then with an, “ahem,” puff out their chests.

Hang on. When did that become the topic?

[For us harpy, the one with powerful wings is our king.」[The one worthy to dedicate our love to.]
[Therefore, while we’re here to report,] [We thought that we’d like to receive his love.]
[……I’m sorry. All in all, I have no intention towards doing that.]

Needless to say──.
I’ve only just recently come to this world, so I don’t feel like doing that. To begin with, I might go back to my former world once this world becomes peaceful. Abandoning my children in this world… I’d rather not do that.

[Moreover, my abilities were acquired. I don’t think they’ll be passed on to my children.]
[If such is what King-sama says──] [Ask us whenever you change your mind──]

With that said, Rurui and Roroi spring out of the house. Then, they flapped their wings and fly in the direction of the Harpy Village.

[….. Aren’t they supposed to have poor night vision?]
[They can see just fine. Those harpies…]

Haa, Lizette sighs.

[Those children are a mischievous bunch. Shouma-nii-sama needs to be careful too.]
[My bad. I let my guard down.]

I said.

[I’ll explain about my wings in detail to them later. With that, they should give up.]
[Lizette… doesn’t think it matters.]
[Is that so?]
[They might be mischievous, but the loyalty of those children is genuine.]

“Otherwise, they wouldn’t just obediently follow their orders,” Lizette adds.

I see.

Managing people of another world is surprisingly complex. I’ll think of an exclusive reward for the harpies later.

[By the way, Lizette, why are you here?]
[……Lizette almost forgot.]

Lizette, pon, strikes the palm of her hand.

[Something is strange with Yukino-san, so Lizette came here to report that to Shouma-nii-sama.]

[Yes, Yukino-san has a bit of a fever, and is having a nightmare. If someone learned in medicine were to give an examination…… the diagnosis would probably be judged as exhaustion. Aniue-sama and Yukino-sama came from the same world, yes? Then perhaps Shouma-nii-sama might know a way to deal with it, is what Lizette thought.]
[Understood, I’ll be right there.]

Didn’t Yukino mention having a sickly body in the previous world? Since she was reincarnated here, her body should’ve become healthy. The goddess-san did restore my physical and mental strength to their prime after all.

Regardless, I can’t just leave this matter alone.

If I’m not mistaken, there should still be a bottle of mineral water and a few chocolate bars left inside the 『King’s Vessel』. If I reveal that I came from the same world as her and give them to her, it may help her heart calm down.

Also, there’s still some of the hot water that I boiled earlier. I’ll put that inside the『King’s Vessel』 too.

[Sorry for the trouble, Lizette.]

I leave the house together with Lizette.

[Yukino is my house guest. Truthfully, I should be the one to accompany and take care of her.]
[Not at all.]

Lizette shakes her head.

[Shouma-nii-sama’s house guest is an important guest for Lizette, too.]
[Thank you.]
[Besides…… it’s strange, but…….]

Lizette, as she walks beside me, shakes her silver hair and looks at me.

[Yukino-san has the same smell as Ani-sama. How should I put it…… It’s the smell of people who brave themselves against evil, something along those lines.]

That’s probably the smell of a chuunibyou, Lizette.

[……Though in my case, I should’ve made a complete recovery…….]

……That’s how it is.
……That how it should be.
……That’s how I hope it is……

With such things in mind, Lizette and I headed for the village chief’s residence.

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