I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

76. Last Go! (5)

Because that world was a miniature garden prepared for pleasing the desires of Saint Mia’s heart, she was allowed to act as she pleased—regardless of whether her actions were wrongful or right.

Conversely, even if she wanted to return home, Saint Mia couldn’t. Even if she wanted to run away, she was unable to. The current situation, in which she was treated as a mere hindrance rather than a saint caused her to be slightly uneasy.

Therefore, I will have to pray in earnest so they’ll reach heights they normally wouldn’t. No, it’s not that I felt sorry for Saint Mia—if there’s an angel with a heart, please collect that woman quickly.

At last, Ally finally learned the dark healing magic.

It was a special training she wouldn’t had survived alone—however, she was able to overcome it because she had friends to train with her.

Abel, Madiroll, Takkun, and also her four best friends went to cheer her on in the back mountains. Whenever she returned from the West Wing, the sight of Stila and Jean would heal her, while at night, she’d be flirting with Maximilian.

Although there was no problem in terms of physical strength, she wanted to help him as soon as possible because his mental fatigue seemed to be unusual. As the dark healing magic progressed day by night, in contrast, Ally’s eyesight seemed to be worsening. If her sight of the Overlord Muscle grew even more awesome than that, her heart might burst!

Their lack of familiarity with romance often left her disappointed because it would almost always distort their sweet atmosphere.

Even so, she was happy when Maximilian noticed that, “Something is coming out of Ally’s hand.”

The dark healing magic initially baffled her because it wasn’t something that sparkled, but instead was black and sticky. Even so, it was also a power which enabled her to become someone’s hope.

“Ally, soon enough, you’ll be able to brag about it. It turns out healing magic isn’t something that is patented for those Shits of Light only.”

Until a few days ago, there was a discussion about said patent. Despite that, only Ally could use dark healing magic—in of itself, it was also patented.

Takkun, I will be the one to reveal it to him first, thank you!

Her lovey-dovey moment with Maximilian was a little hellish because Abel and Takkun kept teasing her telepathically. Somehow, it was just embarrassing. However, Maximilian though she was just being a bashful maiden in love, so it was alright.

“That, uh, Your Highness, I can now use healing magic. However, it’s also a dark attribute spell, and the adjustment is also difficult due to the power consumption…”

Until she fully mastered it, she had decided to keep it a secret. The special training made her use muscles she normally wouldn’t. When she remembered her terrible situation, the maiden side of Ally fainted in agony.

Because they were both unmarried, the ancient spirits whom were present kept close attention to them.

Maximilian, who seemed to process what she was saying at a slower pace, was silent for a while. When the meaning of her words reached his head, he showed a smile akin to blooming flower. He didn’t even doubt her in the slightest—

“—I’ve been wondering how to stop the saint without the use of violence. Thank you, Ally, you’re the goddess of salvation.”

Maximilian stood up from his chair, knelt down, and grabbed Ally’s hand. As usual, the sight was a bit disturbing, but she wasn’t going to stop him.

The crown prince, whom was running around just to save the country, needed support. His parents were eager to take in Saint Mia, therefore he needed to do what was required of him in secret. He was aiming to overthrow the saint—that goal alone was enough to make her fall in love with him.

“A saint who keeps healing magic ‘hostage’ can’t be left alone any further. As a crown prince, I was looking for a way to flip the situation and crush her, but to be honest, I was in a fog. Truly, how pathetic…”

Maximilian, with his too-huge-for-a-crown-prince body, said nonchalantly. He probably didn’t mean it literally, as in, it wouldn’t end in splatter. His expression was super rational.

“The miraculous power given by the Apostle of Darkness is too exhausting to be used many times. That’s why, it’s necessary to only use it when it’s truly required. Not to mention, it’ll be more favorable to cast it in a place where as many people as possible can gather.”

“There should be no problem with that. After all, Saint Mia has requested me for a repetition of that grand ball.”

I see, Ally’s gaze grew distant.

It seemed that the previous grand ball was to the extreme humiliation of the saint.

“Hey, Saint of Darkness, I will enable the crown prince to see the Angels of Light, so tell him to give a clear explanation to my superior and friends who are suffering from hematuria due to the saint. Angels are timid, but once they know the actual situation, they’ll have the courage to jump out.”

The voice of Madiroll, which was quite avant-garde for an angel, resounded. Ally decided to convey the words to Maximilian by whispering them into his ear.

It seemed that the final battle would be during the second grand ball.

To be honest, there was no need to whisper into his ear, but she wanted to close their distance.

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