The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

31.2 Exorcising the Nightmare with the Overlord’s Power of Words

[Fear not. We’ll just overwhelm it with the power of an even stronger demon.]
[…… True, King-sama!?]
[Before my demonic technique, 『MAGI』, a demon king is nothing but an infant. Anyhow, I shall have you witness it. Under the name of the 『Organic Dragon King』, manifest from the earth demonic dragon. Now, with a single demonic technique,《Absolute Sight (twin headed dragon of the absolute end through destruction and ruin)》……….』

With that, here I turn to Lizette and Haruka. I somehow manage to communicate it to both of them, and──

[Aah, through the power of the Dragon King, the Great Demon King Guerlain Balbaran is being vanquished―!!]
[Before the Dragon King of Organic Cultivation, not a single gathering of great magic can standー][1]

Suuー, as I lower the palm of my hand, the 2 of them make their voices fade out. They have quite the acting ability.

Then, as we listen carefully……

[………Thank you……. My…… Lord-sama……]
Yukino’s breathing calms down.

Her nightmare seems to have passed.

I place Yukino’s hand back on the bed and look towards Haruka and Lizette.

[I’ll going to go back to the house soon. But until then, I’ll be in the living room. Call me if something happens.]
[Understood, Aniue-sama. I’ll look after Yukino-chan.]

Haruka, for some reason, nods with an excited look on her face.

[Anyway, Nii-sama. That… was amazing. Yukino-chan’s nightmare was driven away just like that. Where did you learn such a thing like that?]
[Long ago, when I was down with a fever…… I had a nightmare, and my Jii-chan did the same thing to me.]

He grabbed my hand, saying, 『Fuhahahaa! There is nothing to be frightened of. Aren’t you [Kiryuuou Shouma]? This 《Dragonic Awakened Wolf》 is with you. No matter the sort of Demon King it is, there is no need to fear.』

Thanks, Jii-chan. Looks like your method is useful even in another world……

[Understood. Aniue-sama, let’s pass down that technique for generations to come as『Hazama Village』’s 『Nightmare Repelling Method』.]

No, please stop. My spirit wouldn’t be able to bear it.

[We can’t, Haruka. This sort of thing isn’t something that can just carelessly be displayed.]
[Let’s make this a village secret…… no, a traditional performance ​!]

…. Lizette seems to be hell bent on destroying my spirit.

[More importantly, once Yukino wakes up, make sure to wipe her body. She’ll catch a cold if you leave her sweaty body as is. I have hot water in the 『King’s Vessel』 so tell me when you need it. There’s also chocolate……… a package of solid nutrients. Give it to her too once she rehydrates.]

I give instructions to Haruka.

[Afterwards, regarding my original home……]

Seems like I can no longer remain silent about it. I had her drink mineral water from a pet bottle. I’m letting her eat chocolate later, too. Besides, it’ll also relieve Yukino to know that there’s someone else here from the same world as her.

Right now, Yukino’s health is the priority.

[……If you’re asked about it, you can tell Yukino that I came from the same world as her.]

With those parting words said, I head back to the living room with Lizette.

[Shouma-nii-sama, may Lizette ask you something?]
Lizette asks me such while we’re drinking tea in the living room

[The 『True King』 that Yukino-san is looking for is Nii-sama, correct?]
[….. Why do you think so?]
[Woman’s intuition.]

Lizette, at the same time, twirls her silver hair around a finger.

[……Though, Lizette isn’t concluding such without a basis.]
[Try telling me then.]
[During the exchange back then, when Yukino-san called Nii-sama her 『True King』, you responded to her without any signs of discomfort. Had Yukino-san been calling for another person, then surely Nii-sama’s response would have either had a small delay, or there would have been a sense of discomfort in Nii-sama’s voice.]
[So, you mean to say…… I didn’t appear like I was merely playing the role of her 『True King』?]
[That is correct.]
[You’re surprisingly perceptive, Lizette.]
[Th, that a sworn imouto would watch her sworn older brother closely is only natural. It’s just that Nii-sama doesn’t know about it.]

Why are you getting upset for, Lizette?
……No, I’m at fault here. As we’re sworn brother and sister, I should’ve told her.

[It’s as Lizette’s intuition deducted. However, don’t tell Yukino.]
[Why is that?]

[Why, you ask…… the person Yukino’s yearning for is the me when I was a child. She’d despair if she were to learn that the 『True King』 she reveres has aged into a thirty-something man.]
[…… Haa.]

………. Ahre?
Why did Lizette turn away with a sigh?

[Listen here, Nii-sama.]
[Yukino-san was reborn, took a different appearance, and came to this world, correct?]
[The only difference in her appearance is the color of her hair, though.]
[Except, her feeble body seems to have been healed. I don’t believe saying she has a different body is incorrect.]
[Well, that’s true.]
[Despite that, the Yukino-san Nii-sama is care for is the same Yukino-san Nii-sama saved in the previous world, correct?]
[Yeah, of course. It was me who made her into a chuunibyou. At the very least, I have to look after her.]
[In other words, what matters to Nii-sama is Yukino’s soul, correct?]
[That’s how it is…… I guess?]
[It is! That is how it is! And yet…… why is it when it comes to Nii-sama himself……]
[Why are you getting upset, Lizette?]

No, seriously, why are you inflating your cheeks? It’s nighttime, yet her face is clearly flushing red. 

[Who knows? Mouー]
And with that, Lizette turns the other way.

[Allow Lizette to give Nii-sama a warning.]
[A warning?]
[Taking a girl’s feeling lightly will come back to bite Nii-sama later, alright?]

With that said, Lizette goes back to switch with Haruka──

I head back home while feeling somewhat unsatisfied with her explanation.

[1] I believe the author made a typo here. I think he meant Maou instead of Mahou. But I’ll provide you the alternative translation if you believe the author didn’t: “someone like the Great Demon King is nothingー”

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