I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

68. Sixth Go! (11)

After the board game, they all dispersed for a break. Stila wanted to keep playing, but she obediently nodded to Cherise’s sensible words. “Jean is sick, he needs plenty of rest.”

After everyone left, Ally tightly embraced Jean. As expected of a 10-years-old, he smelled nice. Such a childish smell brought irreplaceable happiness.

“Stop sniffing me, already. Are you a dog?”

“Perhaps? It’s been a long time, so bear with me.”

Having lived as an older sister for many years, Ally knew how to hide her bitterness and pain from Jean and Stila. However, with everyone else gone like that, those negative emotions returned. Hence why, she wanted to replenish her energy.

“Okay! I’m reenergized! I’ll visit you again, Jean! Get some rest!”

“Alright, Ally too, should get enough sleep. Once the opportunity arises, let me meet with the crown prince, okay! Her Highness Stila said he’s a really cool guy!”

“…Yes, once I get the chance, I’ll request it of him.”

Well, he certainly is “cool”, but…

Ally was confused as in how to explain his coolness.

If a, ‘Someone who least Appears Like a Crown Prince’ championship existed, Maximilian would surely take first place.

However, as Jean loved that, ‘The End of the Century’ picture book—there’ll be no problem, then. Ally patted Jean’s head and talked a little with the aunty before leaving the room.

Oh no, the image of Saint Mia smiling triumphantly keeps invading my mind…

When she walked through the corridor, waves of emotions raged inside her. Merely by imagining Maximilian getting swayed by that dubious lady who incomprehensibly, “fell from another world”, her feelings were painted black.

I wonder if I should start training in the mountains to clear my head, too…

“That won’t do for now, my Master, Abel is waiting for you.”

“Oh, right.” Ally replied to Takkun’s tsukkomi, then sprinted to her room.

When she opened the door, Abel stood there with a face saying he had fulfilled his duty to the utmost. …His otherworldly beauty sure was dazzling.

The beautiful, orthodox, dark lord smiled when he caught a sight of Ally—Ally’s heart jumped a little.

“Welcome back, Abel, thank you for your hard work. Well, what is it that you’re holding in your hand?”

Looking at the demon king’s right hand, Ally tilted her head. From within his grasp, a pure white radiance emanated. It was a very pure glow, but for some reason, the brilliance felt terrifying and frightening. Abel replied to Ally, who had two or three question marks in her head.

“Why, it’s the Fucking Bastard of Light”

““Eh!? That is an Angel of Light—!?””

The screams of Ally and Takkun resounded from the inside-out.

“Even for the inhabitants of Heaven, who preach about equality all the time, this is a grave situation. I presumed some of them had fled due to their differences in opinion. If you trace our origins, angels and demons are the same thing—however, I refuse to provide free shelter.”

Abel laughed in anger while squeezing the light inside his hand. The pure white light, which seemed like a cotton candy, seemed to be resisting hard.

“Once you decided to step a foot onto the Demon Realm, your status has changed to that of a Fallen Angel—such is the consequence. The Demon Realm itself was created in the days of my grandfather. I suppose I needn’t say much as to why the fact that angels and demons are related is being kept secret?”

It seemed that there were various types of Apostles of Darkness and Angels of Light. Meanwhile, Abel appeared to really despise the Angel of Light.

“Make yourself visible to Ally. The reason you only show yourself before others on a whim—it’s because you love being worshipped, right?”

Abel commanded with a smile. The lump of light quivered several times, and within a moment, a ridiculously beautiful angel stood in front of Ally.

Everything about the angel is artistically beautiful-!!!

—…forgive my poor vocabulary.

She couldn’t even determine the angel’s gender. Its entire body was shining too brightly. She had to cover her eyes.

T, the angel has a really gorgeous vertical roll…!

The Angel of Light had sharp eyes. Even though it had sweet face, and exuded an extremely pure aura—for some reason, she felt that the being before her was rotten to the core.

However, at the present, that Angel of Light might as well been their last hope.

There were so many things she wanted to know—Ally panicked, what should I ask!?

“U, um, Angel of Vertical Roll I have a question—!!”

“Do not ever refer to me like that again.”

The Angel of Light, still being grabbed by Abel, said in a very sharp tone.

***T/N: Wanna know who I keep picturing whenever Abel appeared?

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