Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

20. Urgent Family Mee—ting!

[Earlier this morning today, a group of 2 men and 1 woman of unknown nationalities were found unconscious on the JR tower rooftop11.]

Just as I saw the news, the little girl changed the channel.

Well, I suppose that’s fine. It wasn’t anything that bothered me.

“Speaking of which, there is something I forgot to tell you. Last night, some burglars tried to enter this house?”

What’s this news!? Isn’t it more worrisome than what was on TV?

“I didn’t notice at all. Did they take anything?”
“There is no need for concern. Thanks to the barrier, they weren’t able to trespass onto these grounds.”
Ohh! If it’s like that, then the barrier modifications were successful.”

Kuro said it was for just in case, so I enveloped my house in a copy of the barrier I saw during the match before god. However, erecting that barrier exactly as it was would have made it so that no one could go back home. As such, with Kuro as an intermediary to the class representative’s otou-san, I was taught how to adjust the barrier and then tried it out.
The barrier presently surrounding my house is set to react to [malic and attack]. Malicious thieves aren’t able to pass through it.

“I mean, tell me something that important sooner.”
“My apologies. I forgot.”

Kuro-san, he occasionally forgets things here and there… Ah! Speaking of which, I forgot too. There’s something I want to do today.

“Urgent family mee—ting!”
Hm? What is it?”

This is something I’ve been considering for a while now, but I believe now is the time to resolve it. That is—

“—I will decide on names for the crow and little girl.”

I’ve been wondering when they would need names, but that isn’t something I can say either. The crow, just like the little girl, absolutely needs a name.
After all, the next door neighbor Isa-san along with all the mother-san of the neighborhood are quite taken with her. There have already been many situations where they’ve asked for her name. I’ve been able to change the topic each time, but I’m reaching the limit.

“Well, even though I’m calling this a meeting, I’ve actually already decided on the names.”

Both the crow and the little girl stare at me with anticipation in their eyes.
No, no, don’t get so excited about this. These names are ridiculously cheap, after all…

“Well then, crow, your name is [Shiro2]. I figure it’s makes for a good set with Kuro, it builds off of onmyou3… well, there are various reasons.”
Ka—! Ka—!”

Uooh! Is this really something to get that happy about? Well, I guess it’s fine.

“Next, the little girl. Your name is [Rin]. I’ll never forget when the Tsudomu caved-in. At that time, when you were sheathing your sword, it rang out a bell. As such, that is your name.”

Ohh!? Just now, she talked? What’s with this timing?
…Wait, she’s trying to say something.

“……O… Oyatsu.”
“O- Oyatsu?”

Ohh!? But oyatsu4? Why at this timing? I mean, her first word is oyatsu
…doing things at her own pace, same as always.

Shiro and Rin have been given names, and Rin has become able to speak… This was a family meeting I started for some reason or another, but it has turned into quite the event.

“Shall we celebrate?”

I bring out the oyatsu I had bought to snack on and have a leisure celebration with everyone in the kotatsu.

—The Diamond of Greed finds Pride admiring himself in a mirror—

Within a room of a certain building in Sapporo, a woman is holding her head while a large, laidback, man gazes at the scenery outside.

“Yuuki Kousuke… just who the heck is he?”
“Well? I was taken out without being able to see his face, so I have no idea. To start with, I don’t even remember being defeated. By the time I noticed, I was already imprisoned. It was almost like a dream.”

The large man laughs, kera kera,at the woman’s question.

The woman’s name is [Chie]. Within the organization [Divine], a group of people with special abilities who have come together for the sake of [reaching god], she possesses the status of [rank A]. That is a status that is granted to those who have elevated their abilities onto the highest plane.

The large man is named, [Dius]. Having a powerful ability, he is a person with a special ability of the same rank A status as Chie. He, unable to watch Chie holding her head without doing anything, speaks up.

“Chie-san, were you unable to learn anything using your special ability?”

Chie possesses the special ability, [perception]. It is a special ability that allows her to perceive events unfolding within a radius of tens of kilometers. While the special ability to perceive visual and auditory information within a specified range, even within sealed rooms, isn’t suited for combat, its versatility and range lead to it being acknowledged as rank A.

“That battle, it ended with a black cat’s instant victory against 3 people. As such, the target, Yuuki Kousuke, didn’t make an appearance. Surrounding his house is a transparent barrier, one that leaves me unable to perceive what’s happening inside… The mystery is just getting deeper.”
“We might have been able to look inside if Yui-san or Touri-san were here. He seems to have internet access…”

Chie, upon hearing those words, turns to Dius with a chilling gaze cold enough to freeze him.

“What are you saying? Those two are dead. To begin with, it’s because of them that those 3, [Cold and Heat], [Bestowal], and [Union], escaped. Refrain from speaking of those traitors.”
“My- My apologies.”
“Still, headquarters has been trying to into hack Yuuki Kousuke’s personal computer, but there’s been no luck. Therefore, even if they were here, nothing would change.”

Chie, despite her cold anger, still addresses Dius’s doubt.

“So- So it’s like that? Then, my apologies.”

Former comrades who betrayed the organization and were thus dealt with. Dius, who unintentionally reminded Chie of that story, turns around and quietly reflects.

Chie, unable to understand his thoughts, says nothing more and returns to the main topic.

“For the time being, headquarters was also surprised by Yuuki Kousuke. Him having a companion who can instantly take down 1 rank A special ability holder and 2 rank B special ability holders seems to have been beyond their expectations. They’ve been up all night with meetings that are still going on now.”
“…uwaa, even headquarters is working hard.”

Chie glares at Dius who, having regrouped his emotions, has become like a different person. Dius, however, doesn’t notice as he gazes outside.


After releasing a heavy sigh, she informs him of their future developments.

“For now, we’re waiting for Sefiku, Toy, and Melt to be released and for instructions from headquarters. Most likely, we’ll be given orders to prioritize capturing [Cold and Heat], [Bestowal], and [Union]. Prepare yourself and rest up until then.”

The organization of special abilities, in order to disturb Kousuke’s peace, calmly begins to move.

T/N: So, I wonder how Yuuki’s going to explain Rin to his parents. Kuro and Shiro can just be brushed of as pets, but a little girl is going to raise questions. I can picture it now, Isa-san calling his grandparents and talking about Rin. Those grandparents will then ask Yuuki’s parents about Rin and a huge uproar will commence.

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  1. JR, Japanese railroad. Railroad stations in Japan, especially in big cities, are like a mall in of themselves. In this case, it’s a shopping tower.
  2. Shiro is Japanese for white.
  3. Onmyou can be read as yin and yang.
  4. Oyatsu is snack