I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

67. Sixth Go! (10)

“Ally, there’s no need for you to worry. None of my aides are foolish enough to appear before the saint. There’s also that amulet Ally gave him which has the protection of the spirits. For a bad witch who exaggerates her illness just for mere sympathy, I have something prepared.”

With a laugh, the Duke of Radphen looked at Ally’s face.

“Let’s visit Jean. In a situation where the health of everyone has been taken hostage, it’s safer to watch him closely. I have a lot of money, therefore, I’m ready to take charge of him.”

Ally expressed her gratitude through a smile and bowed like a lady.

Jean, who had to be treated multiple times by a private healer, had just gone through his second treatment over a week ago.

She received a report about his condition from the people of her territory. The one who usually reported to her was the auntie who accompanied her to the capital. Even in her current crisis, there was something to be grateful for.

“My Master, I went to check on him the other day. Jean is doing extremely well. Now that he’s about to be moved to the capital, his living standard will be higher. Besides, there’s also Stila who’s the same age as him. With Ally around, Auntie won’t have to keep coming back and forth from the capital. Let’s think positively.”

Indeed. After all, the auntie wouldn’t get any younger. The auntie was the only maid of the poor Baron Crunea. Other than her, there was a youth whom was tasked to do the hard labor.

Her mother had to stay in her territory because someone needed to take care of Ally’s father. That man was so stupid, he tended to forget to sleep and eat. Besides, someone also had to manage the territory.

“Yes, that’s a way to see it. Thank you, Takkun.”

She entered the room that the Duke of Radphen had prepared for Jean. When Jean saw Ally, his face filled with relief. However, when he caught sight of Stila, his face went as red as octopus.

“Oh, Ally! I was bringing sweets and juice to Jean. Jean, I want to give you these almond and chocolate cookies—I baked them myself.”


—even though he was very chatty in his letters, the brother she hadn’t seen in a long while couldn’t even muster a, ‘thank you’. Sitting up on his bed, his mouth opened and closed.

Well, I think it’s only natural for Jean, who usually only seen livestock. The girl before him is beautiful, endearing, and most of all, a princess.

She was positive she had just seen the moment when a person fell in love.

Cherished by both Duke of Radphen and Cherise, Stila, who was no longer as thin as before, was the epitome of an extremely lovely princess.

Although he grew up with the love of his parents and Ally, which was akin to the sun, the sight of Stila was a little too stimulating for Jean who was socially withdrawn due to his illness.

“Jean, do you want to read a picture book together? Or do you want to play a board game? I’m actually good at drawing too, you know!”

Stila tilted her neck. Jean, whom was still speechless, had heart-shaped eyes. Although he was her younger brother, he couldn’t resist the sensation of love which fell like heavy downpour on him.

Perhaps it was because he was suddenly teleported there, but his face was still dirty with eye crust, saliva, and spilled food—

—despite so, his eyes only had Stila.

His older sister was totally out of the picture.

While Cherise, Auntie, Duke of Radphen, and the auntie were staring at them with a smile, Stila declared to Jean.

“I will stay together with you every day—let’s be friends!”

Jean replied with gibberish, “Y, yes…”

Jean, who used to play tricks on me and picked his nose, who loved to parade around half-naked because he had used his pants as a makeshift hero’s cloak—

—I hope this aggressive change will improve his health.

Jean’s face resembled Ally’s. Compared to Stila’s previous friends, his appearance could be considered dull.

He wasn’t tall, and without his older sister’s teaching, his brain could be considered as decent—despite so, it was honestly pleasing to see that her beloved brother was standing at the entrance to his shining youth.

However, the cruel disparity between the royal and the baron family remained.

The present Jean had nothing which made him worthy to stand next to Stila.

But do your best, she thought.

Whether he entered the school for aristocrats or knighthood, he’d probably bullied due to his status as a baron’s son. However, as long as he did his best, he’d have a chance to succeed in life.

To be honest, a one-sided love could be quite difficult, but dreams and hopes were crucial in life.

“Then, how about we play a board game, first? Jean is blue, and I’m red. How about Aunt Cherise and Ally join us, too?”

It was as if she could hear the loud thumping of Jean’s heart.

Stila’s cuteness also caused a bit of an impact in Ally’s chest.

Too angelic!

She was also happy that Stila was being pampered by Cherise.

Ally approached Jean and mysteriously said, “I’m glad.”

Jean also nodded vigorously, saying, “Yes.”

The auntie, who stood by the wall, wiped the tears which came to her eyes.

“For him to finally be able to meet this many people… I thought I’d never live to see this day.”

In the blink of an eye, a cheerful laugh erupted from both Jean and Stila. The dark clouds which nested in Ally’s heart vanished. However, the feelings of urgency and impatience remained.

Both Jean and Stila were adorable.

She had to protect the peaceful and colorful days of those children.

With the same resolution, Maximilian went to the center of the royal palace—to find a way.

She wanted him to come back as soon as possible—said feeling welled inside her chest.

The past Ally would’ve probably been relieved by the absence of Maximilian.

“Ally, I’ll return to your room, soon. When the timing is right, please come out. It could be said that I’ve made a catch.”

***T/N: I ship these two, even if they lack muscles.

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