Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

Character Introduction and a Short Story

Character Introduction

Yuuki Kousuke
-The main character.
-He is a first year high school student at a combined middle and high school in Sapporo.
-He was given an improved learning ability and a strengthened body by kami-sama. He was also given a portion of kami-sama……

Kuro (neko-kami)
-A cat ayashi.
-Due to his power, he is revered as the neko-kami.
-He is the main character’s contracted spirit and they live together.

White Crow
-The first shikigami summoned by the main character. He is a reconnaissance shikigami.
-He puts his unused spiritual power to practical use by emitting it as ultrasound for reconnaissance.
-He is an existence that exceeds that of shikigami. He is attentive, dexterous, and fond of music.

White Haired Little Girl
-She is a shikigami summoned by the main character. Her techniques are focused towards combat.
-She easily minced the roof of the [Tsudomu] by releasing a slash.
– She is an existence that exceeds that of shikigami. She moves at her own pace and likes watching cooking programs.

Ishida Nariyuki (石田 成行)
-The main character’s school friend. Intelligent glasses.

Takigawa Shou (滝川 翔)
-The main character’s school friend. A character who dyed his hair brown.

Imaizumi Isa (今泉 イサ)
-Isa-san, the main character’s next door neighbor and the childhood friend of his grandparents.
-She currently lives with her husband. She also has 3 daughters who are married.

Mizukami Uruka (水上 潤叶)
-The class representative at the high school attended by the main character. Popular among both men and women, she has a fan club known as the [Mizukami-san Fanclub].
-She is the eldest daughter of the Mizukami Clan, one of the five great onmyou families. She is an onmyou practitioner extolled as her clan’s next family head.

Mizukami Uruna (水上 潤奈)
-She is Uruka’s imouto and the second daughter of the Mizukami Clan. She is a spirit artist who utilizes a water fairy, [Dine].
-Although her personality is a bit strong, she is an affectionate imouto to her older sister.

-A water fairy. As a spiritual entity, it usually cannot be seen by people.
-Her existence is maintained by Uruna’s spiritual power and the spiritual power of the natural world.

Mizukami Tatsumi (水上 龍海)
-The current head of the Mizukami Clan. He is a middle aged dandy.
-The father of Uruka and Uruna.
-He is a wise man who supports the Mizukami clan though his ingenuity and connections. Although his body has been ravaged by illness and he cannot push himself, his ability with onmyou techniques is quite high.

Hinoyama Gou
-The family head of the Hinyoama Clan, one of the five great onymou families.
-Although he has a somewhat distorted personality due to complicated family circumstances and his heavy responsibilities, he isn’t a bad person.

Hinoyama Hiroshi
-The former family head of the Hinoyama Clan.
-He is a great man who loves close and intense combat. In battle against evil spirits and ayashi, he stands on the front lines before his comrades and makes his fists explode. As such, many ayashi have a trauma towards his fist.
-He has retired from active duty due to illness.

Kien Gouki
-The man of scattering flame bullets.
-Of the entirety of onmyou practitioners, he possesses top class ability. As such, he serves as a chief onmyou practitioner for the Hinoyama Clan.
-With monstrous physical ability, he can fight at full power for more than 2 hours

-Kien’s contracted demon. Normally, he remains by Kien’s side as a spiritual body but is able to manifest itself as an explosion by converting natural spiritual power into explosive flames.
-Please with both Kien’s combat style and his power, he serves as his contracted demon. As the wavelengths of his and Kiens’ spiritual power are close, they are able to share spiritual power with one another.

Mitsurugi Yuuen
-The glasses suit.
– Of the entirety of onmyou practitioners, he possesses top class ability. As such, he serves as a chief onmyou practitioner for the Hinoyama Clan.
-Using his original shikigami, [Three Statue Sword], he specializes in close to midrange battles.

Koba Yukari
-The family head of the Koba Clan, one of the five great onymou families. She is a glamorous beauty.
-Her peculiar style of speaking is a performance meant to hide her accent. Having had a long relationship with the Mizukami Clan family head, she is on good terms with him.
-Her prided technique is [Union], a secret technique passed down the Koba Clan. More than just objects, it also has the ability to connect emotions and events.

Kasai Souji
-A spiky haired delinquent. Is over 180cm tall.

Tsukino Akari
-Has short red hair. Is cute.

The rescued girl from downtown
-Has short blue hair. A glasses girl. Is cute.

Short Story

Having heard a sound from an empty room on the second floor, I take a look and find the little girl with the crow inside. What are they up to in this place?

“…! …! …! …! …!”

Vocal… training?
She is giving it her best, but she can’t even make a single sound.

“……Well, I suppose it’s fine. I’ll just leave them alone.”

Guess I should make the crow and little girl some hot chocolate later?

T/N: And we can finally move onto the second arc!! I really hope you all read this character sheet. If anything, I at least hope you read the cute story at the end.  Anyway, see you all in the next arc~

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